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June 1, 2003

Only a couple things left

The site redesign is almost finished (after stealing some know-how from Amanda). Just need to tweak the colors and also add in some plugins to the link bar (mtamazon, mtlink, rss feeds).

Movie: Finding Nemo

movie posterJust saw Finding Nemo tonight. It's a really well done movie and I liked it a lot. If anything, my only real complaint is that the previews give away a little too much. Not that the ending is in any doubt, but I felt like I already knew exactly what each character was going to do (except Dory, who's character was a hilarious surprise). Don't be surprised if I start talking in whale when you see me next. Iiiiii'mm aaaalllllll eexciiiiiiiiteeed toooooo seeeeeeee Piiiiiixxaaaaaar's oooofffiiiicce nnnnnoooowwwwww...


Had this puzzle to keep me entertained awhile back: changing one letter at a time, with every new word being a valid word (e.g. "pail" to "bail"), what's the minimum number of steps to change "WHITE" to "BLACK"? The answer I came up with is below (eight steps).

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Yangtze Dam

A co-worker of mine recently took a trip to the Three Gorges region and came back with pictures of the work there, including plans for the huge dam. One of the interesting photos he had was of a small city that had been relocated higher up the river bank. You could see the old abandoned city below and the new city essentially rising out of it. Soon I guess it will be like Atlantis.

I was reminded of my co-worker's trip after reading this Washington Post article, which makes me scared about the whole affair. Here's a short summary of the scarier points:
- "Officials have been arrested for providing construction companies with shoddy materials"
- "Of the 90 tributaries entering the reservoir, 60 are now considered heavily polluted"
- "Millions of water rats have scampered up the bank... their carcasses will now roll back into the reservoir laden with poison."
- "Each year, the area around Chongqing will dump 350 million cubic meters of wastewater and 400 million cubic meters of industrial waste into the reservoir"

Second Post: Style Invitational CLV

This entry was deserving of a second post (from the backposting archives). My two favorites:

What would a toilet look like if our knees bent in the other direction?

(Gordon Labow, Glenelg)

If you multiply two even numbers you get an even number, and if you multiply an odd and an even, you get an even number. The on

June 2, 2003

Style Invitational 504: Life is Short

This wasn't one of my favorites as I'm not familiar with the "Life is Short" feature, but some of these were funny nevertheless.

Report from Week 504: Life is Short.

My favorites:
Happiness lies somewhere in the middle, between zero and infinity. (Kevin Mellema, Falls Church)

And I reflected on how "Torah" and "Koran" are spelled, realizing that the two religions differ not one bit in the middle, only at the fringes. (Leonard Greenberg, Sterling)

Fatherhood is a man's job.
(Chuck Smith, Woodbridge)

Now the only thing that comes between me and my spouse is a hyphen. (Jean Sorensen, Herndon)

Panda with rocket punch

Panda's are loveable animals, but this almost seems evil:


According to the spec the robot comes with "rocket punch." Found this at: KoKoRo: Panda type Robot "PANDA-Z"

FCC learns from Bush

To paraphrase Jon Stewart (on George Dubya), this FCC ruling is part of the overall strategy of "lets name our bills the exact opposite of what they do," i.e.:

FCC SETS LIMITS ON MEDIA CONCENTRATION: Unprecedented Public Record Results in Enforceable and Balanced Broadcast Ownership Rules

pdf of ruling

Thanks: Werblog by way of Marc's Voice

Bad Statistics II

Here's one from March 25. It was really well publicized in the Slashdot crowd, so you may have already seen it.

Adobe Bad Statistical Graph

June 3, 2003

I see hapa people...everywhere

After making the half-asian badge I felt the urge to go out on the Web and find out how much of a footprint we were leaving, and man, now I'm scared. There's more hapas sites out there than I ever imagined.

Famous hapas (the ones I recognized from other lists):
Kristin Kreuk (Smallville), Dean Cain, Kelly Hu (X-Men 2), Paul Kariya, Apolo Ohno, Tiger Woods, Brandon Lee, Keanu Reeves, Michelle Branch, Rob Schneider (WTF?), Russell Wong, Ann Curry (Today Show), Phoebe Cates (Fast Times at Ridgemont High), Malia Jones (surfer), Johnny Damon (Red Sox), Lou Diamond Phillips, Tia Carrere, Mark-Paul Gossaler (WTF?) | Biracial Hapa Amerasian Multiracial Mixed

Halvsie: a site for the half-jap

Hapa Issues Forum, which has chapters at UCSD, Stanford, Berkeley, UCLA, Cornell, and UCI among others

Buffy Marathon

Support the Buffy Marathon! (yes, I take credit for this sadistic idea). Also, I'd like to point out that Season I + II + III + IV = 77 episodes, not 45. That's approximately 55-60 hours of Buffiness.

