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AppEngine, yay! Flickr Video, yay! Larger photo uploads, yay!

Videos on Flickr, which I've long waited for, has arrived. I look forward to having videos and photos from events living side-by-side. Not-so-thrilling are the 90 second limits on video length: most of my videos are of author events and other talks, so I'll still have to stick with Youtube for those. Given that they've restricted video uploading to pro accounts, you would think that there would be less concerns about copyright violation, which is the usual bugaboo raised with longer videos. Or perhaps they really do think that videos on Flickr should only be "long photos.".

At least they've raised the limits to 20MB for uploading photos: ever since I got my 40D I've been running into their limits repeatedly.

As for Google Appengine, I can't wait to get off the wait list. I never got off my butt to do anything with Amazon's EC2 as the startup cost was a bit too much. With Google's Appengine, I should be able to crank out something simple in a matter of minutes, something interesting in a matter of hours. I really want to build a photo gallery engine on top of it, but that will have to wait until they allow you to buy over their 500MB storage limits.

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