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August 1, 2003

Daily Show: Twenty-Eight Blacked Out Pages

This clip (courtesy of Lisa Rein) continues to demonstrate that the Daily Show is the funniest show on TV. Stephen Colbert's commentary is hilarious. Also, be sure to check out this image when you get to "those cuts would come back to haunt us" as the graphic is hard to make out in the video.

August 3, 2003

Reading backlog

I cleared off a lot of my reading back log today, as I had a huge pile of comics and several half-finished novels lying around. Here's the damage:

Graphic novels:
- Black Orchid (Gaiman/McKean)
- Y: The Last Man, both of which were fun to read

- The Gunslinger (Stephen King). The Gunslinger didn't impress me as a book that should've taken twelve years to write, though it was a interesting, light read inbetween my other reads, kinda like the bread they sometimes give you at wine tastings.
- Seville Communion (in progress). After having spent twenty-three years reading nothing about templars, it seems that I've been finding references to them everywhere. I think it all started when I tried to read Foucault's Pendulum. How apt.

- Wolverine #3 (really like this story so far)
- Venom #3 (it's fun to see Venom recast as a horror character)
- Spectacular Spider-Man #1-2 (which looks a lot like Venom #3), Daredevil #25
- Ultimates #11
- Ultimate X-Men #35 (I liked reading a Spidey/Wolverine matchup from the fresh Ultimate perspective)
- Ultimate Spider-Man #43 (not liking the new arc so far)

Some additional info for your Zagat searches

Perhaps Zagat should import this info at the bottom of each survey: san francisco department of public health environmental health section

August 4, 2003


Hey look - someone implemented Rendevous/Zeroconf on Windows: Howl (via Marc's Voice)

Update: also found a Java Rendezvous (via Don Park)

Update 2: Rendezvous/Music-related links (DAAP = Digital Audio Access Protocol):
- DAAP daemon and links to Java client
- One 2 Oh My God: a Java iTunes client that doesn't work with the latest iTunes 4.0.1 update
- Notes on the DAAP Protocol for those wishing to implement their own clients

Outliner for Windows?

I've been disappointed by the lack of a good outliner on Windows w/o having to use all of Radio Userland. I'll be trying out Scott's STkoutline to see if it's got the juice. (via Marc's Voice)

Update: too much trouble getting this working even with Tcl installed... I'll wait for an actual binary build

Attention cellphone shoppers

Nokia 6800If you're unfortunate enough to have my cellphone listed in your addressbook, get ready to change the number listed there. I've decided to get the Nokia 6800. The main feature of the phone that you can't see in the photo is that it flips open to reveal a butterfly-like keyboard, which is really easy to use. After watching metamanda try to type a URL into another phone, I really began to appreciate how useful this would become.

I would have already bought it but it appears that you get a much better deal if you buy it online. Also, pqbon got the same phone yesterday and he's testing it out, so I'm just making sure the coverage will be good at 1010. We're also going to try and get a SyncML server up and running so that neither or us has to spend thirty minutes copying down our phone numbers from our cellphone address book. The SyncML server should also mean that I can add addresses/numbers to my address book from any computer (work/home) and have it appear on my cellphone. If I get the right software I should also be able to do calendaring stuff.

I know I told most that I was getting a camera phone. I was going to get the Sanyo 8100, but SprintPCS pissed me off to no end (first telling me that I couldn't get a rebate, then after I walked away calling me back to tell me that I could, and then wanting $55/mo for their minimum Internet-enabled plan), and I decided in the end that being able to type was a more important feature than being able to snap low quality photos. The LG VX 6000 does seem like a very cool phone, though.

Good Web companion to American Gods

If you read/are reading Neil Gaiman's American Gods, you might like this site: only the gods are real. It has a brief description of the actual mythological figures that Gaiman is referencing.


- - Powell not expected to serve if Bush re-elected - Aug. 4, 2003
- Ars Technica: Novell buys Ximian

Update: maybe not on the powell item

August 5, 2003


I really like this elephant graphic that Beth Mazur posted on her blog (from louis rosenfeld's bloug).
elephant graphic
- IDblog: Yet another UX/ED organization?

