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The 40D is coming

canon40d.jpg2008 has arrived (Happy New Years!) and soon my Canon 40D will as well. The $1149 price held and the Tour of California is only 45 days away, so its time to break in some 2008 gear.

I'm hoping that this is my main purchase for 2008 as 2007 was an expensive year: 70-200 f/2.8L with 1.4x extender, 580EX II, and 16-35 f/2.8 II. The 40D bumps my old Digital Rebel 300D out of the lineup and will mean that I no longer have to bug m every time I need to borrow camera equipment. I've heard recommendations for a 300mm lens to shoot finish lines, but I'm going to have to do a lot more pushups and earn a lot more cash before that becomes a reality. I still have a 35mm-70mm gap in my lens lineup, but with two camera bodies I'm happier going long and wide.

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The 300mm f/2.8L was in my Amazon gold box a few days ago. They were offering about a $200 discount on top of the regular rate, but at $3700, it's too pricey for me.

Woo hoo! Is the 30D for sale, then? :-)


@Fritz: LOL, my girlfriend keeps asking me if this means that she gets to use my 30D. For now the 30D will be my second body. I'll have the 70-200 lens on the 40D and the 16-35 on the 40D. It should help strengthen my neck.

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