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Filling up the Amazon Cloud Drive

I'm currently shoving all of my photos into Amazon Cloud Drive. It appears to be the solution that I've always wanted for backing up my photos:

  1. It supports RAW photos
  2. It's cheap: unlimited photo storage if you have an Amazon Prime account
  3. Both iOS and Android apps for auto-backup and browsing
  4. It's file/folder oriented, which is necessary for backing up

I still love Google Photos for online editing and building albums, but Amazon Cloud Drive is simpler and focused on my core problem: I have 1TB of photos that I want backed up in one place.

I've been using a hodge-podge of Google Drive, Amazon S3, and Amazon Glacier to archive my old photos (especially my cycling photos). Now I can do away with all that and finally have all my photos in one place.

Pricing comparison for 1TB of photos:

  • Google Drive: $120/year
  • Amazon (S3): $180/year
  • Amazon (Glacier): $60/year

By Amazon's own pricing for other storage services, it appears that they will be losing money on me, but I imagine that my usage is an outlier; SLRs are becoming less popular and and sensors aren't getting much bigger.

NOTE: Flickr is technically the cheapest (free for 1TB), but it doesn't support RAW formats, so it's not a backup solution. Also, I find the auto-upload functionality in the Flickr mobile apps (both iOS and Android) to be very unreliable.

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