Silly retailer, comics are for kids (aka Friends don't let friends live in Texas)

Now that the Supreme Court has refused to hear the case, it is now established Texas legal precedent: you can now be sentenced to half a year in jail for selling adult comics to ... adults. To quote the prosecution's closing argument:

I don't care what type of evidence or what type of testimony is out there, use your rationality, use your common sense. Comic books, traditionally what we think of, are for kids

Time to get ethernet for my TiVo

Found this article link to on PVRBlog: Video Extraction from a Tivo. All you need is a Series 1 TiVo and ethernet hacked in and it looks like you can extract video to mpeg fairly easily. Given that everything is in reruns right now, this would be a good time to get my TiVo upgraded.

August 6, 2003

Fund-raising smackdown

I haven't made up my mind as to whether or not I agree with his views, but I definitely like his tactics. It started off with this post to Howard Dean's Blog:

[Cheney] will address a private luncheon reception July 28 at the home of Gayle Averyt, former chairman of Colonial Life Insurance Co. The noon affair, costing $2,000 a person, is by invitation only...Warren Tompkins, a Columbia-based consultant and Atlantic regional director for Bush-Cheney, said the campaign hopes to raise between $200,000 and $250,000. ... We're thinking about bringing out the bat on Monday the 28th. We're thinking that you could demonstrate to Dick Cheney that there is another way to raise $250,000 in one day-- through the people who own this democracy, rather than the special interests that buy it. What do you think? Should we bring out the bat? What should we call the event?

So how did the smackdown fare?

Boston Globe Online / Nation | World / In changing sphere, Dean's Net fund-raising outdoes Cheney

By 11 p.m. Sunday, the total had reached $250,000, the initial estimate of what Cheney had been expected to raise, based on newspaper reports about his visit.

By noon, when Cheney's lunch started, Dean's total stood at $344,428. The number of donors totaled 6,558 -- about 6,400 more than Cheney's.

Cheney donor's gave $2000 a pop. Dean supporters averaged $52.

(all of this via Doc Searls)

Seabiscuit II First Cloned Horse Announced

Japs are cool, this article says so

Foreign Policy -- Japan's Gross National Cool, By Douglas McGray

Survivor: California

This really feels like a very bad celebrity reality TV show ("I'm a voter - get me the hell outta California!"). Here's the latest rundown:
- Schwarzenegger: running
- Ariana Huffington: running
- Larry Flynt: running
- Gary Coleman: running

The only good news is that Feinstein isn't running, which leaves hope that California computers will stay safe from the RIAA for a little bit longer.

August 7, 2003

Survivor: California Update

Today's episode is sure to garner good Neilsen ratings as the creator of this twisted reality series has now dropped out of contention. I guess another $3500 was too much on top of the $1.5M he's already spent, or maybe he thought the show would be more entertaining to watch from the comfort of his couch. Will miss your crazy antics Darrell, you mischevous little millionaire.
- - Issa drops out; Schwarzenegger files paperwork - Aug. 7, 2003


After four long years, UCITA has finally bit the dust. Unfortunately, Maryland and Virginia remain dirty. Why is UCITA bad?
- it allows the vendor to change/add terms to the deal after you've already purchased the software
- it classifies software sales as "licenses" of "computer information" instead of a good, which means that the vendor can prohibit you from selling the software to other people, or restrict how long you're allowed to use the software.
- it allows vendors to remotely shut off your software
- etc, etc...

-Supporters back away from software bill | CNET

Presidency, now with merchandising

dollThere are times in our lives that we have to admit that we're wrong, and I guess this is one of them. Here I was thinking that Bush's carrier landing was a stunt to boost his popularity ratings and image, but I was wrong. Bush was actually just trying to promote sales of his new action figure (via Marc's Voice)

August 10, 2003

Survivor California Update

It looks like 155 contestants will be competing for the prize for Not-As-Bad-As-Davis. The producers of this one must be proud, as among their contestants they have an actor who's sure to have plenty of great one-liner soundbites, a 100-year-old woman, a pr0n star (who promises webcams in the mansion), a bail bondsman, a Lt. governor, and many more. It's sure to be a ratings bonanza.
- > News > Politics > Gray Davis Recall -- More than 150 file for unprecedented governor recall election

Fark Misc...

