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October 1, 2003

Book: You Shall Know Our Velocity

book image

I finished reading Dave Egger's You Shall Know Our Velocity a couple weeks back and I've finally taken the time to finish my post on it. I really liked AHBWOSG, partly because of the familiarity of the Bay Area it describes, and mostly because of his fast-paced, kinetic rants that have the ability to pull you through ten pages in ten seconds, all the while you're holding the book tighter and tighter and closer to your face, completely caught up in the flow.

While YSKOV is also full of the expected kinetic sections, what I enjoyed most about it was the way that Egger's plays with our expectations and interpretations throughout the story. He's willing to experiment with the format and concept of the book and derives great value from it. Take the first sentence for example: "Everything takes place after Jack died and before my mom and I drowned in a burning ferry in the cool tannin-tinted guaviare river, in east-central Colombia, with forty-two locals we hadn't yet met."

He also throws in plenty of dialogues, monologues, and themes that I found hilarious, some of which I have managed to transcribe below.

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iPod stuff

inMotion for the iPodThe rubin-deutsch conglomerate had the good idea of buying a pair of speakers when we were at a wedding in Wisconsin so that we could have blasting tunes in our hotel rooms served up by our iPods. Now it looks like Altec Lansing has caught onto the idea and are selling something a bit more portable (Spec Sheet). The only downside is that it's more than a bit expensive at $149, but for 3rd gen iPod owners it can serve as a traditional dock as well. Seeing as Apple wants $40 for a dock, it doesn't seem quite as expensive.

Don't have an iPod? There, there now. If you have a printer, I hear you can make your own second-gen 10GB iPod.

(via Gizmodo)

October 2, 2003

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

LACMA has a permanent exhibit of Japanese art that is rather cool. They built a building specifically for it that uses fiberglass filters on the windows and running water to create the effect that you are in a Japanese country-side home surrounded by shoji screens. One thing that I thought was cool is they had a tiger/dragon scroll. You can click on the image to see a larger version that shows some of the brush detail - I think the dragon is particularly cool. In the extended entry I also posted some pictures of Bishamonten, the Guardian of the North, squashing a demon beneath his feet, and the Carefree Hotei, painted by Zen Monk Fugai Ekun.
this entry contains a photo, click to view

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October 4, 2003

Warning Signs of a Bad Paperback Sequel

I can't believe metamanda read this book (Orson Scott Card's latest Ender book, Shadow Puppets). When I saw this book in bookstores, I was tempted, but in examining the backcover and first couple pages, it reminded me of the seven warning signs of bogus science, though applied to paperpack releases instead.

Keeping this in mind, I've drawn up a preliminary list of "Six Warning Signs of a Bad Paperback Sequel"...

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USC beats the Sun Devils

Not quite redemption for their play last week, but they turned in on in the second half and won by a comfortable amount.
USC 37, ASU 17

October 5, 2003

Redskins lose to Eagles

The Redskins made an amazing comeback with less than five minutes to go, kicking a field goal, recovering the onside kick, and scoring a touchdown with thirteen seconds left on the clock. But they were still down two points, and Ramsey's pass went sailing over the Coles head, which meant that their last minute effort was all for naught.

Even during this last minute attempted comeback, the Redskins displayed all the problems that had ut them behind in the first place. It hardly looked like they had been practicing snaps, as they committed seven false starts during the game, and the receivers were constantly dropping Ramsey's passes (not that he was entirely accurate this game).
Two More Points to Make (

No sports bra SI cover this year

After doing so well in the opening rounds, the US got thoroughly shutout by Germany, despite having the advantage on the attack for the early part of the game. If only they could have done better to revive more fever and thus help out the now defunct WUSA league. - Soccer - Germany shocks U.S. with 3-0 semifinal upset - Monday October 6, 2003 12:36AM

Israel attacks camps on Syria

I'm sure the US is only mad because Isreal got a piece first. - Syria seeks condemnation of Israeli airstrike - Oct. 6, 2003

