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MacBook Air

The Palo Alto Apple Store has a Macbook Air demo unit (plus one in the window 'floating' in the air), demonstrating that units are not in huge supply just yet. My verdict is that it is surprisingly sturdy. From the little hinge door that hides the ports to its overall resistance to flexing, it felt like a strong piece of hardware. Even the rubber feet on the bottom are the best I've seen on a laptop -- the quarter-sized non-skid pads look like they won't join the other tiny rubber feet that I occasionally find on the floor.

My only knock was that the multitouch pad didn't seem very integrated with the core apps just yet. You could use it to change the text size in Safari and you could rotate images in Preview, but I didn't really seem the point of the latter -- other than to demo. They didn't seem to work in iPhoto, which is where it might actually be useful.

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