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July 22, 2007

Golfers Dope III

In my continuing coverage of doping in golf (part I, part II), I now bring you doping new from the British Open:

Nine-times major winner Gary Player told a British Open news conference earlier this week that the sport could have a big doping problem and called for the tours to speed up their plans for routine testing.

"I don't know how widespread it is, as there is no testing at the moment," Pound told the BBC on Sunday.


February 2, 2007

Exercise for charity (tomorrow)

LATS in Los Altos/Loyola Corners is hosting fund raiser for the Lance Armstrong foundation tomorrow and Sunday. There are classes (pilates, cycling, core, etc...) from Saturday noon all the way through Sunday noon ("24 hours of fitness") that you can participate in ($20/class, 4th class is free).

Flyer with full details

January 27, 2007

For fans of the Colbert Report

SAGINAW, Mich. -- Call it "Colbert Day in Canada."

That's what a 5-4 win for the Saginaw Spirit over the Oshawa Generals of the Ontario Hockey League on Friday has earned Stephen Colbert, host of Comedy Central's satirical news program "The Colbert Report."

Colbert had made a bet with Oshawa mayor John Gray on the outcome of the game. If the Generals won, Colbert would don a team jersey during his show. If the Spirit won, Gray would have to declare March 20 -- also his birthday -- "Stephen Colbert Day" in the Ontario city.

... In a recent game between the two teams in Oshawa, the Generals held their annual teddy bear toss for charity. Colbert took mock offense and aired footage of the stunt, calling it "an obvious attempt to taunt me" in light of the show's claim that bears are the No. 1 threat to America's safety.

In retaliation, Colbert encouraged Saginaw fans to throw General Motors annual earnings reports on the ice during Friday's game -- and fans complied. He even posted a downloadable link to the financial reports on his Web site.

November 27, 2006

Your sport does dope

In a previous rant, I argued that all sports have doping problems, and that if dopers aren't being caught, it is because the sport isn't trying. I rhetorically asked, "Do golfers dope?" intending for the answer to be yes, but not expecting to see the following in the World Anti-Doping Agency's (WADA) 2005 report on doping tests with "adverse analytical findings":

  • Golf: 5.21% (20/384)
  • Cycling: 3.78% (482/12,751)
  • Baseball: 3.69% (390/10,580)
  • Ice Hockey: 2.87% (79/2,751)
  • Curling: 2.58% (9/349)
  • Soccer: 1.46% (343/23,478)
  • Table Tennis: 1.40% (11/787)
  • Chess: 0% (0/51)

These stats don't actually measure how clean a sport really is and they do mix in drugs that are banned but not performance enhancing. Nevertheless, golfers do dope, chess players apparently do not, but that only adds to the evidence that chess is not a sport ;).

WADA 2005 Report (found this via Leen Tuk's letter to VeloNews)

November 23, 2006

Brawl results

Last night I went out with the VA crew to watch my first Capitals game in many years -- my first time to see them in the Verizon/MCI Center. The game started off well enough with the Caps taking a 2-1 lead over the Thrashers, but things quickly fell apart as the 2nd period edged on. Eventually the Caps were down 4-2, they were stuck in a 5-on-4 penalty kill situation with their best offensive player in the penalty box, and there was only about a minute and half left; there was no miracle forthcoming. Atlanta's Sutton took this situation as an opportunity to deliver a hard check, which resulted in mass fisticuffs between everyone on the ice. The Caps' Brashear pounded Vishnevski until there was blood in the ice, Kolzig eventually left his goal to have some words with Atlanta's goalie, and there were a lot of penalties/ejections and things to clean up off the ice.

Then as the players lined up for another faceoff, another fight broke out. More penalties/ejections.

Play finally got underway. Then Atlanta's Mellanby started hitting Heward in the back of the head, so Heward fought back and took Mellanby to the ice. More penalties/ejections.

It's about how I remember Caps games from the 80s ending, back in the era when fights were more common. Perhaps I'm a bad influence.

November 9, 2006

Fremont Athletics? Santa Clara 49ers?

