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DMCA is ridiculous

I know I've posted this before, but what happened this week is ridiculous, and you need the video to understand. If you are in the US, or a couple of other select countries, you can play the video as here that it is silent, except for some brief moments where you hear audio of the robot opening a door and plugging in. There's also a final bit of applause at the end.

If you're not in the US or a couple of other select countries, you can't play the video because UMG has issued a copyright infringement claim against the audio track. YouTube's fingerprinting scheme apparently matched the audio to something in the UMG portfolio.

At first I thought, "bugs happen, I'll click on the dispute button and this will go away."

My dispute was rejected.

We now have to file a formal notice, which may take up to two weeks to resolve and comes with threats that UMG will have personally identifiable information with which to sue us.

It may be the case that every dispute UMG receives is automatically rejected, but who knows. There's nothing transparent about the process and we don't even know what "song" we're marked as infringing.

It would be funnier if the video wasn't so important to us. It's our most heavily posted video due to a New York Times article, and it's been embedded on Gizmodo/CNet/Engadget/Hack a Day/etc.... It's also frustrating because the error message, "This video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions," makes it sound like we chose to block the video in other countries. At the very least they could the users the truth: "our audio fingerprinting system, which has false positives, as well as a heavily imbalanced copyright act, are preventing you from viewing this video in your country."

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