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October 10, 2006

Succinct analysis

Washington Post: "Nearly five years after Bush introduced the "axis of evil" comprising Iraq, Iran and North Korea, administration has reached a crisis point with each." (article)

February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day roundup

Pulled from The Examiner and elsewhere:

  • China Daily/AP: there is "fresh demand from couples who are going under the kinfe to get their noses and even their eyes done as a sign of their love for one another.... 'I suggested it as a way of celebrating our relationship and bringing us closer together with a special kind of bond,' Liu Yan, 24, was quoted as saying of the matching nose jobs for her and her 28-year-old boyfriend."
  • Headline from the Onion Radio News: "US Leads World in Pregnancy Test Scores"
  • More than one-third of the people on list eyes as their best feature
  • Davis Freeberg left me a link to his TiVo Valentine's Mixer summary in the comments
  • GIS data can find you love: MapInfo released some Valentine's demographic summaries, such as "Laredo, home to Miss Texas USA, topped the metropolitan area list as the best place for single men seeking single women, with 89 men per 100 women in the 25 to 34 age group." Odd that no one wants to advertise Sunnyvale as one of the best places for single women to find single men (8th highest male-female ratio in US in 2000). GeoCarta has more of the MapInfo stats.
  • Plan a date for your next flight: Airtroductions
  • Puppy monorail
  • Kazo, a 4-month-old African Lion cub, plays with her new canine friend Cairo, an Italian mastiff puppy, on Friday at the Wild Animal Park in Escondido, Calif. Cairo was adopted by the park after her mother was rescued through Operation Canine Rescue in response to Hurricane Katrina.
    Photo credit: Christian Calabria, Associated Press

July 7, 2005


I was disoriented this morning when parakkum told me of the attacks in London this morning. I had stayed up late last night finishing Gentlemen's Game, a Greg Rucka novel that starts off with a coordinated attack on the London Underground.

We live in era where the terrible attacks that our fiction writers imagine become reality. I hope that amidst today's attacks the good that we imagine comes to life as well.

I know that several of you reading this have strong ties to London, and my thoughts and feelings go out to you, the ones you care about, and the city you cherish.

January 27, 2005

News photos

I've been collecting some news photos from the past week, thought I'd post them here.

Houses made of snow:

24storm-1.jpg 01-27-05.snow2.jpg

Little boom:



01-27-05.aush.jpg 01-27-05.aush.2.jpg

June 30, 2004

Fodder for Mythbusters?

Might be a little too gross to bust this one, though: Iranian woman 'gives birth to frog'

March 11, 2004


December 14, 2003

What now?

Saddam Hussein Captured by U.S. Troops (

November 7, 2003

True Lies

I was a bit confused by all the Prince Charles rumor denials, but Neil Gaiman is right there to clear things for us:

a) the goat was not, in fact, Spanish, but Portuguese, and is currently living safely in a wildlife preserve in East Molesey.

b) The Tango is a dance made famous in Argentina. "Erotic licking" plays no part in the Tango. Neither, of course, do balloons.

c) only a lunatic would apply shoe-polish to a weasel.

d) if the alleged incidents had in fact occurred in broad daylight during a car-boot sale in Harrow then there would be photographs, and quite possibly a plaster cast.

e) by now the "Use by" stamps on the yoghurt would have expired, indicating it as unfit for human consumption.

I would also like to add that any rumors suggesting my involvement are ludicrous, and midgets? Please. They were clearly dwarves.

