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June 22, 2006

Lost socks


This sock is looking for its home. Can you help find it?

It's a very nice sock, barely used, about a size 7 woman's. It looks very warm.

March 12, 2006


Just so you non-Bay-Area folks are aware. It frickin' cold here. There's snow on the hills around here. Every store on 4th Street in Berkeley has a sign on its front door: "We're open. It's just cold outside." We're not used to having to keep the front door closed to keep out the cold. We don't have Metro stations to hide in. We usually stick up a heat lamp outside a restaurant and redeclare that patch of land "summer." We see frozen little ice balls coming down and have to pause to think of what the right word for it is.

My parents called me from Virginia to tell me how it's 70 degrees outside and perfect for yard work. This arctic cold front must have flipped its compass because I think this ball of hail was meant for you, East Coast.

November 23, 2005

Note to self

It is much easier to locate your lost cellphone if it is not in silent mode.

Note to others: yes, I have my cellphone again. It was wedged in the couch.

August 8, 2005

Still behind

July always exerts an huge blogging burden and unlike last year I wasn't able to keep up with it all. Depending on my free time I may be flooding my blog again with even more posts that make it look like I'm amazingly productive, but really this is all just backlog and backwash.

Still to come (mostly a checklist for myself): Baudolino notes, Red Mars notes, Design of Everday Things notes, Post Tour de France wrapup, GPS mapping experiment, some more Caltrain infovis, some BlogHer thoughts, some Bruce Campbell quotes, and some Tour de Comic-Con photos (though m beat me to the punch and I won't have much to add).

June 9, 2005

We interrupt this Internet hiatus... bring you a message of pro-Internet goodness.

I just tried to book a room at a hotel and they wanted $130/night. I went onto hotwire, selected a hotel that was $70/night (hotwire doesn't tell you the name of the hotel), and ended up booking the exact same hotel.

update: credit for saving me $60 goes to susanne, who suggested hotwire in the first place

June 8, 2005


I'm going to be mostly Internet free until Monday. Laters!

April 21, 2005


My Mac-killing superpower is going strong -- I just received news of three more dead Macs in the office: two along my corridor, and one on the adjacent corridor. The two along my corridor I have used before, but the one in the adjacent corridor makes me think that my superpower is getting more potent. Also, I almost hit for the cycle: eMac, iBook, and PowerBook. I don't think we have any iMacs around, but I should try focusing my powers to see if I can take out one of the imposing G5 PowerMacs.

March 10, 2005

It's your fault

Nobody seemed passionate enough about music to offer a recommendation on how I spend my free iTunes song, so I blame you all for my purchase of The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins by Leonard Nimoy. If I happen to repeatedly inflict this song upon you, know that it is your own fault -- you should have known better than to leave me to my menacing predispositions. Those of you who have heard it before know just how infectious it can be.

Bilbo, Bilbo, Bilbo Baggins, the bravest little hobbit of them all...

January 11, 2005

Good days

I just finished reading Curious Incident of the Dog at Midnight. It has a passage where the autistic main character (Christopher) talks about counting cars on the way to school: if he sees four red cars in a row, it's a Very Good Day, if he sees five it's a Super Good Day, but if he sees four yellow cars it's a Very Bad Day. The teacher asks him why -- when every other behavior of his is so rational -- he has such an illogical manner of judging what sort of day it will be. Christopher points out that his way of judging days is no different from other people who look out the window in the morning, see a sunny sky, and decide that it will be a good day -- what does the weather matter when they are going to spend all day inside the office anyway?

This is a roundabout way of me announcing that on the way to Caltrain today, I was walking east towards a clear sky with the sun shining, while rain sprinkled from grey clouds above, and behind me there was a beautiful double rainbow behind me, as if to say, I had a very good weekend, I will have a brief spell of Bad Day as I catch up on work, but the rest of my day will be a Super Good Day.

November 14, 2004

Housing hunt

As I re-enter the housing market looking for a place to live, I am buoyed by the fact that it could be worse. I located an old entry in my paper journal that details just how bad it can be, in excruciatingly anal detail.

November 2, 2004

Today's playlist

Feel free to contribute and keep me angry today:

"Fortunate Son"
"Rockin' in the Free World"
"The Times They Are A-Changing"
"Star Spangled Banner" ala Hendrix
"Born in the USA"
"Take the Power Back"
"Old Mother Reagan"
"Masters of War"
"War Within a Breath"

Missing mp3s: "Know Your Rights", "Revolution"

"For What It's Worth"
"If I Rule the World"

Update 2 (per pqbon's comments):
"Man in Black"
"Know Your Enemy"
"Anarchy in the UK"
"Killing in the Name"
"The Ballad of Ira Hayes"

September 28, 2004

Stupid car suspension

An earthquake this morning and I missed it all because my car suspension absorbed it all. Granted, it wasn't even strong enough to dislodge my collection of iTunes promotion bottlecaps, but still, where's the fun?

