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Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago

In the event that our flight does not land in Chicago, we will be landing in Dulles

That was the gist of what I heard as I sat down on my Southwest flight this morning. There was much missing from the announcement, such as why a plane that had not yet taken off was uncertain about the location of its landing. We were given the option of leaving the plane, but we opted to stick around for this new adventure in 21st-century quantum air travel. After all, both Chicago and Dulles are closer to our destination than San Jose. Win/win.

I got off my plane in Dulles with a hop and a skip, eagerly looking forward to what Southwest's next exciting twist on air travel would be. They didn't disappoint: we could not be given a refund or voucher because those can only be given at our destination. Dulles was not our destination, but I thought they had already redefined the concept of 'destination' earlier in the day.

They offered us a "40 minute" shuttle from Dulles to BWI in rush hour to catch another flight, but we decided to go rent a car on our own. At worst we arrived an hour later. At best we are currently not in Alaska.

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