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March 2, 2002

Sonoma County Bike Ride

~30 mile bike ride

Rich, Bryan, Martin, Brianna

Started in downtown Sonoma next to the bike rental place. Headed down First towards Sabastiani. Got on bike trail, past Denny's, towards Valley of the Moon. Rode past Glen Allen up hill 1/2 mile to Benziger. Joined Wine Club. Headed down (almost hit by car, top speed 35 mph), stopped at Wellington. Free port chocolates. Stopped at Kenwood (disappointing). Headed back to Glen Allen Village Market. Goat cheese + tortilla for the Girl Scouts. Back to the bike store.

Adam's "Pope Joke"

(approximately as told at Jeff's housewarming)

The Jews and the Catholics are having a debate about religion and decide that they can each send one representative to prove that their side is right. The only rule is that words are not allowed.

They each decide on their representative. The Vatican decides to send their best - the pope - while the Jews pick one of their best rabbis to represent them. As a sign of respect the Jews allow the debate to be held at the local cathedral. The time for the debate comes and the rabbi walks into the cathedral and up to the pope. The pope waves his hand towards the sky. The rabbi responds by slamming his fist into his palm. The pope holds up three fingers. The rabbi responds by holding up his middle finger. The pope then pulls out bread and wine. The rabbi then reaches into a bag and pulls out two fish. At this point the pope holds up his hands and walks away.

After the debate the pope heads back to the Vatican to talk it over with the other cardinals. "Man, those Jews have it all figured out. First I said to him, 'God is everywhere,' and he responded, 'God is right here.' I was taken aback, so I held up three fingers representing the Holy Trinity, and he responded, 'We all worship the same one God.' I didn't know what to do so I showed him bread and wine representing the sacrifice of Jesus, and he responded with two fish, representing that Jesus provides.

The Rabbi headed back to the synagogue to tell the others his version what had happened. "Man, you wouldn't believe those Catholics. The moment I walked in this guy with a weird hat gestures at me 'No Jews Allowed.' I said 'I'm staying right here.' Then he said, 'You have three minutes.' I said, 'fuck you.' Then he pulled out his lunch, so I showed him mine."

Housewarming at Jeff's

Notable for (a) hitting Jeff in the right between the eyes with a bottlecap (his eyes were covered) and (b) Adam's Pope Joke (see adjacent entry)

March 12, 2002

Stanford Improv: Micetro

Rich, Bryan, Grayson, Vanessa, Rain, Amanda, Matt

A little disappointing because it didn't seem they had practiced many of the games that much. Got better towards the end. Highlight had to be the Shakespeare love sonnet. Paraphrase:

Oh love, send me a feather made from her hair, for love is like a bird that flies straight through my heart. Not a dove, for a dove is too peaceful, and my love is too aggressive. Not a sparrow, neigh, for it is not nimble enough. Neigh, neigh, neigh, neigh. Is it an owl, for it is every night that I do see her. It is a peacock, with its beautiful plummage, so colorful and growing out, like my love for her grows. Grow, grow, grow.

Book/Movie: Black Hawk Down

book image

Finished this a week or so ago. A great book, a fantastic book. It's amazing that so much detail could be extracted from an event that had to be so chaotic for those involved. Bowden covers a lot of material, from the mundane day-to-day monotony of preparing for missions that will be cancelled, to the spiritual conflicts involved, to the consequences of bad decisions made on the battlefield. It's easy to see why the author has been popular among members of the military, because the book accurately captures the nature and experience of armed conflict.

The Movie:
It bothers me when I see criticisms of the movie (not the book) that harp on the fact that it doesn't have a central plot structure like Saving Private Ryan or other war movies. Those types of criticisms seem to miss the point, at least to me. The movie is the first big screen portrayal of modern war that I know of, a type of war that isn't fought above the ground inside of airplanes, or behind a television monitoring a smart bomb, or a war that's fought in a remote jungle. Black Hawk Down was urban warfare, fought by American ground soldiers, where our technological superiority was made vulnerable by sheer numbers and innocents didn't have time to get out of the way.

The movie isn't important because it tells a good love story, or because we personally identify with a lead character's troubles. Instead, it reveal our vulnerabilities. It shows the difficulties of executing good intentions and America's ineffectual role as a nation builder. It shows us the consequences of our decisions to use force in carrying out foreign policy.

CoHo music

Saw The Swords Project at the Stanford Coffee House. Part Radiohead (Kid A), part Smashing Pumpkins, part something else. A lot of potential, but I didn't feel that they have learned balance yet. There approach is too much constant sound instead of progressions and movements, but what do I know? I'm not a musician.

9-11 + 6 months

It doesn't seem like it took very long for the good will and spirit to disappate. Instead, we have families complaining about becoming millionaires, and people complaining about families becoming millionaires, and people complaining that their tragedy deserves a payout as well. We also have companies blaming every bad woe on a post 9-11 world.

I don't mean to be too cynical. I think America has better icons for heroes (FDNY). I think we've overcome our fears. But I think I know now what our country felt during the Cuban Missle Crisis: any day the chain of world events into a terrible war could be started, whether it be in Israel, China, Korea, or elsewhere. Americans as a whole have re-entered the world stage.

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