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Flickr failing

Flickr had an outage earlier today but I'm speaking of something different. My Flickr photostream has gone wonky and I'm trying to figure out if other people are having similar issues. One of three things seems to occur depending on my login:

  • logged in as me: I get the above image telling me that I have 0 photos.
  • not logged in: I get a message that says "you must be logged in to view images by kwc"
  • logged in as someone else: balistica reported to me that Flickr told her "kwc's photos fall outside your current SafeSearch filter."

For all of these cases, hitting reload seems to get the photos to appear. Also, none of these occurs 100% of the time, but none of these is rare. In fact, it appears to be getting worse.

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Not to alarm you - but I just checked, and again it says "kwc's photos fall outside your current SafeSearch filter. You can click through to see them if you want."

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