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Moving off Flickr: Probably a Success


Above: traffic to the spare cycles home page during the Tour of California. The decline over time I believe reflects the NorCal bias in my traffic as the NorCal stages were first in the race.

Here's a quick run-down of stats with my post-Flickr move. I thought I'd share as others have contemplated similar and might appreciate seeing the results of another's experiment. As a quick summary, I decided to move my professional cycling photography off Flickr prior to the Tour of California, my big event of the year. My galleries are a mixture of homebrew Python code to upload images and MovableType templates to display them.

My conclusion: moving off of Flickr was the right thing to do. There is a bit of apples and oranges: I photographed the Tour of California a lot more this year and there is carry over from my previous year's coverage. At the very least, though, I was able to significantly improve traffic despite my move off Flickr.

Traffic to the Spare Cycles homepage was up ~500%, visitors stuck around longer, my most popular ToC 2008 photo already has more views than my post popular 2007 photo*, my teaser ToC photos on Flickr have far less views than my photos, and none of this counts the thousands of hotlink hits I got from embedded images on other sites. The embeds also made it easier to find my photos on other sites as those sites linked to instead of Flickr. The only negative I could find is that there are far fewer comments, which I miss and reflect on the strong community of Flickr.

Purely on the goal of making it possible for more people to see my photos, I'm happy with my choice. As a bit of advice to others contemplating the same, I highly recommend the ability to embed images as this made it far easier for people I was working with to use my images.

* caveat: discounting a glitch Flickr had that gave bogus views to a sequence of my 2007 photos

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I was gonna mention and forgot -- your embed code is broken, at least when used with You have 2 linefeeds that doesn't handle well: at the end of the img tag and in your final td tag.

I don't have any suggestions for this next bit, but I mostly stripped the table/tr/td tags from your embed code. I don't know if most people prefer the tables code or not.


That line feed/blogger bug is annoying as line feeds are just whitespace in HTML. Thankfully, it's also easy to fix.

I chose table codes as they're the only way I know of to keep an image credit with the image -- I'm generally against watermarking my images, as I think it uglies up a perfectly good photo. Tables are definitely not my preference, but a large percentage of people used my images with align=left/right. I was going to make it possible to get the codes san tables, mostly for my own usage, but I ran out of time. Perhaps I'll send you the secret recipe if and when I do that.

You have several fantastic shots with excellent quality!!!

What make / type of camera do you use - I'm collecting opinions on which to purchase next for my own Web reproductions.

Please reply to my e-mail.

Phil Viger
Meriden, CT

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