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Flickr Uploadr 3.0, Open Source, Stats, Picnik editing

flickr_logo_gamma.gifFlickr had a trio of nice announcements today: * Pro Members get stats. You can now track individual photo views over time as well as referral sources. * The Flickr Uploader has reached version 3.0. * For the developer geeks out there, it's also gone open source. Flickr has an easy-to-program API, but the addition of the actual upload tool provides a nice base to build on top of.

Stats + an open-source uploader are giving me second thoughts about moving away from Flickr for my pro photos. The inability to understand my traffic plus the hassle of having to hand-edit photo descriptions was a pain. Yes, I've written to the Flickr API before, but the Flickr Uploadr has nice functionality that I'd prefer not to have to rewrite.

It seems that Flickr is intent on releasing many holiday presents before year's end. I've just been getting acclimated to the built-in Picnik editing that Flickr released a little over a week ago and it's already creating a shift in my workflow. Combine it with an eye-fi and the only photo management tool you need is a Web browser. Powerful.

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This is great news! There are going to be a lot of people checking their referrals this evening. I love that my photo entitled "cupcake" is one of the most viewed. I hope they aren't too disappointed when they realize it is of an actual edible cupcake.

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