Puzzle: Think you're smart

I received this via e-mail by way of Wade awhile back. If you feel like taking a short four question quiz, click on through.

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Bovine Bedding

I received this awhile back from DJ Q. Felt like reposting it as the link is still valid.

BBC News | AMERICAS | Creature comforts for US cows

June 4, 2003

Hi, you've reached the offices of Storefront Media

The era of my current cell phone is nearing an end. The battery isn't doing very well and I'm inspired by all the little camera cellphones. In anticipation of a new cellphone, I thought I'd post a record here of the soon-to-be-old one.

To all of those that have 'accurate' voicemail messages, I highly recommend having a more obtuse message. It cuts down on the voicemail messages (though an awful lot of the ones you do get will start out with, 'Change your cellphone message !@#').

SFM Message

Talk: Pin n' Play

I heard three short talks by visitors from the Future Applications Lab at the Viktoria Institute in Sweden.

The first talk they gave was on Pin n' Play, which is a ubicomp project focused on putting a small amount of computation into push-pin-like devices for interaction purposes.

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Talk: InfoArt

The second talk given by the Future Applications Lab people was on Informative art .

Basically, they wanted to see if they could make abstract art serve as an informational display. There were several prototypes:
- Andy Warhol-inspired soup can countdown clock: a grid of soup cans change from one type to another indicating a countdown towards a deadline (pdf)
- Bridget Riley-inspired motion painting: vertical bars in different colors represent motion sensor input (pdf)
- Richard Long-inspired earthquake map: rocks were laid on on green grass indicating locations of earthquakes with no real reference point (pdf).
- Piet Mondrian-inspired weather forecast: color blocks are placed spatially according to an invisiable world map, the color of the block indicates the current weather (e.g. blue=rain, yellow=sun) (pdf)

June 5, 2003

Spurs rolling

Yeah, the Spurs keep on rolling through the playoffs - one game down, three more to go. It's good to see Robinson back in the highlights again. - SI Writers - Marty Burns - Inside the NBA - Marty Burns: Nets lose their way in Mr. Robinson's neighborhood - Thursday June 05, 2003 02:00 AM


Fall of the mighty:
- Two top New York Times execs resign: Executive Editor Howell Raines and Managing Editor Gerald Boyd (staff memo)
- Martha Stewart resigned yesterday after indictment (article)
- Sosa's stock still falling after corked bat incident, though 76 of his bats tested clean (article)

Talk: Context-Aware Photography

Notes on the last of the three talks giving by the Future Applications Lab folks. The last talk was on Context-Aware Photography, which seems like an interesting idea. I, too, have been bothered by the fact that digital cameras for the most part do and work exactly like their analog counterparts. Unlike them, however, they actually have some ideas of some neat things to do. They are still in a very preliminary stage.

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Dorkbot SF

I went to dorkbot SF last night. I was going to do a write-up, but Amanda was kind enough to transcribe her own notes. I pretty much agree: Tim Thompson cool, Danger dude cool (interesting to see the evolution of a business model through their prototypes), Dr. Friendly zzzzzzz (starting videos were nice though).

June 6, 2003

Information Architect's Wiki

Nice Wiki effort that I found a link off of IDBlog: IAwiki.

