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Exercising to eat, and sleep

I've been riding a stationary bike at work during the rainy months, but yesterday's Road Bike Review ride was my first time on the bike in a couple months. We spent about 3 hours on the bike on mostly flat terrain, which I followed up with a burrito, four tacos, and half a bag of chips -- the lady at the counter gave me two cups when I asked for a glass of water. Then I slept for a couple of hours. Then I ate some pizza. Then I slept for a lot more hours.

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Thien had a ride?

I've done Hwy 1 a couple of times this year and I did a hill ride up Mountain Charlie on Saturday.

What are your plans for Sea Otter?


Next ride's April 6:

I probably have to skip Sea Otter this year, sadly. It is the same weekend that the Tour de Georgia kicks off. It sucks as my friend's are racing and I also love watching/shooting short track.

This is a lil late, but thanks for coming out to the ride Ken! Our next one is on the 6th of April Fritz, you should come out!

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