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February 2003 Archives

February 1, 2003

Columbia explodes on re-entry

- Unknown failure in left wing
- Ilan Ramon, first Israeli astronaut, onboard
- Seven crewmembers onboard
- debris field spread over east Texas and Louisiana
- Guy at Tahoe claims he saw heavy sparks coming shuttle as it passed over CA
- First ever mishap on re-entry in entire history of NASA
- Attention focusing on piece of foam that struck left wing on take-off

February 2, 2003


Nothing new in Columbia explosion
- Politicians vow that commitment to space travel will continue
- President Bush expected to propose funding increases, previously had wanted to slash NASA's budget

West beats East in NHL All Star game, 6-5
- Heatly scores 4, rising star


wombat arranged a nice trip up to Tahoe. We stayed at a Pioneer Trail house with a hottub. The first day of snowboarding was rather surreal on the account of the Columbia explosion. The first thought I had when I woke up and saw the smoke trails was "Oh no! Not again!" though I can't really be sure whether I was thinking about the Challenger or terrorist attacks, or both. When I was on the slopes I ran into a guy who said he ran into people that had seen Columbia overhead when it passed over California and said that they saw it sparking. I wasn't sure whether or not I believed the second-hand information, but it could well be true.

It snowed during the latter part of the first day and I was able to make a couple of jumps in the terrain park, though I was over-rotating my landings in the half pipe. meta stayed on the sidelines on the account of her faulty ankles and icy conditions. The trip back sucked because Amanda's fuse box decided to start having a hissy-fit. We ended up driving back from Kirkwood with me periodically wiping the newly formed ice layer from the inside of the windshield. Man that hottub was a good idea.

On the second day we only spent a half day at Kirkwood. meta's right ankles was still acting up.

Talk: Mitch Kapor/Chandler

Mitch Kapor gave a talk at Dealer today on Chandler. Interestingly it's based on python and will run on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Overall, it seems that they're currently overly ambitious about what they'll be able to acheive (given what they have right now), so it seemed very handwavy. Also, they really haven't figured out how they're going to do security with this thing.

February 3, 2003


Microsoft order to ship Java stayed by Appeals court

LeBron James high school status still in turmoil
- status suspended due to replica jersey gifts

February 4, 2003


Yugoslavia splits into Montenegro and Serbia
- will share a union for 3 years, then have the option to split

Comdex operator bankrupt
- Key3Media Group

NASA Columbia investigation turning towards CA

February 7, 2003

Terror Alert raised to 2nd highest level

- second time level has been raised this high

Adobe's HQ is really nice

I went to an art reception at Adobe tonight entitled "Love Show." Although I really wasn't a fan of any of the art, I must say that the Adobe folks have a good thing going for them, and what seems to be a pretty cool culture.

February 10, 2003


Locutus preview release
- Ian Clarke's secure P2P solution
- wants to target enterprises with this software

France, Germany and Belgium blocking NATO efforts to send defensive equipment to Turkey
- Turkey has called for assistance under Article 4 of NATO
- France, Germany and Belgium believe that it will hurt diplomatic efforts with Iraq

February 11, 2003

Concert: Willie

I took Amanda to a Willie Nelson concert as a present. I'm personally not much of a fan, but, man, that dude is four times my age, ten times a better guitar player, and is in two times better shape than I am. I was getting tired just standing there for the length of the set, while he was standing there playing guitar and pumping his arms. After the set was over he took the time to shake the hands of everyone who could make it to the front and signed anything that was handed to him (boots, tickets, bras). I managed to be the last person to get something signed before he launched into a two song encore, with Amanda and I in the front row. We were close enough that we were looking at the "Willie" embroidered into his New Balance shoes. We could also read the signatures on his guitar (I only remember "Annie" and Paul English).

On another note, the Fillmore is a great concert venue.

February 14, 2003


Iraq updates:
- Blix inspection report delivered to UN, "not impressed" with Iraq's cooperation.
- mixed review doesn't give US hawks much to seize upon.

Dolly the sheep dead
- euthanized after progressive lung disease diagnosis
- in January 2002 was diagnosed with arthritis

February 16, 2003

New boat

Today is my parent's anniversary and they got a new boat. It's a 22 foot Crest Caribbean tritoon. It probably looks like
...but I haven't actually seen it yet. I'm a little confused b/c the picture isn't a triple toon.

BRE: First day of freedom

A friend of mine got me into playing BRE, which is this old BBS game that they've updated to allow inter-BBS play (you telnet into the BBS server). The game brings back a lot of memories of old BBS days. Today is my regions first day of freedom, so we'll see how things go.

February 22, 2003

Vegas Baby

I finally went to Vegas for the first time in my life. I stayed at the Monte Carlo, where I managed to lose only $100 on craps. Today we met up with Vijay, Raj, etc... and had buffet at the Bellagio. They had some neat Chinese New Years decorations in the garden and some cool color glass flowers on the ceiling (altered photo of this is the background of this blog). We also rode the roller coaster at New York, New York (that place is designed to get you lost). We couldn't get any good show tickets, so next time that I want to see O/Mystere I'm going to have to remember to get tickets three whole months in advance.
Vegas baby. Instead we ended up walking around Caesar's Palace, seeing the Lassen gallery, watching the Atlantis water show, and eating dinner at a Chinese restaurant at the Bellagio that had a good view of the water jets.

February 23, 2003

Vegas Baby pt. 2

We walked up and down the Vegas strip today. My gambling was in the black today :
- Won $40 on craps at the Venetian
- Lost $20 on blackjack at the MGM Grand
- Won $34 on craps at the Monte Carlo

We saw the tiger at the Mirage and also went to the Guggenheim Hermitage exhibit at Venetian (Van Gogh, Mondrian, Kooning, Reubens). Unfortunately they had just closed the BMW motorcycle exhibit.

Dinner was at Delmonico (at the Venetian), which was an all-around excellent experience. I think that we were probably there for several hours, as it started off as just a couple of drinks at the bar, then latte, then Foie Gras with carmelized banana and smoked apple bacon, then amazing beef tournedos, and finishing up with a chocolate souffle and vintage port. Mmmmmm.... Gonna have to eat there again.

February 25, 2003

Iraq Update

Iraq/Hussein will probably disobey order to destroy Samoud 2 missiles

February 26, 2003

Jay in town

Jay was in town for a conference so we met up at Brothers with Maggie, Cohen, and Jay's grad friends. We finished with a drink and poor service at the top of the Hilton.

So long Pioneer 10

Pioneer 10 is now officially silent after 31 years of service (launched March 2, 1972). Not bad for a craft that was designed for a 21-month mission plan. The last transmission from it was received January 27, from a distance of about 7.6 billion miles from Earth.

- first spacecraft to get close pictures of Jupiter
- first man-made object to leave solar system
- first spacecraft to pass through asteroid belt

February 27, 2003


Iraq says it will destroy Samoud 2 missiles

Really tall design chosen from WTC

Mr. Rogers dies at 74

February 28, 2003

Redskins sign Canidate

Redskins sign Trung Canidate, trade draft pick to Rams

NASA releases re-entry videotape of Columbia

- stops before problems occur