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WG HomepageSorry that this blog has been a bit stale. I've been putting a lot of energy into the cycling photography as well as my real job writing software for robots. I've also been working hard helping put together content for our new Web site: I'm pretty proud of what we're doing -- we're essentially giving away software and robots to help advance the state of autonomous robotics.

I was explaining to my parents tonight a bit about we're doing and the conversation went a little bit like:

"What if someone tries to steal your software and get the jump on you?"

"Well, all of our the source code to our software is on the Internet. They can download it whenever they want."

"But aren't you worried that puts you at a disadvantage?"

"The robotics community keeps on writing the same code over and over again. Our hope is that by giving away all this stuff, we can all get to the cool stuff quicker."

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