I think this can help clear up this nascent trend of pre-denying for politicians. The first thing a candidate should do when running for office is to deny all of the rumors about some scandalous incident. If people don't know what you're referring to even better, but if it somehow the unnamed allegation you were deny gets out, and people start saying, for example, that you are a grope-monkey, you have to proceed to step 2, which is to combine your denial with an apology. Here's a pretty good example:

"I know that the people of California can see through this trash politics. Let me tell you something, let me tell you something. A lot of those that you see in the stories is not true, but at the same time, I have to tell you that I always say, that wherever there is smoke, there is fire. That is true. So I want to say to you, yes, that I have behaved badly sometimes. Yes, it is true that I was on rowdy movie sets and I have done things that were not right which I thought then was playful but now I recognize that I have offended people. And to those people that I have offended, I want to say to them I am deeply sorry about that and I apologize because this is not what I'm trying to do." (link)

This was a pretty good denial, though he left a loophole by saying "a lot of not true." He would do even better to give an flat out denial. Then you would have a beautiful catch: Those that accuse you are liars guilty of trash politics. Only those who haven't accused you are telling the truth, and to them you apologize.

"There was only one catch and that was Catch-22, which specified that a concern for one's own safety in the face of dangers that were real and immediate was the process of a rational mind. Orr was crazy and could be grounded. All he had to do was ask; and as soon as he did, he would no longer be crazy and would have to fly more missions. Orr would be crazy to fly more missions and sane if he didn't, but if he was sane he had to fly them. If he flew them he was crazy and didn't have to; but if he didn't want to he was sane and had to."

October 27, 2003

Closer to home

It's one thing to read about stories in the news, it's an entirely different experience when there's a personal connection, even if you're not directly involved. I just found out that a friend's dad had two rockets fly into his hotel room during the al-Rashid hotel attacks. He had the amazing presence of mind to take cover under a bed and escaped with his life and an injured arm, which should recover fully. My thoughts go out to my friend, his dad, and his family, who will be reunited soon.
cus anime is teh s uck - Ah, the rare opportunity to use lj as a means for serious communication.

October 26, 2003

Russia's richest man arrested Russian markets may sink after magnate's arrest

Wolfowitz's hotel attacked

A generator hitch filled with 40 rocket launchers was used to launch an attack on the hotel Wolfowitz was staying in, with half of those rockets managing to hit the hotel. - Attackers target Wolfowitz's Baghdad hotel - Oct. 26, 2003

October 24, 2003

RIP: Concorde

My introduction to the Concorde was in Concorde: Airport '79, which featured a hilariously cheesy drone shaped like a calligraphy pen chasing after the noble plane. I had very little taste in movies then, but I adored that movie. I guess it's appropriate that my only real association with the Concorde is a airline-disaster flick, as the Concorde is finally being decommissioned, a retirement that was sped along by footage of flames shooting from its rear.
- Final Concorde Flight Lands at Heathrow (

October 14, 2003

Up, up, and away

China Launches Its First Piloted Spaceflight

October 5, 2003

Israel attacks camps on Syria

I'm sure the US is only mad because Isreal got a piece first. - Syria seeks condemnation of Israeli airstrike - Oct. 6, 2003

September 14, 2003

Tibet vs. Beijing

The NYTimes has an interesting article on how China is using immigration to slowly secularize the Tibetan region.
- Beijing Sends In the Masses to Make Tibet More Chinese

September 3, 2003


- US inviting UN to come help it out in Iraq
- Ticketmaster wants to auction off the best seats

August 25, 2003


- - 46 dead in twin Mumbai blasts - Aug. 25, 2003
- Sampras retires

One the lighter side (via Dave Barry)
- Radioactive bugs are out to get us
- Life-saving wedgies
- Make sure to listen to all your Beatles records forwards and backwards before visiting London

August 20, 2003

Iraq Updates

Iraq is now a hotbed of terrorism. Imagine that?
- U.N. Staff's Immunity From Terror Ends (
- A Mission Imperiled

August 11, 2003


- Charles Taylor has finally stepped down: - Taylor quits under pressure - Aug. 11, 2003
- HP is expected to announce today that (a) they want to be your digital media hub, (b) from now on Carly will wear black sweaters and ripped blue jeans, and (c) HP commercials will have white backgrounds: H-P's Power Play (

August 4, 2003


- - Powell not expected to serve if Bush re-elected - Aug. 4, 2003
- Ars Technica: Novell buys Ximian

