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iPhone updates

  • The Starbucks + iTunes Music Store integration just launched around here. As Susanne warned me, it's kinda broken: sure, you can browse the iTunes Music Store for free, but it effectively disables your EDGE connection by requiring you to join the T-Mobile hotspot. You can't check your e-mail, browse the Web, or do anything else unless you're a subscriber.
  • The mobile version of Google Reader is new and improved. You can now browse your list of feeds individually, which is a big plus for me. I wish you could set it so that it only showed you updated feeds, given my 100+ subscriptions, but I'm certainly an edge case.
  • It's surprising to me how many bugs there still are in the iPhone. One I encountered seems pretty boneheaded: if you're fast-forwarding a song and a call comes in, the song will be stuck in fast-forward when the call ends. I've had other out-of-control fast forward behavior as well.

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