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Ninja sleeps Ninja

d and I went to Palo Alto Animal Services and the Peninsula SPCA on Saturday intending to check things out, but of course we came home with a dog. We pretty much knew that if we asked to meet a dog, it was all going to be over, and Ninja pulled out all stops. She jumped immediately into my arms when we got into the play area. I exclaimed, "Woah, she's fast like a ninja!" and the naming was done.

We couldn't have picked a better dog. She's great with people, she loves to fall asleep in your arms, and she's easy to train. We put a bed in the family room and a crate in our bedroom and she's immediately picked up on them. She likes put her toys in her crate before bed and she brings them out one-by-one in the morning. She's pretty good at knowing what her toys are, though TiVo remotes and small digital devices seem to fall into her toy recognizer; a TiVo remote does have the wrong affordances for a dog. If you're wondering why I don't have any high quality photos of her yet, it's because she lunges at any camera-like device that she notices.

Other stats: 5 months, 20-30 lbs, four-and-a-half-feet long (can reach kitchen counters), some sort of mix (shepard/labrador?)

Here she is showing that she knows how to destroy toy camels:

Stairs are a more difficult challenge, though she may have just been playing us for treats:

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Congratulations! I was wondering about the pictures you kept posting of Ninja. I wasn't sure if Ninja was a family dog (they started appearing just after you got back from visiting family) or if you and D had gotten the dog you mentioned a while ago.

Ninja sounds like a great dog!

hehe. a dog that is compulsively neat and comes in d's colors? fast like ninja yet affable?

i didn't think it was possible. can't wait to meet her. :)

(so big! i'm used to teeny critters. :D)


So and jack enjoyed watching the videos together..yay for new family memeber. Can't wait to meet her during thanksgiving.

Great news! I'm a huge dog fan and encourage everyone to adopt. Ninja is a cutie. Please keep us up to date with her progress. :)

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