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Be careful with that mt-search.cgi

My hosting provider notified me Saturday morning that MovableType was consuming too much CPU by shutting off -- a really effective notification mechanism. There was no actual spike in usage, just a gradual uptick, so this was a tad aggressive. At first I agreed to the upsell to a higher-level hosting plan. When their tech mentioned that I would still exceed limits on that plan and I should consider a $200/month dedicated plan, I decided to do some more investigation.

At fault was mt-search.cgi, which powers tags on MovableType Web sites. Between Google, Yahoo, and Cuill, there was too much pounding on the puny server I'm hosted on. I've added mt-search.cgi to my robots.txt file, so hopefully search engines will steer clear of it. I've also agreed to temporary suspend mt-search.cgi so that the various crawlers out there can get it out of their system. This means that all the tag links on the site will be broken until then. I need to avoid having my site suspended without warning again for a few more days, so probably not until next week.

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You will definitely want to check out Movable Type 4.15 due out later this month. Search performance has been increase almost 100 times and CPU utilization is way down.

All the results of an almost 3 month project to make Movable Type faster and more reliable.


I'm looking forward to it. The difference is between a $10/mo and a $50-$200/mo hosting plan, enough to buy MovableType many times over.

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