October 6, 2003

Photoshop Album 2.0 on the way

... including a free version with some of the more important features stripped out. This was a glaring problem with the first one - there was no way for people to try it out beforehand. I love using Album 1.0 and I hope 2.0 will solve my very few complaints with the original version (too much scrolling in the tags pane, can't export source images with the Web photo gallery, tags are organized hierarchically - even though they themselves are relational).
Adobe offers free Photoshop Album | CNET

Finally, real SCO news

After months and months of news hypothesizing what the merits of the case actually were, SGI went through the effort of comparing the two sources trees and has narrowed it down to "200 lines of code," all of which is gone, and most of which is of questionable lineage/ownership/copyright. - SGI compares Linux, Unix source code

October 7, 2003

Bucs blow it, Red Sox don't

Man, things are all backwards for me in the sports world. The Red Sox survive a bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, two out situation to beat the A's on go on to face the Yankees in a 1999 rematch (thanks to Lowe's clutch pitching with 2K's). The Buccaneers, the reigning champs and defensive kings, blow a 21-point lead and give up 28 points in the fourth quarter to lose in overtime. * - MLB/PLAYOFFS2003 - Caple: Sweet ending for Sox * - NFL - Colts' Manning leads classic comeback

Survivor: California Season Finale

No surprise endings here. It's Arnold all the way. No word yet if there'll be a second season.
- Voters Oust Davis; Schwarzenegger to Become Calif. Governor

October 8, 2003

Survivor: California Post Mortem

If you want to blame anybody, blame the Central Valley for their blanket support, and blame the San Diego/San Bernadino/Orange County region for their sheer numbers:
recall map Election 2003 - California Recall

Quote of the Day

A frustrated chicken should not vote for Colonel Sanders
- Jesse Jackson, at a Davis rally

Comics: X-Treme X-Men Vol 1

X-Treme X-Men Vol. 1 was a real letdown. I could barely get through it. The pace of the story is painfully slow and the artwork does a terrible job of telling it. I had to re-read several pages multiple times because it was unclear if what in the world is supposed to be going on. There are constant cuts forwards and backwards in time and between different story arcs, and there are climactic points in the story where I'm still not entirely sure what exactly occurred. The one interesting part of the story -- the Libris Veritatus (The Book of Truth) -- is given a weak spotlight. I guess they wanted to maintain it for future story arcs, but it comes at the cost of making the first nine issues flat.

Comics: X-Treme X-Men Vol 4 - Mekanix

After criticizing Vol 1 of the series, I felt that I should write an entry for X-Treme X-Men Vol 4, which collects the Mekanix #1-6 story. This storyline takes us away from X-Treme X-Men ensemble and tells the story of Shadowcat, ex-X-Man. After leaving the X-Men, she has decided to enroll in college. There she must deal with the fallout of the destruction of Genosha, rampant mutant discrimination on campus, and the threat of new and improved sentinel bots.

This story is not your typical X-Men formula of "lets get together and fight the super villain and/or super group." Rather, it focuses on a single individual, stripped of her uniform, and forced to confront the bigotry directly (instead of its usual place as a backdrop to an X-Men story). I liked this approach a lot and I thought that it made for a better story. You usually don't read an X-Men story where the character visits her shrink, or spends her night bartending, and it serves to take the character out of the fantasy "Xavier school of gifted children" and place her into a slightly more real campus setting that college students can better relate to.

October 9, 2003

Style Invitational: Week 522

For Week 522, entries had to come up with ideas for flash mobs. This is the only entry I liked:

Sell out a showing of "Gigli." Stand up and walk out after the coming attractions. (Danny Bravman, Potomac)

The Style Invitational (

At last, a logo

I've owned this domain for several years now, and I've finally gotten around to doing the logo for it. Funny how, after so many years, the logo was finished in about ten seconds as I was doodling with my new brush pen. I probably won't use the logo on this blog until I have enough time to redo everything. Click on the logo to see the "redesigned" front page. Perhaps a better term would be "undesigned."