Update: maybe not on the powell item

July 23, 2003

Airport Security

Fully armed Nazi bomber planes 'buried below East Berlin airport' (via William Gibson)

July 22, 2003


- - Pentagon: Saddam's sons are dead - Jul. 22, 2003
- launches with silly Windows Media DRM

July 15, 2003


- North Korea reprocessing fuel rods: - North Korean nuclear claims 'serious,' U.S. official says - Jul. 15, 2003
- Foundation formed. I don't know if this means this is a validation of AOL's support of open source Mozilla, or if AOL is giving $2M to go hang itself (Mozilla Foundation Announcement)
- One minor reason why the iMac is more popular than the Vaio W: Sony unveils bigger, badder Vaio W, but there isn't a single mention of it on Sonystyle. In fact, there isn't even a picture of it on the front page of the "Computers and Peripherals" section.
- Wired on Softbank's newest money sinkhole: gigabit Ethernet for the masses
- With Inktomi already crawling all over my site (they seem to use dozens of crawlers, as opposed to Google's three that crawl this site), BBC NEWS | Yahoo pays $1.6bn to add Overture to its arsenal

Update: AOL/Netscape question kinda answered. Yes, AOL is giving Mozilla $2M to go hang itself, but either 10% or all of the Netscape employees have been laid off by AOL.

July 8, 2003


- Hasek to Return to Red Wings (
- The Shuttle's 'Smoking Gun' (
- Athlon64 set for Sept. 22 release (CNET
- Gasp - Britney acknowledges she's not a virgin (
- Thailand's online gamers face curfew

June 24, 2003


Gone for four days, some shortbread:
- BBC NEWS | Technology | Graphics format wins freedom
- Supreme Court Gives Partial Support for Affirmative Action (
- Supreme Court upholds CIPA requiring filters for public schools and libraries (

More on Apple's bad marketing statistics:
- Tom Yager: Apple, please don't mess with SPEC
- AMDZone Apple PowerPC G5: IBM's PowerPC 970 Unleashed
- Register: Apple accused of cheating over G5 benchmarks

June 18, 2003


- Oracle raises PeopleSoft offer to $6.3B
- Beckham is in fact going to Real Madrid (despite previous denials)
- Linus leaves Transmeta for Open Source Development Lab
- Ace of Diamonds caught
- US Court of Appeals allows detainee names to be kept secret: here and here
- Angola loses a 727 airliner

June 17, 2003


Tony Kornheiser has a column on the rise and fall of Washington sports fever (now that Jordan and Jagr will no longer be around).

Also in today's washingtonpost is an article summarizing the confusing details of Jessica Lynch's capture and rescue. In similar news, Lynch's story is also highlight the wonders of media conglomeration: CBS News Defends Its Multi-Pronged Pitch to Lynch.

June 5, 2003


Fall of the mighty:
- Two top New York Times execs resign: Executive Editor Howell Raines and Managing Editor Gerald Boyd (staff memo)
- Martha Stewart resigned yesterday after indictment (article)
- Sosa's stock still falling after corked bat incident, though 76 of his bats tested clean (article)

June 1, 2003

Yangtze Dam

A co-worker of mine recently took a trip to the Three Gorges region and came back with pictures of the work there, including plans for the huge dam. One of the interesting photos he had was of a small city that had been relocated higher up the river bank. You could see the old abandoned city below and the new city essentially rising out of it. Soon I guess it will be like Atlantis.

I was reminded of my co-worker's trip after reading this Washington Post article, which makes me scared about the whole affair. Here's a short summary of the scarier points:
- "Officials have been arrested for providing construction companies with shoddy materials"
- "Of the 90 tributaries entering the reservoir, 60 are now considered heavily polluted"
- "Millions of water rats have scampered up the bank... their carcasses will now roll back into the reservoir laden with poison."
- "Each year, the area around Chongqing will dump 350 million cubic meters of wastewater and 400 million cubic meters of industrial waste into the reservoir"

May 27, 2003

Thai King Pursuing Deification

Now all he needs is a earthquake machine and locust breeder: Thai king to receive rain-making patent. 27/05/2003. ABC News Online

(posted for Amanda's benefit)

May 23, 2003

Banknotes for thieves

The European Central Bank is thinking of adding RFID tags to banknotes to protect against forgery (story).