Update: Olympic fallout - SF drops bid for 2016 Olympics

What a weird week of sports moves for the Bay Area: A's, Cisco, reach deal to build ballpark in Fremont and 49ers tell San Francisco mayor they plan to move (to Santa Clara or elsewhere). What will the new team names be? Fremont and Santa Clara just aren't that cool. They are also closer to San Jose than they are their former hosts, though I know that the South Bay is legally SF Giants territory. A map of the proposed Santa Clara site is below (hey -- light rail!). 

September 18, 2006

Navy beats Stanford

It was fun watching crush Stanford at the grand opening of the brand new Stanford Stadium. From the way the event was run (right down to the final score) you would think it was the opening of a new Navy stadium. The Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band and its Dollies were on suspension for sledgehammering and spray painting the Band Shak, so the Stanford side of the football field was oddly... professional, as there was just the Stanford cheerleaders performing. The entertainment for the game -- both off the field and on the field -- had to be provided by Navy instead. The game started off with people parachuting in and F-18s flying over, Navy beat up Stanford in the first half, the half-time show was performed by the Navy Drum and Bugle Corp, the F-18 pilots were given a large round of applause during at the end of the halftime show, and the Navy continued their trouncing of Stanford in the second half of the game.

Some other observations: * Be careful what you hand out in the stadium. We had cards taped to our seat that we were supposed to hold up at half-time to make an American flag. Most people obliged there, but as the Stanford football team continued to provide misery to its fans, the fans resorted to making paper airplanes out of the cards. I moved down to the lower deck for the second half and there was a constant stream of paper airplanes hitting the empty chairs around me or landing on the field itself. * The new stadium reminds me a bit of PacBell Park (or whatever its called now). The main concourse has good sightlines to the action on the field and there are new HP LCD monitors showing the game, though the picture on the HP monitors makes them look like crappy products. There's even a flat area at one end of the stadium with grass and arches where kids can run around. It is impressive what they did in such a short period of time. To prove they really did rebuild the entire stadium in 8 months from scratch, they showed a time-lapse film of the old stadium being carved down to dirt and then reborn. * The F-18 pilots were rock stars. This was odd for me, having spent so much time on Navy bases and never seen that sort of treatment. There were standing ovations where-ever the pilots walked and kids rushed up to the barriers to get autographs.

July 5, 2006

Doping and tarnished sports

The first week of July is fun in that I get to watch two great international sports competitions: Tour de France and World Cup. By far, the Tour is much more interesting to me because I appreciate a sport that, to me, has a greater sense of nobility: soccer players whine and dive, a cyclist waits if an opponent crashes. When I explain this to random, the topic of Operation Puerto and doping often gets brought up, which brings me to the point of this little post: what, you don't think your sport dopes?

Watch old footage of your favorite sport. What often strikes me with baseball, soccer, football, etc.. is how small everyone looks. While there are modern training techniques and perhaps greater dedication by pro athletes, do you honestly believe that the sub on the bench looks more fit than Pele because he eats better vitamins? I remember a sports article for several years ago -- possibly SI or ESPN -- profiling linebacker Bill Romanowski's modern training techniques with specifically tailored supplements from a sports lab. As it later turns out, that lab: Balco; those supplements: steroids and HGH, among others.

Soccer, baseball, football, cross-country skiing, tennis, track and field, you name it. Dr. Fuetes, at the center of the entire cycling scandal, readily admits helping soccer and tennis players dope, including players on Real Madrid. The entire yearly budget for a pro cycling team is less than the salary of a top Real Madrid star. If a cyclist can afford to dope when the stakes and salary are so much smaller, what do you think happens in the non-niche sports? Do golfers dope?

At least cycling catches the players that dope and suspends them for two years. It has a code where team directors suspend athletes for merely being under suspicion, whereas the Giants happily rake in the ticket sales as evidence after evidence comes rolling in. If a sport hasn't caught anyone doping, then that just makes your sport more dirty because they probably aren't trying hard enough. In my opinion, this makes cycling much cleaner than any other sport. Sadly, that may not be saying much.