Sony Exec Interviews

I read an interesting interview with the Chairman of Sony, Nobuyuki Idei. The interview is three months old, but sound bites are interesting. March 2003 interview with Idei (Sony Chairman). Among the more interesting points: * The Sony-Ericcson joint venture: "They don't care about the mobile phone business, they care about the base-station business," and also "Sony made the joint venture with Ericsson because we want to be covered by their IP patent umbrella" * Frustration at the Sony Music division * Platform strategy: (1) continue promotion of Microsoft's long-term PC roadmap, and (2) Common Linux-based platform for PlayStation, home server, and TV (joint venture with Panasonic and Philips) * On Apple: "Although [Steve Jobs] is a genius, he doesn't share everything with you. This is a difficult person to work with if you are a big company. We started working with them, but it is a nightmare. We have the exact type of guy like Steve within Sony. His name is Ken Kutaragi"

Also I found a two-month-old post on Joi Ito's blog where there were some brief notes on a discussion with Ando. Joi posted an interesting quote from Steve Levy:

He startled everyone by speculating that in the long term, given the nature of Internet copying, record labels may not have a future. "When you have a problem like this," he says, sighing, "I really wish we were a simple hardware company.

dorkbot photos

Looks like I don't need to post my dorkbot photos, Karen Marcelo's already done the job for me:
- dorkbot photos
- photo with pqbon, amanda, and me

Marvin the Martian Going to Mars

marvin patch

press release

(Found this on boingboing)

BizCard Origami

At last! A use for my obsolete Xerox business cards:


Origami Instructions were from: BizCard Cube (Found this on BoingBoing).

Sophtspheroid Week 6

Lost to the Lodge (again), but this time the game was really close. We only lost by two runs.

We think it was a trap
Mom's shirt is covered in crap
Next time we'll use corked bats

About this Site

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Flight of the Camcorder

This is the only photo from dorkbot I felt like posting, I like it because it looks like the camcorder is flying towards the screen, and there's also a neat picture-in-picture effect:


Stanford Waterclock

Took this photo of the water clock at Stanford yesterday:


Macro test

I've just installed Brad Choate's IfEmpty and Macros plugins, as well as MTAmazon (BTW: you can get your developer token here). In the extended entry I describe/test a couple of these out.

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June 7, 2003

TopicIcon up and running

Just got the topic icon plugin up and running. I'm using it for an extremely frivolous use: I wanted to have a little colored box next to 'Posted,' and I needed some mechanism for making it different colors for different posts.

This plugin was a little harder to install than the others b/c the documentation neglected to mention that you need to embed it in a MTEntryCategories tag (or, at least, I could not get it working until I did it this way).

BookQueue up and running

I got another great plugin up and running: BookQueue. This is perhaps one of the best done plugins I've seen yet. Even if you don't have a CueCat, the management interface is really sweet. I only wish that Macros had a similar interface for global macros. I may have to learn Perl just so I can use the plugin to manage other lists.

June 8, 2003

Spurs Swimmin'

Spurs rebounded after a game 2 loss to take a 2-1 series lead. For me, it was all about Tim Duncan's swim move over Kenyon Martin for the rebound off of Tony Parker's missed free throw with under a minute left. - 2003 NBA Playoffs - Parker scores 26 as Spurs win ugly in Game 3 - Sunday June 08, 2003

5k Suffering

Running leads to cramps, cramps lead to pain, pain leads to suffering.

According to Amanda, I kicked her ass. I do note that my legs are about twice as long as hers (she would do equally well against Gary Coleman). Anyways, you can see a bunch of photos that I took of her suffering:

The Marathon Blog: Ken kicks my ass.

June 9, 2003

Talk: BitTorrent

Bram Cohen, the creator and maintainer of BitTorrent gave a talk to our lab today. The most interesting (and surprising) aspect of his talk, IMHO, was that he based BitTorrent on the Prisoner's Dilemma. Cohen's approach was to assume that each client would act greedily instead of cooperatively, and designed the system along those principles. Although there are some slight areas in which gaming the system is possible, overall Cohen's tit-for-tat system seems to do very well and enforcing good behavior. It's nice to see game theory applied in places other than economics and politics.

I'm suprised that more commercial companies aren't using BitTorrent, especially given how expensive it can be to maintain a large Internet pipe, though some have claimed that a commercial company could not ask it's customers to use a protocol that steals their upstream bandwidth (i.e. customer's expect the companies to foot the bandwidth bill, not them). I could still imagine companies being at least supportive of BitTorrent, however, by posting clearly marked "BitTorrent" links. I could have used it yesterday when I was trying to fetch Gollum's MTV acceptance speech off the Net.

metamanda x 2

I think it's time to update metamanda's Googlism entry. I was testing out Technorati's new text search feature that Dave Sifry released today. One of the things it turned up is that Metamanda is not alone:

nobody asked, but...'s a better way to feel
don't be real, be postmodern...

i want to *be* postmodern. i'd never have to feel anything again. i'd be a caricature of a caricature of myself. i'd be metamanda. i'd be the big red painting at the art institute. i'd be hypertext...

