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Jefferson City

I've now made it to Jefferson City, where I am staying at my third Best Western in a row. They must like me now because this is the nicest of the three I've stayed in -- actual hotel (rather than motel) quality. I've settled on them because, unlike some higher priced lodgings, they actually offer free in-room wireless.

I tried to stay in the same hotel as the riders/press the first night I was here. The conversation with the front desk went somewhat like this:

Me: "Do you have any rooms for tonight for one person?"
Hotel: "Yes we do."
Me: "How much?"
Hotel: "Two-hundred-twe-- that can't be right. Let me check. Huh, that is right. Two-hundred-twenty dollars."
Me: "Um. Thanks."

I stayed at the Best Western two blocks away for $70, and I still ended up at the same bar as team managers (Johan Bruyneel, Jonathan Vaughters), mechanics and press. The riders from DFL-CyclingNews were the only riders present. They managed third place in the time trial so clearly they had a good game plan.

My game plan seems to be going well also. The media has been hanging out in the hotel lobbies, all siphoning off the same wifi signal.

Tomorrow I attempt to follow the riders from Jefferson City to St Charles. If today was any indication, it means that I will get some easy but boring shots at the start, frantically drive for an hour between stopping points just so I can get two shots of the riders zooming past, and then attempt to finally get a finish line shot right. I'll be happy when I get to St Louis where the riders pedal around in a circuit: by then I'll be delighted to shoot fish in a barrel.

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