June 12, 2006

World Cup 1

Below the fold, due to spoilers

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February 5, 2006

Blah Blah Blah

Two hours after the end of the Superbowl, ESPN had a graphic up on their frontpage that said:

blah blah blah

They have since corrected it to say:

Final: 21-10

I believe that the original graphic was more correct.

Violence seems to have replaced sex in this year's ads. Either that, or we mostly laughed at the violent ones in reflection of our current zeitgeist. I was partial to the non-violent sheep streaker ad -- I also like the 2003's zebra instant replay version -- but I figure with seven ads Budweiser was bound to score with at least one. Nostalgia also hearkened me to the MacGyver ad. IFILM has a pretty descent Superbowl ad page if you want to relive the ads.

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December 21, 2004

DC Baseball

It's on. It's off. It's on -- woohoo. It's hard to cheer for a team named after an airport, though. Does this mean that they'll get renamed to the Washington Reagans?

October 27, 2004

No hope heartbreak


Well, fuck, they did it.

October 26, 2004

Staggeringly biblical collapses

Alright, up 3-0, time to lose in seven just like the Yanks. It's culture. It's heritage. It's the way it is. It's No Hope.

October 25, 2004

Clip now available

For those of you who want to view the Red Sox/Daily Show clip that I transcribed earlier, I finally figured out that Windows comes with a movie editor, so I've trimmed it down for proper consumption: clip

Game 2 despair

Kenji reminds me that the Red Sox lost the 86 World Series after going 2-0, and the eight errors this far can only be seen as foreshadowing of another Buckner moment (which Manny and Mueller seem intent on one-upping each other for the honor). For some additional despair, I've transcribed a Daily Show segment from the day after the Red Sox beat the Yankees.

STEWART: An amazing night for the city of Boston, we're actually going to go right out there to Rob Corddry, who's in Boston. He joins us from outside Faneuil Hall. Now I want to point out, Rob, you're from the area, you're a huge Red Sox fan, I do congratulate you, and I wish you well. Rob, the Red Sox down 3-0 against their archrivals the Yankees, historic comeback to win the series, I mean, C'MON Corddry, what's the mood down there?

CORDDRY: The mood here is hopeful. Cautiously optimistic. The people feel the Sox have the Yankees more or less where they want them, but only time will tell. Jon.

STEWART: They have the Yankees where they want them? Rob, it's over. The Red Sox --

CORDDRY: Don't don't don't don't don't. Jon, Jon, Jon, you're going to jinx it man. You're gonna jinx it. Something could still happen. Um, there could be a forfeit, or the pennant could go through Buckner's legs. I don't know. Derek Jeter could fly counterclockwise around the Earth real, real fast until it's the night before like Superman did. It's the Yankees, Jon, they're always pulling [bleep] like that

STEWART: Rob, I would imagine that on at least this night, on this night, there would be jubilation in Boston.

CORDDRY: Jon, I'm a Sox fan. Failure is all I know. But after last night I'm feeling almost, successful, is that a word? I don't care for it man.

STEWART: Well are you at least looking forward to the World Series?

CORDDRY: Yes, yes, yes. Which we could still blow. And in some staggeringly biblical fashion. That would be... heartbreaking (smiles). heartbreaking.

STEWART: Thank you very much Rob. Enjoy it up there. C'MON CORDDRY!

October 23, 2004

At least they're not going to lose four straight

Man, even in a win where they start off with a huge lead they make it agonizing :). That and buddy Manny's two straight errors are enough to keep the No Hope alive. It must have been that clip segment that made Manny look more like the team mascot than power hitter that jinxed him up.