October 11, 2003

USC Stomps Stanford

It still doesn't make up for losing to Cal, but it still is nice to stomp all over a Pac-10 opponent. The Trojans were so far ahead (41-14 at half) that they even stuck in a backup quarterback with the name "Booty."

In related news, eight teams started undefeated this week. Only three survived (Oklahoma, Miama, Virginia Tech), with the most noticeable upset being Ohio State, which lost to number 22 Wisconsin.
USC 44, Stanford 14

Top Ten Search Phrases for September

I have nothing else to post, so I thought I would show off my stat-hoor side and list the top ten search phrases that lead people to this site in September (according to awstats). Hopefully, by listing these search terms I will reinforce their ranking and thus skew the results even more in their favor:

ultimate fantastic four (74)
the movie holes (46)
movie holes (41)
wavecrest bike (33)
picasso guitarist (32)
david statue (31)
internet blockers (29)
venus statue (28)
exoskeletons (27)
waterclock (24)

The top keyword for this site, excluding common words (of, the) was... 'japan'

October 12, 2003

Bucs beat the 'Skins

While the Redskins kept it close in the first half, the continued punishment of Patrick Ramsey by Simeon Rice et. al took a toll on the Redskins, and the Bucs offense eventually opened up for 21 fourth quarter points to bury the Redskins 35-13.
This Time, Over Before It's Over (

October 13, 2003

Gehry Sails

interactive corps simulated photoThe NYTimes has an article on a new Gehry building being built in New York that will be the headquarters of Barry Diller's InterActive Corps. I didn't see any details of this when I saw the Frank Gehry exhibit in LA, so I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures and close-ups of the "white glass."

Ship of Glass for Chelsea Waterfront

Cool Matrix Trivia

Agent Smith's license plate is IS 5416. If you look at Isaiah 54:16 you get the following:

Isaiah 54
16 Behold, I have created the smith that bloweth the coals in the fire, and that bringeth forth an instrument for his work; and I have created the waster to destroy.

(via Fark)

I'm an illiterate monkey

I've only read eleven of the top 100 novels of all time according to the Guardian. If I knew who James Joyce was I would have read twelve:

Top 100 Novels of All Time

Oh well, even monkeys can play video games without moving a muscle, making them the ultimate couch potatoes.

Top 100 Novels for American Monkeys

After I posted the Guardian's list of top 100 novels, I received a chorus of "they're biased towards British authors, this list is so pretentious!, etc..." So, to correct for some of that bias, here's Random House's list:
The Modern Library | 100 Best | Novels

WARNING: before you click on the link, it might be wise to shield the right half of your browser so as to not read their reader's list, which would shame a Raelian.

I scored an amoeba-worthy six. James Joyce would have given me an eleven. On the kool-aid list I did a little better with a ten.

A Top 100 list that I can do a little better on

AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies

I scored a 42 on this one. I guess I can set a goal for myself of getting to 50.

October 14, 2003

Up, up, and away

China Launches Its First Piloted Spaceflight

Annotated 1602 #3

Jess Nevins' Annotated 1602 for issue 3 are now online. In reading them I found out something important that I completely missed, though I know the rest of you didn't. Enjoy.

I miss Calvin and Hobbes

What else could deliver a brilliant treatise on patriotic ignorance or bring math and literature together in such poignant dialogue?

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes

10/14/92 Calvin and Hobbes
10/13/92 Calvin and Hobbes

October 15, 2003

Freaky Frogs

purple frogScientists have discovered a species of frog in India that has been around since the time of the dinosaurs. It's unlike any other current frog family around so they have designated a new family for it. It's closest relative is a species of frog that exists in the Seychelles (near Madagascar ), which separated from India 65 million years ago. - Frog that hopped with dinosaurs found - Oct. 15, 2003

October 16, 2003

iPod wishes come true

My "dream" iPod would be one that I could take on a trip with me and use to dump photos off my camera so that I wouldn't have to constantly steal metamanda's laptop or ask my Uncle to burn my a CD. Now it looks like my wish is coming true. Among today's iPod announcements:
- new $99 Belkin flash card reader accessory that plugs into the iPod and syncs with iPhoto (what about Photoshop Album?)
- iTunes for Windows, including Rendevous support
- microphone recorder for iPod

One of the most intelligent things (IMHO) that they announced today was a new "allowance" feature that allows parents to give their kids a music allowance in the music store. While I was at PARC I found out about studies that showed parents often used cell phones as a way of educating their kids about budgeting, and this seems to be a smart extension of that principle that will probably be very popular.