Some fun links from Fark:

Photos: Squaw Hike

We hiked from the bottom of Squaw Valley up to hicamp this weekend, where there's a nice hottub and gondola (to take you back down) waiting. Here's a sampling of photos from the hike:
this entry contains a photo, click to view this entry contains a photo, click to view

Continue reading "Photos: Squaw Hike" »

Photos: Gopher/Chipmunk Hunting

There happened to be a huge mound of gophers next to the hottub. The gophers were clearly attracted by the large amounts of food that people left behind. I also spotted a chipmunk amongst them.
this entry contains a photo, click to view this entry contains a photo, click to view

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August 11, 2003

Personalized search

jheery seinfeld's roommate's startup Kaltix is starting to rise above the radar:
- Searching for the personal touch | CNET

No one from Kaltix or anybody who actually knows anything about Kaltix would give a real quote to the CNet stalkers, but they did trackdown Jan Pedersen of Altavista for the insightful one-size-fits-all, "[Kaltix] was likely looking to get bought out." (note: my comments on Pedersen's talk have been reposted).


- Charles Taylor has finally stepped down: - Taylor quits under pressure - Aug. 11, 2003
- HP is expected to announce today that (a) they want to be your digital media hub, (b) from now on Carly will wear black sweaters and ripped blue jeans, and (c) HP commercials will have white backgrounds: H-P's Power Play (

Comic-Con Backposting

I'll be backposting entries for the Comic-Con as I want to keep the chronology correct. I'm knocking off the easy ones first (i.e. the ones with the least amount of photoshop involved). I'll probably be using this entry as a tracking entry and advancing it forward in time.

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August 12, 2003

Isn't that ironic?

Fox News has trademarked "Fair and Balanced" and is suing Al Franken for using it in the title of his upcoming book, "Lies and Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right."
- - Fox sues Franken over 'fair and balanced' - Aug. 12, 2003

Survivor: California Update

Finally, a candidate that can take on the Governator and protect us from the Rise of the Machines: Save our State, Vote Terry Tate
- NYTimes article

Comics are for kids

Here's a link to a comic about the recent Castillo case where a retailer was convicted of selling an adult comic to an adult in Dallas. To add to the silliness, the prosecution never even proved that the comic was obscene by legal standards.
Comic Teaser

I've only linked to the comic teaser as I don't want to deprive Salon of it's advertising revenue. (via Neil Gaiman)


Scientists in Milwaukee are working on mutant Zebra fish infused with firefly DNA. The plan is to outfit the fish in tiny spandex suits and drop them in water sources, where they will use their mutant superpowers to glow in response to contaminated water.
- JS Online: They swim. They glow. And they could fight terrorism, thanks to Milwaukee scientists (via Dave Barry)

Ultimate Fantastic Four

Marvel announced a new Ultimate Fantastic Four book with Bendis, Millar, and Adam Kubert. More info:
- Newsarama - Ultimate Marvel, Ultimate Panel

August 13, 2003

Worst Comic...Ever

I bought a copy of Youngblood: Bloodsport and Youngblood: Genesis at Comic-Con, partly out of nostalgia (I had stopped collecting comics in 1992/3, just as Image Comics was stirring things up), and also out of respect for Eric and Chad Walker (, who were working their butts off at the booth drawing really cool drawings for anyone who asked.

Youngblood: Genesis (art by the Walker bros) was pretty much as I expected, nothing spectacular, but not a disappointment. Youngblood: Bloodsport, however, is definitely the worst comic book I have read. If I have read worse, the bad taste of this one has washed those memories away. I think Liefeld has actually become worse as an artist - some parts of the pages looked like he decided inking was too much effort and xeroxed the pencils instead.

The most terrible part, though - if you can believe it - wasn't even Liefeld's fault. Millar's story reeks. The dialogue was not nearly as clever as it thought it was, and the story feels like they pasted a bad parody on top of the first couple chapters of Takami's Battle Royale (I assume issue 2 will tackle the next couple of chapters). I had to glance at the cover several times to confirm that it was in fact Millar that wrote the script, because I couldn't reconcile this with the Millar who actually wrote some stories I liked. There was one funny bit with third rate superheroes jumping in and taking credit for stopping the bad guys, but alas, I've already spared too many words for the worst comic...ever.

Uncanny Valley

I found out about the notion of "The Uncanny Valley" while reading this article (popular science) about a guy who built a realistic robotic head as a result of a pickup line for his now girlfriend/fiance ("Can I make you into a robot?").

