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The mortal enemy of the dog is the cat. The mortal enemy of the ninja is the pirate. Cosmologically it was only a matter of time before the two were brought together under our roof. We picked up our new kitten, aka the Dread Pirate Lily, from the Santa Clara Humane Society. Our dog Ninja is a San Mateo SPCA rescue -- perhaps they will add Peninsula vs. South Bay to their natural conflict. Nitpickers may point out that a cat is more naturally the ninja and the dog the pirate, but they forget that you must balance these forces: the universe has rules about these things.

Lest I be blamed for bringing Ninja vs. Pirate into my household, I will point out that it was d who first sent me listings for potential pirate pussycats. It was skillful manipulation on d's part: I'm not keen on cats, but a pirate cat is irresistible -- as is the opportunity to have a personal LOLCat kitteh:


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I have been begging Josh for months now to get a kitty (our apartment is not so nice for dogs) and I am going to use your pictures to prove that we do in fact need one. Tomorrow.


Good luck!

David La France:

Beautiful cat!

Awesome! Congratulations on your growing family.

When are you going to adopt a "Robot"?


Have plenty of Robots at work ;). We should be getting some of those Pleo dinosaurs soon and who knows what we'll pick up when we go to Japan at the end of this month.


Awwww, how sweet your little family is! Let me know if you need babysitting help when you're out of town.

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