Update: They also announced that Apple has partnered with AOL to offer iTunes Music Store on AOLMusic. Woah.

October 17, 2003

Cure your Coke addiction

Just differently intelligent.: Water or Coke

Not sure where these facts come from, but you should drink more water regardless:
- 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. (Likely applies to half the world population.)
- Preliminary research indicates that 8-10 glasses of water a day could significantly ease back and joint pain for up to 80% of sufferers.
- In many states (in the USA) the highway patrol carries two gallons of Coke in the trunk to remove blood from the highway after a car accident.
- You can put a T-bone steak in a bowl of coke and it will be gone in two days

October 18, 2003

USC dominates Notre Dame second year in a row

and takes the shillelagh for another year
USC 45, Notre Dame 14

October 19, 2003

Movie: Matrix Reloaded

I just picked up the two-disc DVD for the Matrix Reloaded. I noticed something that I had never seen before. At the end of the movie, when Neo reaches into Trinity's chest and massages her heart to bring her back to life, you see an X-ray image of Neo's hand on her heart on the computer screen on the Nebuchadnezzar. After we had seen the movie the first time, we were going for the whole matrix-in-a-matrix theory, and this just seems to throw more credence to the idea.

October 20, 2003

"Oh no! We suck again!"

Redskins lose to the Bills, 24-7. I had to watch the other games on at the time at the sports bar, they were playing that bad (and have been all October).
'This Is One of the Worst' (

Sony restructuring

Sony expected to cut upto a tenth of its global workforce

Here's a hint: layoff the music execs. Even Rio has better music players than you.

Architecture meets Bio (Course 4 Meets Course 7)

MIT researchers are coming up with new ways of growing tissue, including building 3-D scaffolds to encourage specialization.
ScienceDaily News Release: MIT Engineers Report New Approach To Tissue Engineering

(via Ars Technica: The PC enthusiast's resource)

Eliza v. Board of Education

Now that I work at an AI center I better read up on this in case my laptop breaks or I want a new one
(via /.)

October 21, 2003

Banned IPs

This is the list of currently banned IPs for this site. I've been receiving comment spam so I've taken to blocking the IP addresses directly. Maybe I'll switch to MTBlacklist soon:

QotD: Artificial "Intelligence"

INS officer: "'American Association for Artificial Intelligence'? What's that? Sounds...subversive."

INS officer: "'American Association for Artificial Intelligence'? Does that have anything to do with 'intelligence'? Co-worker: "No"

(Courtesy of two co-workers who have recently dealt with the INS)

October 22, 2003

Fox has bad ratings, blames it on Nielsen

"Frankly what we're seeing strains credulity," said Alan Wurtzel, the president of research for NBC

"You can't explain a 12 percent decline in men 18 to 34 or close to 20 percent in men 18 to 24 by saying they're playing a lot more video games," said David F. Poltrack, the executive vice president for research at CBS. He added, "The fact that it's concentrated in one small age group makes it worse, and even more likely that it's an aberration."

One possible factor is more basic, Mr. Sternberg said -- the quality of the new shows. "I've always noticed that we never hear anybody talking about the programming."