In addition to anti-forgery benefits, think of all the efficiencies the tags will introduce: ATMs won't give out the wrong amount, banks can count stacks of bills faster, thieves can choose their victims more carefully. With RFID crime does pay... efficiently.

May 13, 2003


News notes:
- Bombing in Riyadh kills 29+, declared by Powell to be Al Qaeda
- New $20 bills with colored background
- Johannson officially leaving Caps, feels slighted at short ice time in final game
- Beijing declares SARS under control as number of cases in China eclipses 5100

April 28, 2003


Vietnam reins in SARS

April 24, 2003


SARS travel advisory for Toronto

North Korea admits it has nukes in talks with US

April 16, 2003


US, Korea finally beginning talks

Debates over Palestinian terrorist detained in Iraq
- Oslo Peace accord appears to have given him amnesty
- Italy wants him to serve life in prison sentence
- Responsible for hijacking of cruise liner

April 13, 2003

Iraq updates

- 7 US POWs released

April 9, 2003

Iraq updates

This is the "big day" for our hawks. There's looting, celebration, and fighting in the streets of Baghdad. Images of Iraqis beating up toppled Hussein statues are everywhere, and the journalists's minders have disappeared.

April 8, 2003


Iraq updates
- Baghdad quiet, majority of Iraqi troops may have deserted
- Looting in Baghdad

New Bin Laden tape
- calls for suicide attacks on US, British interests

April 7, 2003

Iraq updates

- US forces in central Baghdad
- Body of 'Chemical Ali' found
- US performs another "decapitation attack" on possible Saddam location. Bombs location within 12 minutes of go order.

April 4, 2003

Iraq updates

- info minister promises "untraditional" "martyrdom" strikes
- Baghdad airport secured by coalition forces

Saddam walkabout
- shown walking among cheering crowds, oil fire smoke visible
- speech broadcasted (no video?) mentioning downing of Apache helicopter by farmer

April 3, 2003

Iraq updates

- US within 10 miles of Baghdad
- F-18 may have been shot down by Patriot missile

March 29, 2003


A-day in Iraq
- "Shock and awe" supposed to happen today
- rapid series of explosions on TV
- supposedly hitting presidential palaces
- US Marines forces to take down US flag, not occupiers
- France announces it will veto any resolution allowing US/Britain to administer post-war reconstruction
- Port of Umm Qasr (Iraq's only outlet to Persian Gulf) under coalition control
- More than 1,000 sorties on Iraq
- 3 American casualties thus far
- Major riots in Cairo

Sonicblue filing for bankruptcy

March 25, 2003


Senates votes to slash Bush tax cuts by half
- previously only making room for war costs

Iraq updates
- Uprising in Basra may finally be occurring

March 24, 2003


Battle for Baghdad begins
- attacking Republican Guard protecting southern advance in Iraq

Oscars were last night, who cares?
- Chicago wins
- Polanski wins


Iraq updates
- US know believes Hussein alive because of second TV appearance
- Some believe that Iraq is creating impression of more dissent than there is

Indiana abducted girl found
- found along highway in Northern California
- Lindsey Ryan, 14
- Amber alert system used up and down California
- white Dodge Dakota repainted black

March 23, 2003

News: Iraq

- Al-Jazeera shows video of capture/killed US soldiers, some shot in head
- Intense fighting around An Nasiriyah
- CNN reports explosion outside US Cent Comm in Qatar, news of this disappears
- Second appearance of Hussein on TV, cites battles in Basra an Umm Qasr

March 22, 2003

Iraq updates

- US soldier may be responsible for grenade attack on own troops
- Patriot missile may have shot down Royal Air Force plane
- Northern campaign stalled due to failed negotiations for base rights in Turkey
- Calvalry half-way to Baghdad