Uncanny ValleyThe Uncanny Valley was conceptualized by Japanese roboticist Masahiro Mori, who argued that initially, as you make a robot more human-like, the emotional response of humans to it increases. At a certain point, though, if you make the robot more human-like, the emotional response plummets into a sharp negative reaction. Only when the robot approaches nearly perfect simulation does the curve rise once more.
- More on the Uncanny Valley

Update (04/20/04): Uncanny Valley example

Pol Blogging

Now that Howard Dean is smacking Dems left and right with his Internet savvy-ness, everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon. Kucinich has taken Dean's spot on Lessig's blog, Tom Daschle claims to be writing his own blog, and John Kerry has his staff writing a blog for him as well.

Anyway, I decided to post all of this because of Maureen Dowd's Blah Blah Blog column today in the New York Times. I'm sure this link will appear on many blogs because it has the word "Blog" in the title, but I post nevertheless.

BTW - I googled for "Tom Daschle Blog" and his blog did not show on the first five results pages that I checked. Also, if you search for "Travels with Tom," this mock blog ranks much higher that Daschle's. Guess no one out there is helping Daschle's pagerank.

QotD: OOP and SCO

In other words, when IBM bought Sequent, what happened to the Sequent-AT&T agreement? Were it made null and all dealings between Sequent and AT&T now under the stipulations of the IBM-AT&T agreement? Or is it the case that code developed by Sequent is still bound by the original Sequent-AT&T contract?

It just goes to show that whether it's object-oriented programming or contract law, multiple inheritance is likely to be hard to understand. - by Waffle Iron (339739)

Courtesy of this /. post (sent to me by Jay)

Selling Out

I was browsing Kottke and came across this Harvard Advocate interview with Dave Eggers in which he rants about selling out.

Followup to Dubya Action Figure

As a followup to my previous post on the Dubya action figure, there's now a Texas Air National Guard edition as well. (via Dan Gillmor)

Atari Adventure!

Atari Adventure is the first game I can remember playing as a kid, and now someone has wasted their life away to create a Flash version of it so that people like me can play it once more.

Update: link updated to point to new location

August 14, 2003

Utterly Outrageous Recipes

After reading this post, I decided to that I had to add Making Light to my blogroll.

BTW - More at Utterly Outrageous Recipes.

(via Neil Gaiman's Journal, in a roundabout way)

Redundant Backup Systems - Major power outage hits New York, other large cities - Aug. 14, 2003

Google Knows All

Some of you probably already know about the new Google Calculator. It started to prove some worth yesterday when metamanda asked me how far a league was, but little did I know how powerful this sucker was until I stumbled upon this post. Clearly an MIT student programmed the thing, because the calculator can convert smoots to feet, or even tell you the diameter of earth in smoots. If that weren't enough, who would have thought that a calculator would have the answer to life, the universe and everything?

Update: via Jed - hbar in slug smoot^2 per fortnight. Also, to follow-up on the post, here's a table for you mp3 rippers:
- 30GB iPod with 128kbps mp3s = 22.8 days
- 30GB iPod with 192kbps mp3s = 15.17 days
- 30GB iPod with 256kbps mp3s = 11.4 days
- 30GB iPod with 320kbps mp3s = 9.1 days

Update 2 (8/15/03): Jed has written an article on k5: Fun with the Google Calculator

Logo love

GoodLogo!com - World's finest selection of logos. (via Zeldman)

Best publicity stunt ever

From yesterday's NYTimes:

>a company in Latham, N.Y., intends to announce on Thursday plans to turn the concept on its head by using superconductors as valves on the electric-utility power grid, letting their temperature rise to choke off the flow of power... Intermagnetics General, will build a prototype device meant to protect the power grid against energy surges.

Company Plans Power 'Valve' Employing Superconductors

(Saw this one in a /. post)

Sophtspheroid: Final Regular Season Game

Dang it was close. We lost by a run.

Even with Adam's Triple,
We couldn't beat the cripple
We let him save face
and won last place

Survivor: California - The Candidates

Finally found the full list of candidates for the coming recall election. It seems to me that a lot of people registered b/c their name is similar to someone famous. For example, there's a Michael Jackson and a Richard Simmons. There's also a Feinstein, Wozniak, Dole, Kennedy and an Issa. Sadly, local Mountain View geek candiate Georgy Russell's summary comment is "sells "Georgy For Governor" thong underwear."

August 15, 2003

One down, one to go

RIP: How much longer until someone makes a worm variant that attacks

I'm gonna need to see some ID

Fun with signatures

(via Counterpane: Crypto-Gram: August 15, 2003)


I'm approaching entry #500 (this is entry #498), so I thought it's a good point to stop and ask anyone who's actually reading this site to do a quick ping. So, as a benefit to me, if you could leave a quick comment on this entry, I would appreciate it. You don't even have to leave your name if you don't want to, though try not to comment twice if you do :).