Few Viewers and Network Executives Scratch Their Heads

Office 2003, now with e-mail notification

The tech news is much abuzz with the release of Office 2003, and ArsTechnica pointed me to the new feature comparison chart between 2k3 and previous versions. According to this chart it would appear that previous versions of Office were an empty box, as they appear to have no features whatsoever. The part of the chart I found really amusing, though, are the features exclusive to 2k3:
- E-mail notification: Pop-up announcements inform you immediately of new e-mail messages -- no matter what program you are in
- Arrange by conversation: Arrange your Inbox by conversation (or thread) to see all messages on a particular topic
- Quick Flags: Flag messages by priority or time sensitivity, and then find them in whatever folder they reside
- PowerPoint enhanced multimedia support: PowerPoint 2003 supports additional video formats and full-screen video playback.
- Outlook 2003 local caching: Local caching downloads all necessary information to your computer as it comes in

There were more that were amusing, but they weren't exclusive to Office 2003, including file password locking that now actually encrypts the file, and being able to stay connected to the Exchange server when you roam.
Office 2003 Editions: Compare Them to Previous Versions

Dell = Sony?

Now Dell is trying to pull a Sony it seems. In addition to announcing it's first LCD TV, Dell is now planning on selling their own DirectTiVo. I'm mostly excited about the latter because there's so much uncertainty about the future of DirectTV + TiVo, and this puts more confidence in the relationship continuing. These announcements come on the heels of Dell announcing a Dell-branded music service, mp3 player, and home-centered PDA.
Dell turns on satellite TV | CNET

Review: iTunes for Windows

I've been using iTunes for Windows on two computers since it was first released, so I felt it's about time to write a review. I didn't have any of the boot/install problems described in some reviews, but I have only been using it on Windows XP machines. I have no desire to write a structured review, so here's the quick breakdown:

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October 23, 2003

Reworked reading list

I redid the layout of the Reading list page. It has numerous errors, but it's good enough for now. Hopefully it should be easier to scan now.

Book: Cat's Cradle

book image

I just finished Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut, and I thought I'd use the opportunity to play with the new "search inside" feature on Amazon (Wired News: The Great Library of Amazonia). This isn't a review as much as it is a guide to some of my favorite moments of humor in the book, as well as a list of Bokonism keywords to play with the new search feature. This is my first attempt at this, so please feel free to point out problems or offer suggestions.

Note: If you haven't read the book, this guide won't be of much use to you, and it will certainly spoil the book.

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October 24, 2003

Trickle down econ

Dubya may be the first president since Hoover to have negative job creation during his term in office:
- Too Low a Bar

RIP: Concorde

My introduction to the Concorde was in Concorde: Airport '79, which featured a hilariously cheesy drone shaped like a calligraphy pen chasing after the noble plane. I had very little taste in movies then, but I adored that movie. I guess it's appropriate that my only real association with the Concorde is a airline-disaster flick, as the Concorde is finally being decommissioned, a retirement that was sped along by footage of flames shooting from its rear.
- Final Concorde Flight Lands at Heathrow (

Unintended consequences

I was playing around with Amazon's new search inside feature and came across some interesting side-effects of the new search algorithm. For example, the top three search results for "Arnold sucks": 1. Ten Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Went Out into the Real World by Maria Shriver (Author) (Hardcover) 2. Crime Fiction II : A Comprehensive Bibliography, 1749-1990 by Allen J. Hubin 3. ARNOLD : THE EDUCATION OF A BODYBUILDER by Arnold Schwarzenegger

Man, those must be some harsh lessons Maria Shriver is dealing out.

You can't play the "suck" game with everything, but there's still enough fodder to have a little bit of fun. For example: "Microsoft sucks": 1. Word 2002 For Dummies 2. Microsoft Access 2002 for Dummies 3. PowerPointŪ 2002 For Dummies

Any other gems out there? (I posted this on 1010, but I had too much fun with this to not post twice)

October 25, 2003

USC beats Washington

USC is making itself look better and better in the BCS standings with a solid win against the Huskies. This, along with VaTech's loss to Miami will most likely push them into the #3 slot.
USC 43, Washington 23

Oh my aching hands

Maybe this is responsible for my RSI. I hate my asian half - Study: Chopsticks may cause arthritis - Oct. 25, 2003

Black Hawk Down II - U.S. Black Hawk helicopter attacked after landing - Oct. 25, 2003

