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$100 back, yeah!

My mom actually broke news of this to me before I saw it on any gadget site (shame on you TUAW): early adopters will get a $100 credit with details to be worked out in a week. They must have been reading my mind because that's the exact amount I told people it would take to make me happy.

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Michael Rubin:

Once again Steve wins. I like apple products. But Jobs is in my mind worse than Gates ever could be. I believe this story:


Yeah, I've been amused when people have conflated Apple's creation of products they like with Apple liking them. Jobs is just as mean as Gates; he just runs a smaller company. I do think Cringley takes his opening anecdote too far, but I agree that Apple accomplished what every capitalist dreams of: variable pricing based on willingness to pay, all within the first three months of a product launch.

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