Top of the 6th, Red Sox up 7-5

me: rooting against the red sox
me: how can you?
metamanda: i've never been a red sox fan.
me: you gotta root for the losers
metamanda: the cardinals *are* losing right now. :)
me: yeah yeah, but we know the red sox will take care of that one ;)
me: the cardinals have 9 world series wins
me: they can give one to the sox
metamanda: grrrrr.
me: you gotta share the love
metamanda: grrrrr.
me: a vote for the sox is a vote for kerry :)
metamanda: hahahaa
me: are you saying your against kerry, that you're FOR bush?
metamanda: :P
me: you're either with the sox or you're against them, and i say you, are against them
metamanda: uh huh.
me: the security of our nation depends on a red sox win
metamanda: well, let's put it this way. cards are not going to just give this world series to the sox, nor should they.
me: b/c it's gonna take a miracle for kerry to pull this one out, so we might as well ask for two
metamanda: *but* if the sox won it all, I wouldn't feel bad about it because they do kind of deserve a world series win.
metamanda: go taguchi!

Still Top of the 6th, Red Sox up 7-6 (soon to be 7-7)

October 20, 2004

No Hope Red Sox

ho hope red sox

Who would have thought Damon, the man I referred to as Boston's Antichrist, would be their Game 7 hero? Now there's a man with No Hope.

I'm storing up a bunch of No Hope for the World Series. meta (despite her loyalty for the St. Louis Cardinals) would like to see a Boston vs. Texas World Series. I would as well, though I don't know if that will help or hurt my No Hope posture. I have No Hope that Boston will win, but if Texas wins, then there certainly is No Hope for this country.

No Hope!

October 19, 2004

The Daily Despair

riot police

Now that's what a Yankees-Red Sox game is supposed to look like: police officers in riot gear and objects flying onto the field. Those are the games that I remember. Those are the games that bring tears to the eyes.

You might think, after winning three straight after being down 0-3, a deed no team has done before, that there might be a glimmer of hope, that I could cast my cynicism aside and once again 'believe.' Two extra-inning wins (aka the Boston Marathon) and Shilling pitching on a bloody leg gives plenty to inspire, but not enough to erase the past.

Today's Daily Despair is simple. I could talk about how David 'Our Only Hope' Ortiz was 0-4 tonight, or I could point out that pinch-savior Shilling will be warming that cold bench in Game 7, but no, today's Daily Despair is:


Game 7

Bottom of the 11th

Boone (off Wakefield)

Remember: No Hope

October 18, 2004

The Anti-Hope Check

I'm here to provide the anti-hope check to Kenji's Hope Check, for I believe that There is Only Hope in No Hope.

Some of you in Red Sox nation may suddenly find yourself rejuvenated, your hope starting flowing out of its deep recesses and embedding itself in your heart once more, but to you I say, No Hope got us this far, let us not abandon it now in the face of two heart-stopping victories. No Hope says that the Red Sox will have to win two straight in New York, back in the place of their first two losses. No Hope says that Johnny Damon, while looking like Jesus running in for that game-winning run, is still the hitless, buntless Antichrist. No Hope reminds you that Shilling is being held together with duct tape.

You may say, but Big Papi is our savior. Big Papi has saved us three times now. Yes, but he is your only hope.

Do not believe.

October 17, 2004

On being part of the Red Sox nation

I have been extra cynical in my role as a Red Sox fan this year. I know that as part of the Red Sox nation, I'm supposed to say "believe" and have "hope" and know that "this is the year," but I say screw all that. I've been there, done that, and seen everyone else do that in far too many Red Sox implosions. I decided to give up hope, to not believe, but it was too hard -- there was still an ounce of it left in me. With Shilling and Pedro, I had to believe that the Red Sox would win at least one of game 1 or game 2. But Shilling had no resemblance to the mighty Diamondbacks' Shilling, and Pedro got no love from the Red Sox offense. Game 3 would bring the series home, though, surely the Red Sox would turn it around then; there was still hope.

19-8, hope is gone. Having sucked their way to 0-3, with no team ever having come back from that deficit, I had finally given up all hope in the Red Sox.

