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iPhone 3G/2.0

iphone_3g_back.jpgI had taken it as somewhat of a given that I'd upgrade to the new iPhone when it comes out, but I'm having second thoughts now. d is probably screaming because I think she is coveting my current iPhone.

  • 3G: For a lot of people the 3G will be enough reason to upgrade. I'm still mulling it over because I have WiFi at both home and work. It would definitely help a bunch on trips.
  • GPS: GPS will open a whole new breed of location-aware apps on the iPhone. We've already gotten a taste with the current Google Maps + celltower triangulation. The major problem for me, though, is that its not really a GPS device unless you can get the GPS data off it. I currently can't find any mention of this possibility. I could care less if my iPhone photos were geotagged, but if I could geotag my SLR photos...
  • 16GB: I'm not sure this is enough. There is already a 32GB iPod Touch. My major annoyance with my iPhone is that it holds so little of my music and video content.
  • $199: It's cheap, but it's subsidized. Upgrading half way through your contract has been a chore with my previous subsidized phones.

Arguably the biggest suite of upgrades is the software, which is available to current iPhone owners. App Store, save images in e-mail, notification API, bulk delete, searchable contacts, and videogames -- I may just have to tide myself over with those until a 32GB iPhone inevitably emerges.

Don't get me wrong: this is a better, cheaper iPhone. Between the $200 price drop snafu and subsidy, however, the balance may tip towards patience... but don't be surprised if I post on July 11th with an unboxing photo.

Update: the 3G data plan costs an extra $10/month. AT&T will get back its subsidy and then some.

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