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Matt Wates CD in the mail

Matt Wates Sextet Picture of You

My copy of The Matt Wates Sextet A Picture of You CD arrived in the mail today, featuring metamanda on the cover and CD label. Its selfish to gush about CDs with your photography on the cover, but I also gush because Matt Wates has reaffirmed my trust in the ways of the Internet: locating a photo he wanted on Flickr, paying for it, giving proper credit, sending a free copy, writing a nice note, etc... Most importantly, I actually enjoy the CD -- the sort of music that goes well with unwinding after a day of work like I am right now. A class act and musician.

Look for the CD to go on sale at the Audio-b Web site.

PS: In other photo news, my gallery at Integrate Fitness is up.

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That is so cool. Thanks for sharing that story.

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