August 19, 2003

Internet blackout

Aside from being out and about all weekend (you can read honeyfield's watching horses and Napa bike riding blog entries for more info), I had no Internet connectivity at work yesterday. The msblast worm apparently said "all your base are belong to us" and our network agreed. Perhaps this was all a result of my jealousy at the NY blackout. I mean, if the East Coast can get a day off due to power outages, why shouldn't California? Didn't we start that whole concept?

Cali Edubacation

I was cruising my usual papers, and I noticed that there appears to be a new Op-Ed format that the papers are using for their pieces. It goes somewhat like:

1. Introduce problem
2. Describe how California tried to solve that problem
3. Recommend the opposite

For example, in the NYTimes, Krugman talks about the lessons we can learn from California's energy deregulation. Also, from the Washingtonpost Op-Ed section, Lessons From California ( talks about how not to do tax policy, which places some blame on voter initiatives back by Arnold, who apparently isn't Republican enough for the true Republicans. Gee, and I thought the Daily Show campaign slogan for Arnold would appeal to them: "Cutting violence in half with a laser guided chain saw across a charred landscape... for the children."


Talk Like A Pirate Day - September 19 (via Dave Barry's Blog)

Little kids are getting more annoying

Research by marketing consultancy reveals that one in nine five to nine-year-olds has a mobile.

It predicts that this will rise to one in five by 2006, making this the fastest expanding group of mobile phone users.

BBC NEWS | UK | Five-year-olds given mobiles (via Avi Greengart)

Fair and Balanced

Paul Newman Is Still HUD

August 20, 2003

Iraq Updates

Iraq is now a hotbed of terrorism. Imagine that?
- U.N. Staff's Immunity From Terror Ends (
- A Mission Imperiled

August 21, 2003

"Stop making fun of us" - Bill O'Reilly

NY Daily News - News - Bill O'Reilly: Calling Al Franken a satirist is a farce

To paraphrase in my own words: "Fox News is so cool. That's why everyone hates it and tries to make fun of it. But those liberals that make fun of Fox are just jealous. They wish they were as cool as Fox. And making fun of cool people just isn't cool. That's why we support Ashcroft. He'll take all those ultraliberal types that want to make fun of cool people and throw them in jail where they belong with all the other hippies."

And to quote in O'Reilly's own words:

"Fox has succeeded by mixing a populist-traditional, pro-American editorial posture with lively debate that includes voices the traditional network news organizations would never allow airtime."

Hmmm.... I wonder why no other network will allow those people airtime? Could it be because they're stupid enough to draw future troop movements in the sand?

Actually, my favorite quote is, "The accusation that Fox is a conservative network is pure propaganda." How could people possibly think that? I mean, doesn't every news Web site have prominent links to books like "Let Freedom Ring: Winning the War of Liberty over Liberalism" and Oliver North's "Mission Compromised"?
(via Metafilter)

Free Music!

I just stumbled upon this today during my daily read of the Washington Post: - MP3. It's like was, but with a local musician bent. I'm planning on sampling some of the music when I get a little more time. In my quick read of the upload agreement, it seems pretty good for artists as well - you give the Post a non-exclusive license that you can revoke at any time.

Sam I Am

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Language (Green Eggs and Ham)

Gimme my double double-double

Article on In-N-Out's biz: Business 2.0 - A Timeless Recipe for Success

August 22, 2003

Finally, a real iPod competitor

this entry contains an image, click to view
Toshiba is releasing the "Gigabeat" in Jpaan. It's 20 grams lighter and ~20% thinner, and it's got consumer electronic styling that can actually take a beating without having to buy a separate case. As far as I can tell, they only have a 20GB model, and it suports WMA, MP3, and WAV. The only downside is that it's meant to be used with Windows Media Player 9, or Toshiba's own audio application. I can't tell if it's a bad babelfish translation, but this appears to mean that the audio data is re-encoded on the Gigabeat.
- KoKoRo: A very small mp3 player with a huge harddisk from Toshiba

Need a friend?

I miss Boston. No, not the city. Boston was a friend of mine on Friendster. There's this very mean man named Jon Abrams who seems very jealous that there are these very popular friends like Boston, so he goes around killing them.