July 29, 2004

*blog seizure*

Stan Sakai has made his way into my backpostings, as my Quick Draw Panel entry is 90% complete (awaiting collaboration with Christine).

I still haven't posted on the half of the Stephen Silver talk (see Penny Arcade) I went to, nor my notes on Alex Sinclair's coloring tutorial (mostly a Photoshop tutorial), nor the Adapting Comics to the Screen Panel (during which I got a photo of myself with Stan Lee and his autograph). I think these notes will have to wait, even in light of the fact that my short term memory is gushing out of my ears right now due to the Comic-Con being followed by an AI conference. Of these three potential entries, it's most likely that I'll transcribe the Sinclair notes, and drop the others, but we shall see (any requests?). I also have about four photos of Jude Law that may languish, as well as some bad photos of Ray Park, Kenny Baker, a giant promo robot, and someone who I think is Sienna Guillory from the upcoming Resident Evil flick. There's also this interview with JD Salinger that I'm gonna toss. Good night.

May 10, 2004

How to meet strangers on the Internet

Earlier today I posted that I had one invitation to give out for G.Mail. I had assumed that I had phrased the post in such a way that only friends that knew my e-mail address would respond to it. Of course, I was wrong.

I did not intend to word that entry as a challenge to scavenge for my address, but, in retrospect, it's easy to see how it was construed that way. Two Three diligent people (attracted here by Feedster and the like) have already gone through the effort, only to be turned away as I explained that my offer was intended only to attract friends.

The first person, though, impressed me with the manner in which he derived my address, first searching my blog entries to find where I mentioned the domain of my address, then using my memorylane pages to guess the particular handle that I might use, and then confirming the full address using a search engine (pointing out pages that I didn't realize contained my address). NOTE: this isn't the easiest way to locate my e-mail address, but it has the most spirit, and is the most Google-like.

I also did say that I wanted to reward readers of this blog, and even though that person is not a regular reader, he did meet all the requirements set forth, so much to my surprise and amusement, I'm going to give the account to him, currently valued at $20-40 eBay dollars :).

May 7, 2004

Friday update

I haven't been posting much recently, at least compared to my normal posting rate, mostly because I haven't been up to much recently, other than reading a lot of books. I restarted Quicksilver, and hopefully this time I'll actually finish Stephenson's monstrous effort. His next one (Confusion) is sitting on my shelf, so I better get cracking.

I also haven't been posting much because I've been hanging out more on political blogs rather than technology blogs recently, and, similarly, I keep getting drawn into political debates on an e-mail list. I've tried to avoid political stuff on this blog, which means I don't have much to post. I've narrowed my main list of pol blogs down to Daily Kos and Atrios, with Instapundit thrown in for balance, but it's still a lot to go through. If the Bush Administration didn't screw up on a weekly basis I would have much more time to post other stuff.

There should be a lot going on soon, as next week I go to Boston for the first time in a couple years to see my friends. I'm also looking forward to adding more photos to my Gehry collection. Then, in three weeks, I'll be heading off to Ireland and trying to share a pint with all the O'Connollys out there; I fear this might kill me.

March 29, 2004

Lucid dreams

Anybody out there have experience with lucid dreams? I believe I've had lucid dreams twice: once over a dozen years ago, and another last night. In both cases, almost as soon as I realized I was dreaming, I immediately woke up, so I didn't really get to have any fun with it.

In my first lucid dream, I was racing around trying to escape from a fire. I raced around for quite awhile, unable to find a way to get around the flames. It then occurred to me that this was a dream, and that I could get out out of it by dying, so I laid down on the flames and woke up.

In last night's dream, I dreamt I was in a CD store and there was a Liz Phair MTV Unplugged CD. I picked it up to buy it as a present for meta and took it to the register. At the register they had another Liz Phair live CD, so I picked that up too.

As I was paying for the CDs, I thought to myself, "There's no Liz Phair MTV Unplugged CD," and I opened up both CD cases. Both of the CD labels said MTV Unplugged, but one was a little bit ephemeral, as if it didn't know what label it was supposed to have. As it dawned on me that none of this was real I woke up.

Anybody have more luck staying in their dreams?

March 23, 2004

Flame wars

I'm going to reword this from the original post, to be less confusing, and hopefully less curiosity inducing.

