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Py3K, woot

My excitement at the release of Python 3000 is only tempered by the fact that it will be years before I can actually use it at work -- the curse of non-backwards-compatible upgrades (I already had to back-port my code from 2.5 to 2.4, with expected blowup in lines of code). I'm sad to see a stalwart like reduce() say farewell, but fixing unicode/bytes and super, changing zip/range/keys/values/etc... to return iterators, and extended iterable unpacking more than make up for the loss.

One note to the Web folks writing the Python 3000 release page: "This is a proeuction release" is an unfortunate typo.

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Hopefully, Google will get right on to adding this as a supported language to AppEngine, and I can be using it for *my* work very soon. :)

I had glanced over the release notes, but I'd somehow missed the extended iterable unpacking stuff. Nice!

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