Yesterday, Boston was killed by Abrams. Boston was a really nice friend because he told me about all the parties going on there that I was missing. It won't be quite the same, but maybe I can drown my sorry at losing my friend by replacing him with hundreds of Pretendsters. They won't tell me what's going on in Boston, but they'll give me nice testimonials so I won't feel as sad. Maybe someone should sign up Jon Abrams for Pretendster - that way he can spend his time killing pretend friends instead of cool friends like Boston.

For more on fakesters, check out Metamanda's Weblog: friendster.

August 23, 2003

Survivor: California Update

One down, 134 remaining.... - Simon drops out of California recall race - Aug. 23, 2003

Stupid and Assinine (tm)

Fox got booted out of court. Among the quotes:
- "There are hard cases and there are easy cases. This is an easy case."
- "This case is wholly without merit both factually and legally."
- "Parody is a form of artistic expression protected by the First Amendment. The keystone to parody is imitation. Mr. Franken is clearly mocking Fox."
- "["Fair and balanced"] is a weak one as trademarks go."

Reuters | Latest Financial News / Full News Coverage

August 24, 2003

We learned it from watching you, Fox! Clothing Makers Tussle Over "22"

My pants for the past seven years have said 33x32 on them. Can I claim common law rights for both the numbers?

August 25, 2003

Does he get an action figure too?

Carriers are all the rage nowadays. There's the ambitious new USS Ronald Reagan, which sounds to me like a slammer virus waiting to happen. There's an absurd amount of new technology in it that seems so reminiscent of the blue screen of death that took down an Aegis cruiser.

Carriers are also all the rage in the political sphere as well. First there was Bush's stunt with the USS Abraham Lincoln, and now apparently John Kerry wants to get an action figure as well and plans to announce his candidacy in front of the USS Yorktown.

Now that I think about it, the naming of the USS Ronald Reagan makes so much more sense now. What better way for future Republican politicians to associate themselves with the 80's presidency than standing in front of the $4.5 billion carrier?

More cool space photos on the way

sirtfNASA's latest telescope is on it's way. This one seems to be cool (a) because it's infrared and will see very distant, cold objects, and (b) it will actually be doing a solar orbit instead of staying stationed above Earth. - NASA launches last of the 'Great Observatories' - Aug. 25, 2003 (NASA Press Release)

Cool vision stuff

My limited exposure to psych makes me think that this is really cool: Scientists Gain Insight From Man's Vision ( The guy had his sight restored after 40 years of being blind (he lost his sight when he was 3), which is leading to a lot of discoveries on the development of visual processing in the brain. He is able to sense color, motion, and basic shape, but he not able to recognize objects or people. It remains to be seen whether or not this part of his visual system will develop, or whether its lost to him for good.


- - 46 dead in twin Mumbai blasts - Aug. 25, 2003
- Sampras retires

One the lighter side (via Dave Barry)
- Radioactive bugs are out to get us
- Life-saving wedgies
- Make sure to listen to all your Beatles records forwards and backwards before visiting London

Survivor: California Update

poll graphicNow that Simon is out, who will be the next to drop? Bustamante has built up a strong lead on Schwartzenegger - the Terminator is currently splitting votes with two other big republican runners (McClintock and Ueberroth). Also, the poll for Davis' recall currently sits with 50% wanting to recall, 45% against, and 5% on the fence. Stay tuned next week as we wait and see how The Republican Party will react to bring them all into line, and also find out what other things Davis doesn't give a "rip" about. We'll also see if Georgy can shore up enough support to get that coveted 1% line in the poll.


The Library of Congress (with the help of Merrill Lynch) has put up The Floating World of Ukiyo-E (Library of Congress Exhibition), which collects three centuries of Japanese woodblock prints. There's a couple of Hiroshige and Hokusai prints, but the really interesting ones I thought were the surreal :
Oiwa-san - Lantern head Kohada Koheiji Laughing Hannya - demon woman

There's also this print of frogs dressed up as Kabuki actors dressed up as samurai.

Looking at these prints it's easy to see understand the aesthetic used in many anime (like Spirited Away).

(via Making Light)

Polk/Peabody - they both start with 'P'

While I was over at Making Light I also stumbled upon this insight as to why O'Reilly really doesn't like Al Franken: Instant Replay: The BuzzFlash Interview with Al Franken. Bill O'Reilly Gag on this One! - A BuzzFlash Interview

More info on transforming your Polk into a Peabody: The Peabody Award Spin

August 26, 2003

I'm giving a spin and seeing how it goes. I saw it talked about enough on Marc's Voice that I thought I'd see if it matches my expectations.

