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iPhone = Brick


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The iPhone 2.0.1 update bricked my phone. It gives me an 'unknown error (6)' every time it attempts to finish the update, so instead I have a fancy touch screen that displays a logo telling me to plug it into iTunes.

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I've almost bricked mine a couple of times, but this is what I did to unbrick it...

If iTunes responds to the iPhone being plugged in, it may be possible to hold down Shift and Click on Restore in iTunes.

Failing that, you can also try plugging the iPhone into a different computer and getting the iPhone to reinitialize.


Just get back on Yahoo Messenger you slacker!


@Ray: is there an iPhone app for that? :)


I have a iphine that i updated with firmware 2.2. Then i jailbraked with quickpwn2.2 and everything was fine until i installed a mobileinstall patched from tweak from cidya. It said to me to reset my iphone and wen i did it just satyed with an apple symbol in the screen doing nothing...I tried everything but didnĀ“t work. I read thht for one person something worked...and for me. These are the steps:

1. Uninstall itunes an d reinstall it.
2. Open itunes
3. Connect by usb your iphoneand hold the home button and the off button until the apple in the screen of your iphone turns into a itunes and usb icon. Hold another time the buttons if you obtain the power off of your iphone as a first result.
4.When that happens stop holding the buttons and you can restore your iphone using itunes clicking in restore.


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