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Dang, first the Rasmussen brothers helped create Google Maps. Soon, Google Wave. It's like the unification of e-mail, wikis, and group instant messaging (live instant messaging, you see characters as they're typed). Imagine a socially connected Web page that multiple people can edit and watch the updates live. Depending on how you use it, it can either be an e-mail thread, a collaborative document, an IM chat, a collection of Web clippings, a live set of search results, a group photo album, or all simultaneously. Plus, there's a bunch of treats just tossed in:

  • instant search results (as in, search results as new documents are typed)
  • contextual spell checking (i.e. Icland is an icland -> Iceland is an island, been soup -> bean soup)
  • character-by-character language translation
  • instant display of photo thumbnails as you share them, with easy captioning and slideshows
  • collaborative map making
  • drag and drop upload from the desktop
  • embed in a Web page, with live updates still enabled (i.e. edits you make are updated live onto the Web page, and Web page visitors can also update live)
  • there's even an extension that turns your Twitter (and Twitter search results) into a 'Wave' and lets you use the same editing semantics.
  • integration with Google's bug tracker

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