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March 8, 2006

Cultural Uncanny Valley

Read on for an semi-complete essay written in the spirit of silliness. It's an old draft I wanted to wrap up now that we are in the final countdown to entry 2000 (three to go).

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February 22, 2005

Caltrain tags

This little lifehack has saved me a bit of time and kept me on the right Caltrain. Caltrain gives out yellow tags to put on your bike that you label with the station that you are getting on/off. An unintended use is that they are also handy for writing down the Caltrain schedule as they are small, waterproof, durable, and easy-to-read. They also attach as easily to a bag as they do a bike -- if I'm not using my bike I keep the tag on my work bag so that I always have it with me.


January 11, 2005

Best SSIDs

Slashdot | Best Wireless SSID's You Have Seen?

Hmm, my personal favorites (b/c I was there when they were chosen) are "Network Not Found" and "Network Disabled". I was in a meeting where we were instructing someone how to connect to our wireless network, and the Windows status message popped up saying, "Connected to 'Network Not Found'," at which point he said, "It's not working."

December 30, 2004

Generosity for slackers

Amazon One-Click Donation to Red Cross (100% goes to the Red Cross)

December 3, 2004

The almighty water filter

honeyfields has this PUR water filter on her sink that lets you switch between unfiltered (dirty) water and filtered "PUR" water. If you leave the switch in the normal position you get the unfiltered water pouring out. If you twist the switch, the water gets redirected into this filter and comes out "PUR" out of another spigot.

I got to thinking that if I ever have kids, I would use the filtered faucet to teach them all about morality. When they were really young, I would explain that there's good water and there's bad water, and it takes more work to make good water, but people like good water more and they live longer drinking it; the bad water might taste more interesting, but then you'll end up sick and dying of weird diseases.

When they get a little older and start reading comic books, I'll then use the faucet to explain different models of morality. There's the Lord of the Rings model, where you either flip the switch one way and have good water or flip the switch the other way and have bad water. Then there's the Spiderman model, where you can mix the good water and the bad water by sliding the switch only partway, but the good and bad water come out of separate spigots and don't mix. And finally there's the Wolverine model, where the good and the bad water mix together and come out of one spigot.

When they're even older and are trying to work on their math homework, I'll use it to teach them the difference between discrete and continuous math...

My hypothetical kids will have issues...

October 3, 2004

Office space paintball


I first had this idea after frequently driving past the vacant Excite @Home building on 101, but this idea received new vigor after Mike (ln m) pointed out the abandoned, never-used Inktomi building in Foster City. Spanning two towers, each eight stories tall, and with the interior consisting of the bare minimum of insulation and concrete, I can't help think that it would be a beautiful setting for office space paintball.

We pondered this idea for a bit as we loaded up on beer at the somewhat lame Foster City Oktoberfest. Not satisfied with mere speculation, we wandered across the street into the vacant building, hoping to get a glimpse of the empty interior. We got much more than we thought we would, as the stairwell access was unlocked. We were able to wander the building with impunity, snapping the occasional photo, checking out sight lines, brainstorming missions, etc...

The idea is simple: two teams, each armed with relatively weak paintball guns for an indoors setting. Stick each team in one tower, give each a flag to place on a floor of their choice, and let the teams have at it. The towers are connected by both a multi-story parking garage and a third-floor roof. The third-floor roof is difficult to cross as balconies overlook it from each tower, but the parking garage, with its numerous columns, is suitable for a well-staged assault. Three elevators and a stairwell provide access to each tower. One variation would be to stage this at night, with each person given a flashlight to selectively turn on and off.

Who needs Counterstrike/Rainbow Six?

October 1, 2004

Know any good Jappy stores

action figure

Anybody know where I can find some of these Kurosawa-movie action figures? When I was at Comic-Con, I had Scott Morse draw me a kick-ass Kikuchiyo and it would be pretty bad-ass to have a Yojimbo/Sanjuro action figure to go with it. If any of you know of any Jappy import places that might have it, lemme know. This site has a picture of the box.

September 22, 2004

Star Wars

Are people interested in a viewing of the Star Wars DVDs at 99, and if so, in what format (i.e. marathon, one a week, just Empire, etc...)

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