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Free NBC on Amazon Unbox + TiVo

I just downloaded my first episodes from Amazon Unbox. When they first launched I had a $15 credit, but I honestly couldn't find anything that I wanted to buy. NBC, partly as a screw-you to Apple, stuck the pilots for this season on Amazon Unbox for free. The presence of NBC also means that Battlestar Galactica has made its way over.

The episodes look really good, even on a high-def TiVo Series 3, and they downloaded a little bit faster than real time. I can also re-download whenever I want, a huge bonus over iTunes. The only bit of strangeness is that all the shows go in an "Amazon Unbox" folder on my Now Playing List, instead of being grouped by TV show. It seems like this could get annoying pretty fast.

Update: I again tried to buy something off of Amazon Unbox only to discover that the shows I wanted to buy are not TiVo-compatible. iTunes may not support my TiVo, but at least it doesn't frustrate me out of a purchase.

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