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What happened Saturday?

Several streaks were broken on Saturday. For me, I've never seen USC lose a game in person. I've also never seen Stanford win a game in person -- I've even seen Stanford lose to Navy. The USC fans around me hadn't seen USC lose at home since 2001.

All the people I talked to after the game pretty much went through the same course of emotions:

  • USC 9-0, halftime: "oh well, USC will blow them out in the second half."
  • 23-17, 4th quarter: "it won't help USC reclaim the #1 spot, but a win is a win."
  • Stanford on USC's 5-yard-line: "this should wake the USC defense up. Time for them to stuff Stanford and end this farce."
  • 23-23 and Stanford lining up for the extra point: "well, um, USC's going to block that extra point, right?"
  • 23-24 and 0:49 on the clock: "Hmmm, USC could actually lose this one. But they'll march down and kick a field goal."
  • Incomplete pass on first down, USC receivers strolling back to the line instead of hussling to spike the ball and stop the clock: "Oh crap, they're gonna lose."

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What an amazing game. I'm just dying to know how the stanford coach got his guys thinking they could actually win this game. Against a team that just hours ago was being called the best in college history, with Stanford fielding a second-string QB, etc. Must have been some pre-game speech!

I read that once Cal takes over the #2 spot from USC, that'll be the highest ranking for the Bears since 1952. Should be a good Cal-USC game this year.


Stanford has generally been good about scaring USC in the past. They gave a strong game 2 years ago, which led USC to stomp them 42-0 last year in revenge.

USC had a lot of injuries to their offensive line, but they simply weren't playing with any motivation. Stanford played a good, patient game and never lost focus.

It would be really interesting for the standings if USC beats Cal this year -- though that isn't going to happen if you look at USC's last two games. But if LSU in any way loses their #1 spot, it would setup another contentious BCS selection.


when stanford started playing defense in the first half, i had a feeling they could definitely win. after the interception that set up the game-winning drive, i heard echoes of the USC collapse (4th and 2!) from the 2006 Rose Bowl. after that stanford field goal, you bet the stanford defense was fired up to get the ball back, and much as Vince Young took texas down the field to score, Pritchard took his team down the field and scored as well.

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