It was hard watching today's Game 4. With the Red Sox down by only a run for most of the game, there was temptation to hope, to believe, but then Johnny Damon would come to the plate, and I knew that he would help me stay hopeless. If their own leadoff hitter can't get on base to give Manny something to hit in (still 0 RBI in this series), then really, how are they gonna catch up? Even as Roberts did some excellent pinch-running to tie the game, I sighed, picked up my copy of the Daily Show's America, and used the media satire to laugh away the ridiculous notions of hope. They still left the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth; they were still my hopeless team.

Escaping from a bases loaded in the 11th? Hope-check: nope. Manny finally swinging and hitting a pitch instead of walking or watching a called third strike? Hope-check: nope. David Ortiz, Mr. Division-Series-Walk-Off-Homer coming to bat next? Hope-check: almost -- this is also David Ortiz, Mr. Watch-Me-Strike-Out-in-Three-Straight-Pitches. Hope is still at zero.

Oh, Ortiz hits a homer and the Red Sox win. Well, giving up hope doesn't mean that you have to get embarrassed by a sweep. I guess they'll survive to play again later today, with their crappy bullpen exhausted, and with Damon still sucking. Mussina will be Pedro's daddy, and I'll still have no hope.

BTW: anyone else think A-Rod looked past his bedtime at the end?

October 13, 2004

Red Sox you kill me

I only got through about half the presidential debate, choosing instead to stick hope for America's future in the Red Sox. They failed me, 3-1, laying bare our collective unfulfilled idealism.

Patriotic duty

Is it more patriotic to watch the Pedro Martinez bean Yankee batters or to watch the Presidential debates? Both will be ugly, both will be repetitive, both will be decked in red, white, and blue, and both are conducive to ulcers.

I do think the dual scheduling puts Kerry at a disadvantage -- he might have to borrow Bush's radio transmitter to listen in on the score.

October 12, 2004

ALCS Game 1

Red Sox 0 0 0 0 0 0 5 2 0   7 10 0
Yankees	2 0 4 0 0 2 0 2 x  10 14 0

I only kept watching this game because I wanted to see how far Mussina would take his perfect game. It's a good thing that the Red Sox got five runs when they finally did break it, otherwise I would have missed an exciting finish. I can't believe how weak both defenses were; as bad as Shilling was, a couple of missed outs here and there would have made the score look a lot better than 8-0 in the sixth. Same goes for the Yankees: if Matsui was half as good on defense as he was on offense this game, there would have been no sign of a comeback.

This feels like it will be a good series, but why does it feel so familiar?

CNNSI game summary

September 28, 2004

Does this mean I have to root for the Expos

Nah, I'll stay an Orioles fan, even though they suck too: Expos moving to Washington

September 23, 2004

Baseball clips for a small fee

I just found out that has video clips of games for sale for $0.99 (full game is $3.95). This seems fairly reasonable for me. $0.99 and I get to have a video clip of Bonds 700th to keep as a memento.

I don't have time to try it just now, but I'm going to give it a shot later and figure out whether or not its good/bad/overly DRM'd/etc...

Major League Baseball : DDS : Digital Download Service

June 16, 2004

Lakers Lose!

Is there anything more to say than that joyous statement?

We ended up watching the second half of the game in TiVo-fast-forward mode, which was about all the time that was necessary to see how pathetic the Lakers were in the final game, completely unable to even challenge the 20+ point lead that the Pistons built up.

I'm still annoyed at the Spurs for screwing up their series against the Lakers.

February 1, 2004

Superbowl XXXVIII *yawn*

If ever there were a game that you should TiVo up for an hour, and then fast forward to the good parts, this was it. Three minutes of excitment at the end of the first half, about ten minutes of excitement at the end of the second half, with way too many CBS promos in between, and a lackluster set of commercials (Budweiser Donkey commercial made me laugh, as did the late Subway being bad commercial). Even the announcers were bored trying to come up with safe euphemisms for boring ("like two boxers feeling each other out"). I don't know how the players managed to play through all the frequent stops in the game. I nearly went mad watching the Patriots take five minutes to move a single yard (run - measure - run - measure - run - measure - challenge - commercial - first down).

