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June 2, 2006

A few links

MareNostrumchurch.s.jpg nielsenstrike.jpg jackpc.jpg

January 31, 2006

Link roundup

My dorky quote for the day

I had two teachers for algorithms class. One spoke as if conversation were a non-returning recursive function

I'm clearing out the Firefox tabs. BoingBoing appears to have beaten me to posting some of these, oh well

December 27, 2005

Misc notes

  • My aunts, uncles, and dad all grok iPod. My dad e-mailed me for Christmas to ask if I had an "IPOD." I sadly wrote back that I already had two. I think it would be fair to call this as a tipping point condition: people over the age of sixty grokking a piece of technology. I envision Steve Jobs swimming in dollar bills ala Duck Tales after the next quarterly report.
  • Katamari Gingerbread House is leagues above my own efforts at gingerbread house making.
  • Solar vs. Sonar: snortykills' sister has solar panels for her iPod. It gets about 1 hour of playback per hour of charging. He points at that this is not half as niche as the Gameboy Pocket Sonar.
  • Wishlist: one-click software to turn a mini-DVD into a VCD. My sister got a fancy mini-DVD camcorder, but the software I'm finding is either expensive or impossible for her to use.
  • Silicon Dominion my @$$: I have to drive ~10 miles to get free WiFi (at Panera)

December 22, 2005

Old links to clear out 2005

October 28, 2005

Short bits

More Japan recollections coming, but I'm a bit sick from my adventures which is slowing me down. In the meantime:

Question: What do you call two typographers in one room?
Answer: An argument?
(retold on the new MS Font Blog)

Speaking of fonts, here's Vitaly Friedman's list of 20 best license-free fonts

In case you're tired of "As Long as You Love Me" on repeat from the Chinese Backstreet Boys, they have plenty of more adventures: collected videos and Chinese blog.

Frappr is a nice, simple tool for groups. It lets you map out who's where which can be useful for groups that you normally interact with online. My fraternity alumni have just started using it.

October 13, 2005

Final links before I go

June 14, 2005

Link roundup

March 15, 2005


When I was a little kid I didn't really understand the art of typing, so my sister used to astound her with her typing abilities. I would cover her hands with pieces of paper and have her type out words, completely amazed the entire time that she could somehow memorize an entire keyboard of characters. Fast forward to middle school, where I finally learned that her trick was masterable myself, and that there were little programs that catered to our competitive natures to keep pushing that WPM score higher, higher, HIGHER! I think I eventually got up to 30WPM, still amazed the secretaries were required to type at 60-70WPM. Now, this little test says I type at 120WPM (seems a bit high, but I'll take it).

 typing test (c) 

March 11, 2005

The Week in Links

For the engineer that prefers applied math, there's this guide to cracking Master Locks, which explains some of the math behind how Master Lock chooses combinations as well as some hands-on technique for getting the last number in the combination. You should be able to narrow the number of possible combinations down to 100 for any particular lock. For the "I'm a Ph.D mathematician, applied stuff is for wusses," there is the McNugget number, which (I hope) is keeping some theoretical math major busy somewhere (and safely off the streets).

In the world of architecture, the Torres de Calatrava look pretty cool (gallery 1, gallery 2). Not having seen Calatrava-style skyscrapers before, I wonder what Calatrava's New York City might have looked like, in comparison to the imagined NYC's of Norman Foster, Gaudi, and Spielberg.

There were a bunch of historical links this week. In light of current dollar/yen investment issues, let us harken back to the day of the One Yen bill, facilitated by this nice overlay of Tokyo in 1948 and 1992. For those of you who prefer historical comparisons via sequential art, this tour of Batman logos over the years shows some of the 20th century's best and worst graphic design, but which one did the caped crusader battle under when he made his greatest boner?

Staying in the 1940s, we can look at these World War 2 color photos. They could add even more photos to the collection using this really interesting colorization technique for black and white photos/video that only requires some scribbled color hints (I wonder if the technique would work on these 1910 Paris flood photos).

February 28, 2005

Schneier on TSA

I've lost a lost of pocketknives to TSA, so I was particularly biased to like the way Bruce Schneier framed TSA security.

Schneier on Security: Sneaking Items Aboard Aircraft

Security systems fail in one of two ways. They can fail to stop the bad guy, and they can mistakenly stop the good guy. The TSA likes to measure its success by looking at the forbidden items they have prevented from being carried onto aircraft, but that's wrong. Every time the TSA takes a pocketknife from an innocent person, that's a security failure. It's a false alarm. The system has prevented access where no prevention was required.

February 9, 2005

Link farming

January 31, 2005

Links to round out the morning

December 30, 2004

Generosity for slackers

Amazon One-Click Donation to Red Cross (100% goes to the Red Cross)

July 12, 2004

Link dearth

There was a dearth of links over the weekend, kinda sad. Here's what popped on my radar this morning:

Angelina Jolie is competing with meta for large Thai-themed tattoo on back

New Oakley 'Thump' glasses with builtin mp3 player: this is getting news because Lance Armstrong was sporting them for a photo. For cyclists and other athletes, the 'Thump' glasses could be an ideal solution (assuming that they come in less ugly models): no extra cords, no armband, lightweight. My tiny 128MB Sony mp3 player gets the nod over the iPod when I'm cycling, as I prefer it's lower weight and higher probability of crash survival, but the cord running down my back is still very annoying. Sony did have an mp3 player they released that was built into the headphones, but the headphones were not the ideal style for exercising.

Reuters U.S. Mulling How to Delay Nov. Vote in Case of Attack: IMHO, this isn't as bad as it seems, yet. We should figure out how the US should respond in the event of a terrorist attack during the elections, and this debate should occur in the public's eye and far in advance of the election. If an attack did occur, then it would be the case that those immediately affected by the attack should still be given a fair opportunity to vote, but if they are allowed to vote at a later date, after other elections have been tallied, then their results could be considered dubious. However, entrusting the sanctity of our vote to Tom Ridge seems even more dubious.

Neil Gaiman will be at Comic-Con after all (though only one session)

June 7, 2004

Link mongering Part II

More links, mostly from Mefi

Link mongering

One of the problems of being away for a week is that the obsessive-compulsive side of me won't let all the media that occurred in the week I was gone go by without viewing. Perhaps it was people clearing out links before they go on summer vacations, but there was an unusual amount of interesting links this past week. It's hard to give credit for each link, though a large number of them did come from Neil Gaiman. Apologies if you posted this on your blog and I'm not giving you credit.

- Fahrenheit 9/11 Trailer (ends with one of my all-time favorite Dubya clips)
- Timeline of the History of Information
- Visual Collections (300,000 images from 30 collections, including maps and art)
- Generic names for soda by county
- - Riddle Contest
- How to make friends by Telephone (1940s phone etiquette guide)
- Will Eisner profile
- Student Annotated Bibliography on Lyncanthropes

Neil Gaiman (free to read online works):
- Cinnamon
- Snow, Glass, Apples
- Poems
- Nightfall
- Murder Mysteries

May 6, 2004

For the istuffers

bp and meta had a project where they were going to build a button next to your computer that you could press that would order a pizza for your (credit for the idea goes to jeffb). I believe one of the more difficult chains in the process was actually ordering pizza. This might help, though it will only get you Dominoes:
Pizza Party - Command Line Pizza ordering program
(via kottke)

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