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August 24, 2005

Squaw Hike photos

Photos from the Squaw/Tahoe hike. Photoset with more photos available for Flickr friends and family.

Squaw 2005-7 Squaw 2005-4 Squaw 2005-6 Squaw 2005-8 Squaw 2005-3 Squaw 2005-5 Squaw 2005-9 Squaw-18 Squaw-42 Squaw-40

March 14, 2004

Back from Tahoe

I was in Tahoe in this weekend. Essentially, I drove four hours so that I could sleep all day Saturday and sit in a hot tub. In otherwords, it was a very successful vacation.

I've got some photos in the queue that I've been meaning to post, so I'll round out today's posts with a series I'll call "Through the Looking Glass," which involves Ryowa, my digital camera, and anything I could find on the table that was transparent enough to take a photo through. As Ryowa is a noodle shop, the three things I ended up using were tea, rice vinegar, and chile oil. Maybe I should post this on the newly redesigned metamanda meatamanda :).

January 12, 2004

Back from Tahoe

I'm back from Tahoe, were we went to Kirkwood and Northstar. I actually only snowboarded at Kirkwood, which was good as always. Due to a poor choice of sockwear and a mild sore throat, I decided to wimp out and watch football on Sunday. The consensus seems to be that Northstar has long lines and high ticket prices (though the long lines cleared up in the afternoon), so perhaps it was good that I sat on my butt all day. Jeff did 20k cross-country skiing marathon and did better than he expected, which was a bit of positive news from Sunday. I'll leave you with a view from Kirkwood:

April 13, 2003

2003 Tahoe Injury Count: 3

The official Tahoe Injury Count is now up to three. My roommate Will did a mighty job of shattering both bones in his right leg at Heavenly (the death trap). I don't have that many details yet as this was one ski trip I managed to not be on.

March 30, 2003

Tahoe Injury Count: 2

Injury #2: Rome's broken ankle going down a Cornice-lift run. He said that even with the injury, it was still the best day of snowboarding he ever had (we did do some fun runs). I also started hitting my jumps in the terrain park better.

March 29, 2003

Caples Lake/Kirkwood

Snowboarded the black diamonds at Kirkwood. meta made some excellent enchiladas with tomatillo sauce. Jeff taught me how to wax and scrape my board.

March 28, 2003

Caples Lake

Arrived at Caples Lake. Joke of the night:

Knock knock

Who's there?

Interrupting Bryan



March 9, 2003


We have this perpetual problem that every time we want to drive up to Kirkwood in the morning and save ourselves a Friday night stay, we end up sleeping in until noon. This time was no exception. We ended driving up Saturday night and snowboarding on Sunday, with meta on a demo Salomon board. I made some okay jumps through the terrain park and had good runs down Cornice all day.

January 19, 2003

2003 Tahoe Injury Count: 1

meta holds the lucky distinction of being #1 in the injury counter. She managed to sprain both of her ankles below The Wave on the backside of Kirkwood. Note to others: tie your boots tight.

December 15, 2002

Tahoe/Kirkwood pt. 2

Had an awesome day at Kirkwood. It snowed overnight so there was fresh powder all day. Rich went telemarking. meta was supposed to as well, but snowboarders can't be denied powder. There were some great rides skiers-right of Cornice.

December 14, 2002


Went to Kirkwood with meta and Rich. There was great morning snow, 18" of fresh powder. The afternoon was a hurricane with 44-50mph winds. We were the 3rd to last up Cornice before the lift was closed at 2pm. Hottub with scotch in the snow was interesting. There would have been wine as well, but we forgot the corkscrew.

Day 7 of my snowboarding experience
- day 1-2: ASD trip
- day 3: Kirkwood trip w/ meta, Matt, bp and Brinda
- day 4: Day 2 of Jed trip (post concussion)
- day 5-6: opening weekend at Kirkwood

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