Personally, I think Brady was a uninteresting/poor choice for MVP. It was the easy/safe choice, but he was hardly exceptional during the routine punt drills and flag throwing that occupied most of the game. Vinatieri couldn't get it because he missed the two kicks that would have made a close finish unnecessary. I personally thought it should have gone to Vrabel. Two sacks on defense, and a TD on offense. That at least seems interesting, even if it wasn't dynamite.

Update: Vrabel was also the player that knocked the ball out of Delhomme's hand in the first half, which led to a Patriot touchdown.

December 6, 2003

Army beated

Navy beat Army 34-6. Army now has the distinction of setting the NCAA record by going 0-13, while 8-4 Navy will be going to the Houston Bowl, it's first bowl in a long time. My parents were supposed to be there but the snowstorm kept them in the comfort of their own home.
Charge of the Right Brigade (

October 27, 2003

You're too good for us

The Red Sox have fired their manager, who got them to game 7 of the ALCS and won 90+ games both seasons. Losers. - MLB - Little surprise: Red Sox fire Grady as manager

October 7, 2003

Bucs blow it, Red Sox don't

Man, things are all backwards for me in the sports world. The Red Sox survive a bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, two out situation to beat the A's on go on to face the Yankees in a 1999 rematch (thanks to Lowe's clutch pitching with 2K's). The Buccaneers, the reigning champs and defensive kings, blow a 21-point lead and give up 28 points in the fourth quarter to lose in overtime. * - MLB/PLAYOFFS2003 - Caple: Sweet ending for Sox * - NFL - Colts' Manning leads classic comeback

October 5, 2003

No sports bra SI cover this year

After doing so well in the opening rounds, the US got thoroughly shutout by Germany, despite having the advantage on the attack for the early part of the game. If only they could have done better to revive more fever and thus help out the now defunct WUSA league. - Soccer - Germany shocks U.S. with 3-0 semifinal upset - Monday October 6, 2003 12:36AM

September 15, 2003

WUSA folds

In a sad day for women's sports, WUSA will be shutting down after three seasons. Even with another World Cup approaching, they couldn't find enough sponsors.
- Women's Soccer League Is Folding (

July 14, 2003

Throwback Uniforms for Baseball

National Baseball Uniform Database (saw this on A Whole Lotta Nothing)

June 15, 2003

Spurs champs, New Jersey still the armpit

Woohoo - Spurs took the championship. I missed the game while dirt biking, but I'm sure there will be plenty of highlights. A nice ending for the Admiral's career. - 2003 NBA Playoffs - Spurs use 19-0 run to win second NBA title - Sunday June 15, 2003 11:56 PM

June 13, 2003

Spurs taking control

Throwback jerseys or no, Nets lose 93-83. - 2003 NBA Playoffs - Duncan dominates to put Spurs one win from title - Saturday June 14, 2003 02:10 AM

June 9, 2003

Devils Champs

Congrats L - I'm sure you're cheering right now - the Devils easily won game 7 tonight 3-0 in the Rupp/Friesen/Brodeur show. The second period of the game was fun, but the third period was a foregone conclusion. It was cool to see Scott Stevens, who I watched as a kid on the Capitals, hoisting the cup over his head yet again. Good job on the Devils part, though, poor form on their fans for booing Giguere (the Devils' players did applaud), but I guess Jersey fans boo everyone. - 2003 NHL Playoffs - Devils win third Stanley Cup in nine seasons - Tuesday June 10, 2003 12:47 AM

June 8, 2003

Spurs Swimmin'

Spurs rebounded after a game 2 loss to take a 2-1 series lead. For me, it was all about Tim Duncan's swim move over Kenyon Martin for the rebound off of Tony Parker's missed free throw with under a minute left. - 2003 NBA Playoffs - Parker scores 26 as Spurs win ugly in Game 3 - Sunday June 08, 2003

June 6, 2003

Sophtspheroid Week 6

Lost to the Lodge (again), but this time the game was really close. We only lost by two runs.