March 20, 2003


Iraq updates
- first confirmed US/British deaths: CH-46 Sea Knight crash kill 12
- British secure Faw Peninsula
- US Intelligence sticking to its guns that Hussein was in bombed bunker
- "Shock and awe" strategy clearly a ruse
- US keeps hinting that attack is coming

NCAA tournament starts with little fanfare


Operation Iraqi Freedom updates
- Marines cross border into Iraq
- first clashes reported
- Iraqi oil fields on fire
- Turkey opens airspace for US
- More intense air campaign over Baghdad
- uncertainty as to validity of Saddam's appearance on TV
- missiles fired into Kuwait, 2 intercepted by Patriot missiles

Data recorder found for Columbia
- Sean O'Keefe admits that NASA may never know what happened

March 19, 2003

Iraq Update: the attack begins

6:50PM PST, reports that Iraq attack has begun

US "coalition" airplanes begin striking Iraqi artillery sites
- targets struck were in range of troops moving into position
- military convoy headed towards Iraq
- small amounts of Iraqi troops already surrendering
- streets of Baghdad deserted

March 17, 2003

Iraq Update: The 48-hour ultimatum

Bush to give Saddam 48-hour ultimatum to leave Iraq

March 12, 2003


Serbian Prime Minister Djindjic assassinated
- responsible for handing over war criminals
- possibly related to efforts to combat crime

US still seeking one more vote for UN resolution vote
- resolution will still be vetoed by France, Germany, and Russia

March 11, 2003

Interesting Echelon article

The Guardian Unlimited has just posted an article on the capture of one of the 9-11 participants. The article asserts that "Echelon played a key role in the capture."
- Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | How mobile phones and an 18m bribe trapped 9/11 mastermind

March 3, 2003

North Korea intercepts US spy plane over international waters

US calls action serious provocation

February 27, 2003


Iraq says it will destroy Samoud 2 missiles

Really tall design chosen from WTC

Mr. Rogers dies at 74

February 25, 2003

Iraq Update

Iraq/Hussein will probably disobey order to destroy Samoud 2 missiles

February 14, 2003


Iraq updates:
- Blix inspection report delivered to UN, "not impressed" with Iraq's cooperation.
- mixed review doesn't give US hawks much to seize upon.

Dolly the sheep dead
- euthanized after progressive lung disease diagnosis
- in January 2002 was diagnosed with arthritis

February 10, 2003


Locutus preview release
- Ian Clarke's secure P2P solution
- wants to target enterprises with this software

France, Germany and Belgium blocking NATO efforts to send defensive equipment to Turkey
- Turkey has called for assistance under Article 4 of NATO
- France, Germany and Belgium believe that it will hurt diplomatic efforts with Iraq

February 4, 2003


Yugoslavia splits into Montenegro and Serbia
- will share a union for 3 years, then have the option to split

Comdex operator bankrupt
- Key3Media Group

NASA Columbia investigation turning towards CA

February 3, 2003


Microsoft order to ship Java stayed by Appeals court

LeBron James high school status still in turmoil
- status suspended due to replica jersey gifts

February 2, 2003


Nothing new in Columbia explosion
- Politicians vow that commitment to space travel will continue
- President Bush expected to propose funding increases, previously had wanted to slash NASA's budget

West beats East in NHL All Star game, 6-5
- Heatly scores 4, rising star

January 1, 2003

January News Roundup

January 4, 2003

Boring playoff games
- Jets beat Colts 41-0
- Falcons easily beat Packers at Lambeau, first ever playoff loss at Lambeau for Favre

January 5, 2003

49ers comeback over the Giants, 39-38
- 24-points behind in 3rd quarter, 38-14
- 1 minute left when Tai Streets scored
- 2 two-point conversions with Terrell Owens
- 25 unanswered points
- biggest in NFC playoff history

Steelers overcome 17-point deficit to beat Browns
- 0:58 left when Steelers scored
- Browns last chance ended with time running out and receiver diving out of bounds

