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Urban Challenge Bumps and Scrapes 1: CarOLO

CarOLO-Post Crash (1)

CarOLO-Post Crash (2) CarOLO-Post Crash

CarOLO (2)CarOLO was one of the last cars to be eliminated from the finals -- I can't remember if they were before or after UCF. I didn't see the crash, which was in off limits B territory, but I did get to see the drive of shame as the car exited under non-autonomous control. Their car and team made a valiant effort and the front bumper more so: it took the brunt of CarOLO's impact and probably saved the expensive IBEO sensor from damage.

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A pity for Caroline of Team CarOLO for sure! I didn't see their collision, either, but after seeing MIT's Talos hit Cornell's Skynet, I realize that MIT was involved in 2 collisions, at least one of which was clearly MIT's fault. Was MIT really adhering to the California driving laws?


I don't think that the Cornell crash was clearly MIT's fault. It was a bit of both -- Cornell for surging into MIT, and MIT for not passing with enough clearance. MIT had to pass Cornell because Cornell was effectively stationary (I saw Cornell block Junior for 20 minutes!).

As for CarOLO leaving the race, they pretty much had to with their IBEO trashed. I doubt they had enough sensor redundancy to handle that big of a loss.

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