We think it was a trap
Mom's shirt is covered in crap
Next time we'll use corked bats

June 5, 2003

Spurs rolling

Yeah, the Spurs keep on rolling through the playoffs - one game down, three more to go. It's good to see Robinson back in the highlights again. - SI Writers - Marty Burns - Inside the NBA - Marty Burns: Nets lose their way in Mr. Robinson's neighborhood - Thursday June 05, 2003 02:00 AM

May 30, 2003

Sophtspheroid Week 5

Lost to the Hitfolk by a bunch, but they're undefeated anyway and a nice team to play.

May 29, 2003

Go Spurs!

Yeah Spurs - way to not blow it this time. Now onto the finals.
- - 2003 NBA Playoffs - Kerr the surprise hero as Spurs advance to NBA Finals - Friday May 30, 2003 01:08 AM

May 22, 2003

Go Annika

Kick some entitled male butt (shot by shot).

Update: Annika finished round one at 1 over par. Good job!

Update 2: Annika's second round didn't go as well, but I'm still rooting for her.

May 15, 2003

Go Spurs!

Bye-bye Lakers - Duncan's 37 pts and 16 boards lead Spurs over the Lakers 110-82 to win the series in 6. Ends LA's bid to win 4 in a row.

April 22, 2003

Calle Johannson to leave Capitals

Calle Johannson, a great long-time Cap, is leaving the team. He's angry at benching in final OT, relationship with Coach Cassidy. He was the all-time Caps leader in games and a respected leader. I believe he even took a paycut in previous negotiations in order to stay with the team.

January 27, 2003

Superbowl XXVII Commercials

Ranking of the commercials. These are relative, not a measure of greatness:

The good:
#1 Terry Tate, Offical Linebacker
#2 Zebras/Jackass Instant Replay

The brief laughter:
#3 Upside-down clown: "Can I get a hotdog"
#4 Willie Nelson, "My face is burning"
#5 Dog dreadlocks
#6 Ronde and Tiki Barber rehash

And the worthless:
#7 Baboons into polar bear pen
#8 Joe Montana ring
#9 Osbornes

January 19, 2003

It's official: Gruden vs. Raiders

The Bucs beat the Eagles and the Raiders beat the Titans.

December 28, 2002

Giants in the playoffs

Giants beat Eagles to get playoff berth
- ugly, ugly game
- Giants blew many opportunities, rallied in the end
- No offensive production from the Eagles

NFL Playoffs

Giants beat Eagles to get playoff berth
- ugly, ugly game
- Giants blew many opportunities, rallied in the end
- No offensive production from the Eagles

December 20, 2002

Go Nets

Nets rout Lakers in Finals rematch
- continued plunge of the Lakers

November 30, 2002


I got to see Jordan play for the first (and probably last) time in my life. The Wizards made it an exciting game (95-94 Philly win).

Stackhouse's three-pointer got the Wizards to within one point with less than a minute left (Stackhouse outscored Iverson with 38 points). The game ended with the setup that everyone came to see: inbound pass to Jordan with only several seconds left. Jordan tried to pas instead of shoot on the inbound pass and ended up blowing the final shot. Jordan admitted that he took an "extra dribble." Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun.

November 5, 2002

Terrell Owens is so inspirational

The best thing to come out of the whole Terrell Owens sharpie-in-a-sock controversy: the Sharpie commercial. The commercial starts in a football locker room with the head coach speaking to his teammates:

"Tonight, we will leave our mark on the game of football... We will NOT, however, leave our mark ON the football"

The coach then collects all the sharpie markers from his players. Brilliant.

July 20, 2002

No British Open For You!

Tiger Woods is out of the British Open. His 10-over round was his worst ever.

June 6, 2002

NBA Finals Game 1

Lakers go up big, Iverson leads Philly back into lead (30 at half). Iverson leads Sixers up 13, Jackson responds by sticking Lue on Iverson. Lue shuts Iverson down and Shaq takes over. Battle heads into overtime. Lakers dominate first couple of minutes. Lue falls out of bounds, Iverson runs and hits three-pointer. Back and forth continues. Iverson goes one-on-one against Lue, hits the jumper and steps over Lue's fallen body.