January 7, 2003

Playstation 3 to use Rambus interconnect technology
- chip-to-chip and chip-to-ram

Jon Johansen acquitted on all counts by Norwegian court
- not illegal to crack personal property

Daschle not running for president, yeah

Raelians clone baby is a hoax, duh

January 8, 2003

There, Inc. launches
- wannabe Metaverse

January 10, 2003

North Korea quits nuclear non-proliferation treaty
- practical effect would be to remove nuclear programs from UN monitoring
- Bush: US has no intention of invading North Korea

January 11, 2003

Titans barely advance against Steelers, 34-31
- Nedney's 3 tries at kicking final field goal
- time out
- miss with penalty
- good
- game close throughout

Eagles easily beat Falcons

January 12, 2003

Big Dig to finally open
- I-90 tunnel section connecting to Ted Wiliams tunnel

Case to resign position at AOL
- will still be part of AOL in director role

Football get together at 1010
- Carl and Frank
- 49ers crushed by Bucs
- Oakland crushes Jets

January 14, 2003

Anthrax possibly back in DC post office

January 15, 2003

Extended copyrights upheld by Supreme Court
- even though possibly unwise, Congress has authority

Microsoft starts Government Security Plan
- lets governments see 97% of Windows code
- remaining 3% has to be seen in Redmond

Mariucci let go from 49ers

January 16, 2003

Weapons inspectors find empty chemical warheads in Iraq
- war in a couple weeks?

Plague scare: scientist accidentally broke vials, reported them missing

January 22, 2003

Germany joins France as countries that won't support war resolution

Verizon has to give up identity of file sharer to RIAA


Ford demos recyclable car

January 25, 2003

MS SQL Worm DDos-ing net
- 5 of 13 root servers down

January 28, 2003

State of the Union address
- Iraq, Iraq, Iraq
- $6B for "bio-shield"
- $10B to fight AIDS in Africa

Afghanistan battle
- biggest battle for US forces in a year

December 1, 2002

December Etc... Updates

December 20, 2002

Lott stepping down (finally)
- Frist likely successor
- apologies, BET interview, didn't stop criticism

RNA interference Science Magazine's Breakthrough of the Year
- 'retro': could have been done 15 years ago but largely ignored
- possibilities for cancer treatment

December 18, 2002

NASA repairs Galileo from a distance
- revived recorder by repairing radiation damage
- annealed diodes by running current through them
- recoverying important data before shutdown in January 2003

ElcomSoft not guilty
- jury found that while program was illegal, intent was not criminal
- jury found DMCA confusing

December 12, 2002

Cardinal Law resigns (finally)

Kissinger steps down from 9/11 panel
- cites conflict of interest with private industry clients

'Nemesis' opens to terrible reviews

Everyone raving over Lebron James
- first televised high school game on ESPN2 in over a decade

December 10, 2002

Cardinal Law visting the Vatican
- discussing possibility of Chapter 11

December 9, 2002

Snow to take O'Neill's spot at Treasury

Mars theories being challenged
- Theory 1: Water abundant on Mars, but has mostly remained frozen
- Theory 2: 'Rivers' caused by wake of meteorites pounding surface

Lewis going to Michigan State
- 99% certain

Oil strike continues in Venezuala
- aimed at ousting President Hugo Chavez

December 6, 2002

Paul O'Neill, treasury sec, forced to resign
- Economic adviser Lindsey forced to resign as well

November 13, 2002


Iraq accepts UN resolution
- Husseins accepts after parliament rejected day before

Bin Laden reemerges as voice on tape

Toshiba licenses TiVo

Microsoft cancels Longhorn, focusing on Blackcomb (2005-6)

November 11, 2002


Oakland crushes Denver in MNF at Ray's

Bonds unanimous NL MVP

Capellas leaves HP
- probably headed to WorldCom
- no role as #2

November 10, 2002


November 10, 2002

Jaguars blast 'Skins 26-7
- no offense for 'Skins
- poor field position all day due to great punting/poor returning
- terrible punts by Barker pinned Redskin defense