Short Rounds

Cool use of QuickTime VR to see the site from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: Petra the Treasury

Article from Ain't It Cool News on a Raiders of the Lost Ark shot-for-shot remake by a group of teenagers.

Devils Champs

Congrats L - I'm sure you're cheering right now - the Devils easily won game 7 tonight 3-0 in the Rupp/Friesen/Brodeur show. The second period of the game was fun, but the third period was a foregone conclusion. It was cool to see Scott Stevens, who I watched as a kid on the Capitals, hoisting the cup over his head yet again. Good job on the Devils part, though, poor form on their fans for booing Giguere (the Devils' players did applaud), but I guess Jersey fans boo everyone. - 2003 NHL Playoffs - Devils win third Stanley Cup in nine seasons - Tuesday June 10, 2003 12:47 AM

Entry 300

Ladies and Gentleman, Entry 300!!! *applause*

I had a tough time choosing the appropriate posting for my three readers, and hell, you each have hundred entries each you can read so what does one more matter, but I ended up choosing this little ditty from my Stanford application. I don't remember the question, but I know this is what I wrote (Amanda, any ideas as to what they were asking?):

There's something I have to get off my chest. I'm pretty ashamed of it. I don't like seafood. In fact, I hate it. So, what's so strange about that? Well, my mother's Japanese. In fact, I was born in Japan, spent 7 years living there, have studied Japanese for five years, am president of the Japanese National Honor Society, am a member of Asian Awareness, and have won two second place trophies in the Japan Bowl . Yet, for all my attempts to connect with part of my heritage I am resigned to the fact that I will never, never, be able to enjoy dinner at my grandmother's house in Japan.

The mere fact that I wrote this for a college application made it worthy of posting. Notice the thinly veiled attempt to fit in every Asian-related club/accomplishment I had in high school. Note the hapa tension, the Asian guilt, the academic hubris. I'm quite proud of myself, and also sick at the same time.

June 10, 2003

Intro to Blogs

I did an intro presenation to blogging, but I find humor to be a much better guide: blogging parody. Use this as a companion as you blog-hop.

June 11, 2003

BP makes the Wired 40

Congrats BP! You're on Wired's "Wired 40" list:

[26] BP
Expanding gas giant

Not a very flattering description however.

Wired 11.07: THE WIRED 40


Eric Meyer really has some sweet CSS stuff. I had already admired his css/edge site, and today I found a link to his Dave Shea's CSS Zen Garden.

My favorites:
- Meliorism
- Boddhidarma
- What Lies Beneath (like the appearance, don't like the side scroll)
- arch4.20

Also, mezzoblue is the best looking blog I've ever seen.

Update: Eric Meyer kindly pointed out that CSS Zen Garden is Dave Shea's work (sorry for the improper attribution - both of you have great sites!).

Puzzle: E, N, Y

Puzzle for you: Michael Gartenberg's Amazing Puzzle

Site outages

Hopefully the frequent site outages will come to an end tonight. I will be moving my dsl over to my roommate's connection. If is unavailable, you may want to try until the DNS caches clear.

Update: the switch has been flipped. For the next couple of hours things are going to be screwy until DNS caches clear (certain images won't load).

Best Bookmarklet Bar None

If you've ever had to watch the person next to you on the couch edit the CSS of her site for hours on end, you might have scored big points by having her use this bookmarklet (edit styles). Try it out on my site (and tell me if you come up with something cool).

This, and so much more at: Jesse's Bookmarklets Site

June 12, 2003 now a Web site

Looks like Java's jumping aboard the community Web bandwagon and launching It's wiki-fied (though currently still sparse), blogified, and mini-portalized. It seems to have much more potential than the old Java Developer's Connection, which had to use karma contrivances to get people to participate. At this stage, though, it's hard to tell if people will jump aboard. Nevertheless, it's nice to see that they're using Wiki (but Sparrow is better).


KoKoRo is back with a vengeance, and it looks like I'm one step closer to having my bionic exo-skeleton:

powered suit photo

KoKoRo: Powered Suits!