To paraphrase from my Friendster posting: appears to be like Friendster, only better and faster. They support 'tribes' explicitly (e.g. Stanford, Scotch Connoisseurs and Lovers),
and there's no Jon Abrams to go around killing them off. Also, they're trying to give it an element of Craig's List it that they allow you to post listings to sell stuff, etc...

I also wanted to see how long it would take for metamanda to join the pirates tribe.

August 27, 2003

Columbia final report

Report on Loss of Shuttle Focuses on NASA Blunders. The report blames NASA culture as much as the piece of foam for the shuttle's loss.

But what about 'Croatoan'?

- - Archeologists make Jamestown discovery - Aug. 27, 2003

August 28, 2003

RIP: z505

My laptop (Verbal Kint) bit the dust this morning. It was a three-year-old Sony VAIO z505 that I got while in college. It didn't even give me any warning signs - it just shut off and no longer shows any signs of life. In more recents months it was demoted to glorified Web browser and mail reader, but it served me well taking notes and writing papers in college. It was the first laptop to really demonstrate that you could have a fully featured laptop that only weighed three pounds (which is why I bought it), and ever since I have been unable to use any laptop that weighs an ounce more.

August 29, 2003

Elegant CSS Rollover

This seems like a really cool use of CSS: Fast rollovers, no preload needed (via Zeldman)

Zeldman also posted a link to Containing Floats (Complex Spiral Consulting) from Eric Meyer's new consulting company, Complex Spiral. The rollover and floats articles go well with one another.

August 30, 2003

USC 23, Auburn 0

8th ranked USC crushes 6th ranked Auburn 23-0. - NCF - Recap - USC at Auburn - 08/30/2003

I'm going to try to make my pilgrammage to SoCal to see USC beat up Stanford in October.

My new job

Next month I'll be starting my new job at SRI's Artificial Intelligence Center, where I'll be working on the CALO project. I'm really looking forward to starting there. From their Web site:

SRI International's Artificial Intelligence Center (AIC) is one of the world's major centers of research in artificial intelligence. Founded in 1966, the AIC has been a pioneer and a major contributor to the development of computer capabilities for intelligent behavior in complex situations. Its objectives are to understand the computational principles underlying intelligence in man and machines and to develop methods for building computer-based systems to solve problems, to communicate with people, and to perceive and interact with the physical world.

I had two fun years at PARC - the culture and the people there are really awesome. It may seem disingenuous to say, but I really wouldn't take back my decision to work there. In many ways I was spoiled with the fun I was able to have there, and I know that much of what I learned at PARC will help me in my new job. In the end, though, things change, you change, and you have to figure out where and how you most want to contribute, and for me that will be at SRI.

August 31, 2003

Monster Garage: Backyard monsters

Monster Garage did a cool episode on "Backyard Monsters" where they showed a bunch of creations that other people had made. Here are some that I was able to find links for:
- Dobbertin Surface Orbiter (photo links at the bottom). Built out of an oil tanker, it can travel on land and sea.
- Draka. When we saw this, we immediately said "Burning Man" (confirmed by this unfortunate article) It's a gigantic dragon vehicle that shoots flames.
- Shortcut High. A chopped school bus that gives new meaning to "short bus."
- Carthedral. A Goth chick's dream car.
- Mirabilis Statuarius Vehiculum. A car witha bunch of artsy stuff glued on top of it.

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The Annotated 1602 #1

If you're in agony waiting for 1602 #2, then you can spend your time reading Jess Nevins' Annotated 1602 for issue 1, where nearly every line and panel are dissected. Kids - if you want to use a comic for a book report, this would be a great choice. There's such an absurd amount of historical detail in just a single issue that you could write multiple papers.

New seatpost

08-31-03.thomson setback seatpost.jpegFor those of you who like the truly mundane details of my life, I just got a new seatpost for my bike. It took me several months to realize, but my bike frame is actually too small for me. The folks at Chain Reaction pointed out to me that I can get a setback seatpost which will set my back in order. The seatpost I bought is the Thomson Elite, which, while pricey, already seems a whole lot better than the stock seatpost on my bike. It has two screws that let you adjust tilt and front/back separately, and it doesn't look like it's suddenly going to change angles on me when I hit a hard bump.

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