Its generally bad etiquette to participate in a flame war on a blog, when the author of the blog isn't even participating, as that flame war invades that author's personal space. I breached that etiquette, and in retrospect, I should have done differently. It would be nice if there were an easier way to take a conversation that's getting out-of-hand, and move it elsewhere, an online version of "let's take this outside," or, ironically, "let's take this offline," but conversations on blogs are "sticky": they hold you there. Trackback comes close to doing this, but it's more of a technological, rather that social solution. Perhaps, someday, it will become a social convention, and someone can say "let's trackback this to my blog," and everyone will understand. But I digress.

My apologies.

March 22, 2004

Protest signs updated

I updated the protest sign entry to now include photos of the signs I mention.

This entry doesn't say much, so I will add the fact that this is entry #976, for those who are counting.

March 11, 2004

Slanty eyes


This is a rarity on this site (an image of me). I did this with a bit of plastic wrap, meta's scanner, and honeyfields iBook. Except for resizing, this is the original scan.

February 28, 2004

Targeted advertising

I just got my catalog from Anatomical (distributors of the fine Giant Microbes collection). On the the first page there is a poster for "Human Spinal Disorders" and on the back cover you can purchase a model of the spine, complete with herniated disc. I'll feel so much smarter now when I look at my MRI.

February 9, 2004

Say hello to my lumbar spine

spineGot a bunch of MRIs from 1999 in the mail today. I was going to scan a bunch of them in, but after my first attempt I decided that I'll stop with this one as the scanner has a lot of trouble with the film.

MRIs work by knocking around hydrogen and measuring their spin. In effect, then, what you see with an MRI is water content, which is good for imaging the body, as we're so full of water. The whiter something is, the more water imbued it is.

This image shows my lumbar spine. The spinal column is the long white thing on the right and the horizontal pancakes are the discs. There's two things you can kinda notice in this. First, right before the spinal column hooks off to the right, there's three bumps in it where the discs are intruding. You'll also notice that those three discs are darker that the ones above them; hence, they have less water. The three discs were "fixed" in 1999, but the bottom of the three is the one that's been giving me trouble again.

February 8, 2004

Last post from memorylane, really

I keep finding really interesting things as I go back through memorylane, and this one really freaked me out. I had known that I had written this story, and I knew that it was very similar to the Matrix, but I had written it in 1996 for English class, long before the movie came out.

Much of the movie the Matrix is based on pop-sci-fi, so to find that the two stories share the same "simulated reality" premise isn't striking, but I even called it "The Matrix." There were also some other interesting quotes:

"How was he able to see through the Matrix?"

"Dozens of tubes and wires ran in and out of his body. Nutrients still poured in and out of his body, and an I.V. continuously released mind-controlling drugs into his system"

The antagonist in the story is very different (in fact, I'm not really sure who the antagonist is), so in the end the stories share as many differences as they do similarities, but I find it remarkable that the only story of mine that I've ever written for more than just a school assignment would be so similar to one of my future favorite movies.

I don't recommend reading the actual story, unless you like really bad high school SF motivated by a desire to play with different fonts, all laid out against a background that makes it hard to read, but here's the link:
The Reality

October 27, 2003

Closer to home

It's one thing to read about stories in the news, it's an entirely different experience when there's a personal connection, even if you're not directly involved. I just found out that a friend's dad had two rockets fly into his hotel room during the al-Rashid hotel attacks. He had the amazing presence of mind to take cover under a bed and escaped with his life and an injured arm, which should recover fully. My thoughts go out to my friend, his dad, and his family, who will be reunited soon.
cus anime is teh s uck - Ah, the rare opportunity to use lj as a means for serious communication.

September 24, 2003

Posting madness!

I just got back from Maui, so expect a ton of posts over the next day or say (at least until I start my new job on Thursday). Sorry for the old news links, but I like to use this blog to keep track of stuff for personal use... On the positive side, where will be a lot of cool photos I took in Maui being posted, on the negative side, there will be a lot of photos from Maui being posted (we took over 500 photos).

September 2, 2002

Adventures of Hannaman and Supannamatcha

(you won't find any of these funny)

"I once caught a fish THIS BIG"

H: You turn into a real woman, right?
S: [I dunno.] You turn into a real man, right?

S: Your name means 'Flower'-man in Japanese
H: So?
S: Wuss

H: Supannamawesome baby!
S: More like Supannamazing

H: Supanna-mocha?
S: I prefer Spumoni

April 26, 2000

Silicon Valley Optimism

I saved this e-mail that J sent b/c it's a wonderful of how much unbounded optimism we had about living in the Silicon Valley, unbounded optimism/naivete that was smashed by having to move around hotels for three weeks, an RV for one week, and then paying through the nose (~4k/month) for a mid-range apartment. The summer was still a lot of fun, but we got a firsthand lesson in Bay Area housing shortage.