802.11g Official

IEEE approves 802.11g standard

Sophtspheroid Week 7

5:30 games are a killer. We only had 8 of our own players and borrowed Dave and Michael from the BadHops. We only lost ~6-4, but according the rules (1 run/inning penalty for only 1 woman), we probably lost by much more.

June 13, 2003

Bush on Technology

Bush on Segway

I've been waiting all day for an image of this that i could hardlink to, but I guess this is the best for now.

Spurs taking control

Throwback jerseys or no, Nets lose 93-83. - 2003 NBA Playoffs - Duncan dominates to put Spurs one win from title - Saturday June 14, 2003 02:10 AM

June 14, 2003

Mixmaster Mike

this entry contains a photo, click to view

June 15, 2003

Dirt Bikin'

this entry contains a photo, click to view

Update: metamanda has posted more of my photos

Spurs champs, New Jersey still the armpit

Woohoo - Spurs took the championship. I missed the game while dirt biking, but I'm sure there will be plenty of highlights. A nice ending for the Admiral's career. - 2003 NBA Playoffs - Spurs use 19-0 run to win second NBA title - Sunday June 15, 2003 11:56 PM

Firebird Nightlies

Some of you Mozilla users (myself included) have complained that my background causes the browser to lag when scrolling. If that's your case (or if you're still using IE), I highly recommend the June 10, 2003 (or possibly later) nightly build of Firebird . This build is 10x faster scrolling my site than the 0.6 release.

June 17, 2003


Tony Kornheiser has a column on the rise and fall of Washington sports fever (now that Jordan and Jagr will no longer be around).

Also in today's washingtonpost is an article summarizing the confusing details of Jessica Lynch's capture and rescue. In similar news, Lynch's story is also highlight the wonders of media conglomeration: CBS News Defends Its Multi-Pronged Pitch to Lynch.

Hogue spotting

I would hate to ruin hogue's google search, but in keeping with his goal of becoming a credible AI researcher, here is a link to Andrew Hogue.


photoThis talk introduced me to the field of lomography, and this site taught me a little bit more. After browsing around I feel like ordering the Supersampler, which lets you stripe four photos across a single image.

Stock Photos

Copyright is a destructive issue, so I'm glad these royalty-free photo sites are out there: stock.xchng and

Interaction Design Links

I made my way back over to IDblog and stumbled upon some interesting presentations (Thanks Beth Mazur!).

George Olsen of interaction by design has a nice presentation on IA and User Experience, which spouts some good common-sense-by-example principles.

Another presentation I just read was Is a picture worth a thousand words? by Jean-luc Doumont. A lot of it I skimmed over, but one interesting point I liked was that "nonverbal processing is fast and independent from verbal processing," which is important to remember when designing slideware. Another interesting side point is that abstract drawings are often better communicators than photos.

After reading all of these presentations, you might find this Powerpoint presentation of Tufte's Powerpoint critique.

Scientific Snake Oil

Saw this excellent post on Ed Felten's blog. It's a nice analysis based on the Seven Warning Signs of Bogus Science

June 18, 2003


- Oracle raises PeopleSoft offer to $6.3B
- Beckham is in fact going to Real Madrid (despite previous denials)
- Linus leaves Transmeta for Open Source Development Lab
- Ace of Diamonds caught
- US Court of Appeals allows detainee names to be kept secret: here and here
- Angola loses a 727 airliner

Today's Foxtrot


Ikea Camping

According to the washingtonpost, people are camping out in line for the new Ikea. The East Palo Alto Ikea looks almost done, do you have your sleeping bag yet?

June 19, 2003

Sophtspheroid Week 8

With the help of "new guy" Devon and Olma we tied this one with the Funky Bunch. Just gotta work on my offense now.

If you're going to play extra innings you need to pack a lunch All we have is beer Yeah Funky Bunch


I rode a lot today (almost 30 miles) - we had a work picnic up Page Mill, where I got to see:
this entry contains a photo, click to view
then I biked over to the softball game and found a pedestrian bridge I had never noticed before:
this entry contains a photo, click to view
and finally got to play some softball, where there were these weird people wearing racoon hats, bright red lipstick, and discarded drapes:
this entry contains a photo, click to view

June 23, 2003

Apple Lies, Black T-shirts Rejoice

I first read the Slashdot headline, "New G5 Power Macs 'Fastest Desktop In the World,'" which reeked of BS, then I just saw this page on the Apple site and I was appalled. I really wanted to deconstruct this, but an Apple fan has already done this for me well enough.

