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September 28, 2006

Oh so close to breaking Sony boycott

I've long followed the slow path to release for the Sony eBook Reader (aka PRS-500). Every time I move (about once a year) I seem to need yet another bookshelf. I have resorted to selling off a bunch of books to Book Buyers, but still no room. eBooks have long seemed like a great idea -- I can 'keep' my books but make room on my bookshelves -- but without any good execution, i.e. low resolution. The Sony PRS-500 is a huge leap across the gap: the electronic ink display is 160 DPI and can display everything from book text to manga. Just imagine those bulky, throwaway weekly Jump Comics collections condensed into the palm of your hand.

  • Hot: display that looks more like paper than a computer screen
  • Hot: can play mp3s, for those of us that like music with our books. Just imagine the possibilities for something like my Japanese language podcasts -- you could have an entire new breed of 'audiobooks'.
  • Not: you have to use the craptacular Sony Connect store
  • Reviews: Engadget Hands On, Gizmodo Hands On

Boycott note: I've been on a 'soft' boycott of Sony products, which I technically broke by buying a used PSP and memory stick. Although it was for a charity auction, I will say that I mostly regret the PSP purchase, as I believe the PSP fell far below its potential due to Sony's predictable mismanagement of that system. Fool me once...

October 22, 2003

Dell = Sony?

Now Dell is trying to pull a Sony it seems. In addition to announcing it's first LCD TV, Dell is now planning on selling their own DirectTiVo. I'm mostly excited about the latter because there's so much uncertainty about the future of DirectTV + TiVo, and this puts more confidence in the relationship continuing. These announcements come on the heels of Dell announcing a Dell-branded music service, mp3 player, and home-centered PDA.
Dell turns on satellite TV | CNET

July 1, 2003

Gateway becoming Sony?

I thought I'd post this because I grew up buying Gateway computers, and I think it's really cool that they're finally heading in this direction (after some lukewarm attempts with the Destination PC). Gateway is now selling a "Connected" DVD player, which includes an 802.11b connection and can stream content from your PC. They also have the Media Center PC, which comes with a 42" plasma screen (yum - though TiVo would be much nicer than Media Center). This interview on CNet with Ted Waitt indicates that they are probably going to lauch more products in the consumer electronic space.

These aren't the most ground-breaking products, but I'm optimistic, especially b/c they don't have a music group tying down their innovation (Sony "Home of the Walkman" still doesn't have a competitor to the iPod). Also, unlike Apple, you won't have to earn $100K/year to outfit your home with their products.

May 20, 2003

Paper: Time Machine Computing

Time-Machine Computing: A Time-centric Approach for the Information Environment
Jun Rekimoto
Sony CSL

This paper is motivated by observations that many users prefer to use the desktop as a spatial organizational area (Malone), instead of using folders and the like. This leads to the inevitable problem of limited desktop space, which in Malone's research was partially solved with the idea of "piles." Freeman et. al have argued that time-oriented approaches (e.g. e-mail) are superior to pure spatial approaches and proposed a one-dimensional timeline system. Rekimoto expands upon both of these observations by trying to create a two-dimensional timeline system that allows for time-based and spatial cues.

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May 14, 2003

Paper: InfoStick

InfoStick: an interaction device for Inter-Appliance Computing
Naohiko Kohtake, Jun Rekimoto, and Yuichiro Anzai
Keio University
Sony CSL Interaction Labs

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