Malvo confesses to shootings, including middle school student

November 8, 2002


UN Security Council adopts Iraq resolution
- unanimous vote

Nancy Pelosi rises to Minority leader for Dems

Myers says Al Qaeda has adapted to US military tactics in Afghanistan
- Chairman Joint Chiefs
- calls for shift in priorities from hunting to reconstruction

November 7, 2002


Virginia will prosecute snipers
- Malvo will be tried in Fairfax
- Muhammed will be tried in Prince William
- Fed charges dismissed

Bali suspect confesses to bombing

New Brunswick father sues amateur hockey association for $300K after son doesn't get MVP award

November 6, 2002


Lott: "It'll feel good to be on offense"
- possible recount in South Dakota (Johnson (D) declared winner)

Gephardt steps down as House Minority Leader

Last mission of Galileo space probe completed
- expected to last only 2 years
- mission lasted 5 years
- will crash into Jupiter

Ballot measure to require organic, fair-trade coffee defeated in Berkeley

BMG to copy-protect all CDs

November 4, 2002


MNF at Alyssa's
- Pack slaughters Miami 24-01
- Green Bay improves to 7-1, best in NFL
- Constants turnovers by Miami
- Pack offense not very impressive, but good enough

Hunter teaching Caps how to draw
- faceoff percentage down to 30-35% in some games

November 1, 2002


MS antitrust ruling
- wrist-slap, upholds initial settlement
- plenty of loopholes
- 'security' clause
- can still retaliate if OEM offers a system w/o MS OS

ICANN drops directly elected board seat

Death toll in Italy earthquake now 28

No clues in Jam Master Jay's shooting yet

Yahoo News: Study says coffee makes women smarter (link)

Vick fined $5,000 for wearing red socks

Kilmer doing ads for Northrup Grumman

October 27, 2002

Killing them to save them

Gas killed all but one of 117 hostages in Russian theater

October 26, 2002


Game 6 of World Series
- Giants blow 5 run lead
- lose 6-5 in final innings

Bloody end to Russian Hostage Crisis
- 750 hostages rescued
- 90 hostages killed. Many may have died from gas
- 50 hostage takers killed
- late night raid using gas

Nathaniel Osbourne held as material witness in Sniper case
- co-owner of car

October 24, 2002


Sniper arrested
- caught at Maryland rest stop
- sleeping in car matching description police were searching for
- John Allen Muhammad and stepson Lee Malvo (17)
- former military
- You asked us to say, 'We have caught the sniper like a duck in a noose.' Reference to folk tale, where rabbit catches duck in noose, and is then dragged by duck into a tree stump, where it is stranded
- sniper made reference to Alabama shooting, which led to Tacoma, WA
- gun found link to shootings
- hole in trunk to shoot from

Giants even up series
- 4-3 victory on David Bell single to drive in JT Snow

October 15, 2002


Giants going to World Series

Another sniper shooting (seven corners)

September 27, 2002


September 27, 2002

Five year anniversary of Mars Pathfinder
- first signal only 3 mins after touchdown
- bounced 16 times on landing, landed on base petal

Kazaa, Morpheus, Limewire stealing link commissions for online purchases
- Amazon has cut-off payments to Morpheus

Study shows that Lorenzo's Oil works
- functions by breaking down fatty acids that are associated with the genetic disorder
- adrenoleukodystrophy causes victims to lose ability to move, hear, speake, and eventually breathe

Plants and animals can 'bottle up' evolution

Final Fantasy XI will require GeForce 4 for some features

500 arrests in DC for IMF protests

New (old) Nirvana song finally released
- "You know you're right" completes RC5-64
- running since 1997
- longest running of projects

XP to get Bluetooth
- Gartner expects 560 million Bluetooth-enabled devices by 2005

August 8, 2002


US shurgs off Hussein's defiant speech (ready to repel any attack)

FCC mandates digital tuners by 2007

Baseball players agree to steroid testing

Sprint deploying 3G