June 24, 2003


Gone for four days, some shortbread:
- BBC NEWS | Technology | Graphics format wins freedom
- Supreme Court Gives Partial Support for Affirmative Action (
- Supreme Court upholds CIPA requiring filters for public schools and libraries (

More on Apple's bad marketing statistics:
- Tom Yager: Apple, please don't mess with SPEC
- AMDZone Apple PowerPC G5: IBM's PowerPC 970 Unleashed
- Register: Apple accused of cheating over G5 benchmarks


In preparation for my next phone (which I'm thinking will be a phonecam), here's a link to TextAmerica, which is a free service for posting photos to the Web from your mobile phone.

Paly High

I wish my high school network was this easy to breach: Palo Alto High School Security breach. Not only did they leave the wireless network open, but they also allowed guest logins full access.

Saw this on BoingBoing

June 26, 2003

Ive Watch Out

With Apple introducing the Ive's iCheeseGrater this week, I was wondering what other kitchen utencils/appliances could be co-opted. BoingBoing pointed me at Toaster PC:


Portable WiFi Server

Sony has a portable 802.11b file server available in Japan. In addition to supporting most major file protocols (CIFS/SMB, NFS), it can also act as an ethernet bridge. You can also install any other Linux software you can get your hands on. Joi Ito's got one and claims it has about 9 minutes of battery life. The specs seem very similar to OpenBrick. If you're in Japan you can order one here.

Looks like Sony beat Intel/Roy Want to market with personal portable servers, but I hope Intel hurries up with one that runs for more than 9 minute sans power adapter.

June 27, 2003

Photos of the day

These were taken at a wedding I was at last weekend (attendees can e-mail me for the full album with more personal shots):
this entry contains a photo, click to view this entry contains a photo, click to view this entry contains a photo, click to view

Best Camping Accessory

Wish you could enjoy a nice, cool, beer now that's 100+ degrees outside here in sunny California? Forget the ice for the cooler? Well here you go.

Cool medical news

Antibody could lead to HIV vaccine

Sophtspheroid Week 9

We lost ~12-2 to the BadHops. Not a great offensive game for us.

There once was a man from Nantucket
who bat was so long -
Yeah BadHops

Bagley Original Art

I've decided to make my first foray into the world of comic book original art. Here are two of the three pages I got (I don't have a scan of the third, but it is similar to the bench scene here):
this entry contains an image, click to view this entry contains an image, click to view

So it begins...

Amanda's Buffy marathon is afoot:

this entry contains a photo, click to view this entry contains a photo, click to view

Marathon Update

Season Four has been delivered to Amanda, but Season Three is still giving her a run for her money. She's done five episodes in four hours, which seems like pretty good progress. Here are some photo updates:
this entry contains a photo, click to view this entry contains a photo, click to view

Marathon Update

Just finished "Band Camp." Giles and Buffy's mom, oh yeah.
this entry contains a photo, click to view

June 28, 2003

Marathon Day 1 Over

Day 1 of the Buffy Marathon is over. Amanda has to go to bed so she can do her Team-in-Training run tomorrow morning (she claims this is all for this other type of marathon she's doing in September). So how did she do? It looks to me like she's possessed by the demon:

this entry contains a photo, click to view (straight from the camera, no photoshop)

Season Three Complete

Latest marathon update: Amanda has finished Season Three! That means she has twenty-two episodes under the belt.

this entry contains a photo, click to view

More photos summarizing today's festivities are in the extended entry.

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June 29, 2003

Season Four Complete

Season Four of the Buffy marathon is officially complete, bringing to total to forty-four episodes. Amanda's now picking and choosing among Season One and Two episodes as she's already seen them all.

this entry contains a photo, click to view

More photos summarizing today's action in the extended section.

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June 30, 2003

Rescue Bots

KoKoRo posted links to some videos of some interesting rescue robots with the typical snake- and spider-style. It immediately made me think of PARC's PolyBots. The suprising/cool robot of the bunch was a two-wheelin' jumpin' robot (check out the video): robot

802.11 News

- Nothing like typing on a keyboard while chowing down on a greasy Big Mac and Fries (coming to a SF 101 McDonald's)

- Now that Linksys has updated their 802.11g drivers to match the spec, you can finally get your 802.11a/b/g card and surf in bliss

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