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I know I have issues when I go to buy boxers and I come back with a MacBook Pro. I've avoided buying laptops as I've always had a work laptop, but that was before I was really into photography. Apple's revamp did my wallet in and is my first Mac purchase, though I've been using Macs at work for the past several years. Now that the case is much stiffer and has a virtual right click button, I can mostly shut my mouth about the differences between PC and Apple hardware.

I like the new revamp a lot. It feels much more sturdy, which is good considering that I bent the CD drive out of shape on my old Pro. The case also has the subtle detailing that I found lacking in the previous Mac Pro design and feels like a much more worthy successor to the Ti design. The trackpad is much smoother and the entire-trackpad-is-a-button is pretty sweet. I'm not sure about gestures yet: four-finger and three-finger swipes are pretty cool, but I'm still not used to accidentally triggering the resize gesture. It is inevitable that one of my nervous habits will collide with a new feature: tapping the mouse 'button' looks a lot like a pinching motion. Windows broke me of my shift-key tapping habit and Google Desktop broke me of my ctrl-key tapping habit -- I may go into nervous breakdown if I can't find a free key.

Oh, and I did manage to get the boxers.

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What happened to "Don't ever buy first-generation Apple hardware"?


Also, given your Mac Destruction Field, was this really a wise purchase?

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It's basically an old MacBook Pro in a new case, with an extra graphics chip. Still a little risky, but safer than older MacBook Pros that I have thoroughly damaged.

We'll see if its a safe choice. My field has weakened now that I'm surrounded by Macs at work. I can't seem to direct enough energy at any particular one to cause massive destruction. I effectively have no choice as I need to do both photo and posix-friendly work.

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