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I'm happy to finally get a photo into the New York Times, though this is a cheating case -- when the company you work for is one of the focuses of the article, and you're the person at the company who takes all the photos, you tend to get the photo credit. I have no clue as to why my name appears at the end of the article, all by itself, not linked to anything in particular. Perhaps it's so the future will have a name to blame when robots outsmart man, though I will say now that any such blame will be entirely misplaced.

I am tired of discussions on the future of robots immediately digressing into Hollywood-inspired visions of the robot uprising. My dog is smarter and more capable than any robot than I've ever seen, and we don't discuss the dog uprising. Or maybe we do, and I just missed that panel at Comic-Con.

New York Times: Scientists Worry Machines May Outsmart Man

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Congrats! I saw the article and the nice reference to your company's work, but didn't notice the photo credit...



kwc Author Profile Page:

To be clear, there would be no photo if my co-workers hadn't done such awesome things with the robot. I just happened to be the fool that photographed it.

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