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BSG Razor: A Prelude to a Finale

Razorm hooked me up with a ticket to the free screening of Battlestar Galactica: Razor, a two-hour made-for-TV movie (free-for-movie-screen movie?). It's meant to be enjoyed post-Pegasus arc, but doesn't directly deal with the story arcs for the final Season Four. Rather, Razor feels like a well-done polishing of the BSG universe with the writers going over the rough edges of the BSG universe. Current BSG characters get some added depth, continuity with the original series is painted in, and the moral counterpoint of the Pegasus is illustrated. It's not required viewing, but it is entertaining viewing for those who enjoy BSG, and especially worthwhile for those that miss Admiral Cain.

At the end of the movie they teased us with a trailer for the "extended uncut" version of Razor, which clearly showed clips that were not in the two-hour presentation we just watched. I felt slightly cheated that a release one month from now will have additional footage, but I may just pick it up to see the additional Adama and Cain back story.

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