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Pirate vs. Ninja

Pirate vs. Ninja

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We're making slow progress on the Pirate and Ninja introduction. The Dread Pirate Lily is bold and courageous, even with kitten sealegs that stagger to and fro. Pirate prefers friendly nose-to-nose greetings with Ninja from the front and attacks on Ninja's tail from the rear -- never trust a pirate, not even a pirate kitten.

Ninja has been fairly good throughout, with some mishaps. Ninja pretends to evince calm as she lays down watching Pirate play, but her left front claws are dug in for good pounce leverage. d and I have been caught off guard several times already by these sudden Ninja moves.

I must return now to the living room. Just now Pirate confused her water bowl for the open sea and went swimming. Her plastic hood gives her tunnel vision and now we must return her to safe shore.

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Ken Pier:

What's the plastic Pirate hood for?


Pirate's been licking the sutures from her spay operation. She's adopted her own special gait for when she has the hood.

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