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Advice to starting photographers

Shoot lots. Like, really, really lots.

Find something you care about and take hundreds of thousands of photos. Don't worry if they're good, because everyone starts out bad. Find something (or things) that you care so much about about after you've taken 100,000 shots, you're eager to take 100,000 more. Fill up the memory card every time you go out and shoot. Find other photographers who care about the same thing and study what they do.

According to Malcolm Gladwell, it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something. I don't take Gladwell as gospel, but at least in my case it's true. It also means that I'm not an expert yet.

I'm better than I was when I started, but there was no magical rule that made me become a better photographer faster. I've just taken a lot of bad shots. I've taken so many bad shots that, when I go to take more shots, I can remember those bad shots and try new ones. Sometimes I even try to take bad shots -- there's always chance to be happily wrong.

There's other advice I could give, like learn to use a flash, learn what every button on your camera does, get high, get low, so on and so forth. But, really, that's what the 100,000 shots are for.


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