October 26, 2003

Wolfowitz's hotel attacked

A generator hitch filled with 40 rocket launchers was used to launch an attack on the hotel Wolfowitz was staying in, with half of those rockets managing to hit the hotel. - Attackers target Wolfowitz's Baghdad hotel - Oct. 26, 2003

Russia's richest man arrested Russian markets may sink after magnate's arrest

Concert: Bridge School 2003

I was wiser this year and didn't go at the very start, though I probably should have delayed even a bit longer. I didn't really pay attention to Incubus or the Indigo Girls (we missed the bands before them), as I was really just waiting for the final three acts (Pearl Jam, Willie Nelson, CSNY).

Willie Nelson covered a couple of Hank Williams' songs, played a couple with Neil Young, and did his typical fare (at least from the last time I saw him). He was good, though I wish he did some more high-energy songs. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, given their varied collaborations, did some CSNY (Teach Your Children, Our House), Buffalo Springfield (For What It's Worth), and Stills-Young (Long May You Run).

Pearl Jam did a much better set than I saw them do two years ago. They stuck with older material and covers (Dylan, Beatles, Victoria Williams). Eddie Vedder's voice was sounding a bit restrained, but the performances were tight. They had an organ player playing for the first half the set that was actually quite good and made the performances a bit more distinct.

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My old neighborhood is on fire

I had been watching the news about Rancho Cucamonga being on fire in SoCal. What I didn't realize is that there are now multiple fires down there, including all around where I used to live. I found this photograph, which was taken less than two miles from my old house:
fire photo

Apparently, the particular fire that is burning my old neighborhood (Cedar Fire) was started by a moronic lost hiker who lit a signal fire. The San Diego firefighters are screwed because they sent their planes to LA to fight the fires that were raging there. I guess it's a good thing that my parents sold there house down there.

Also, honeyfields posted that she was stuck in LA. I was wondering why, but this photo gives a better clue:
satellite photo

- > News > Metro -- Fire crews battle to limit damage from raging wildfires

October 27, 2003

Beanie babies and divorce

Funny e-bay auction sent to a list I'm on by 999:
eBay item 3146042998 (Ends Sep-22-03 08:37:31 PDT) - Collection of 26 Beanie Babies from Ex-Wife

In case the auction listing disappears, I've listed the interesting bits below:

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You're too good for us

The Red Sox have fired their manager, who got them to game 7 of the ALCS and won 90+ games both seasons. Losers. - MLB - Little surprise: Red Sox fire Grady as manager

Update: my old neighborhood is on fire

10-27-03.scripps ranch fire map.marked.jpg

The red circle shows approximately where I used to live. It was an elevated cul-de-sac that overlooked the Miramar Naval Air Station.

Closer to home

It's one thing to read about stories in the news, it's an entirely different experience when there's a personal connection, even if you're not directly involved. I just found out that a friend's dad had two rockets fly into his hotel room during the al-Rashid hotel attacks. He had the amazing presence of mind to take cover under a bed and escaped with his life and an injured arm, which should recover fully. My thoughts go out to my friend, his dad, and his family, who will be reunited soon.
cus anime is teh s uck - Ah, the rare opportunity to use lj as a means for serious communication.

October 28, 2003

Update: satellite view of fires

10-27-03.satellite fire update.jpg

satellite photo

October 29, 2003

Photos for that site redesign

Cool features of a stock photo site:
1) royalty-free
2) search by color: istockphoto lets you specify a color and will return photos in its collection that match that color, ensuring harmony in your CSS design
- istockpro
(via Zeldman)

Congrats pqbon

He just got a new Triumph 2002 Daytona, so here are some license plates to commemorate this occasion:

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October 30, 2003

Aren't you supposed to check before they leave?

Apparently the security screener at congressional office buildings had trouble keeping the screening steps straight. Here, I thought it was three simple steps:
1. Bag goes into X-ray machine
2. Check for dangerous items on monitor
3. If clear, bag exits machine and is returned to owner

It seems steps 2 and 3 were flipped:
1. Bag goes into X-ray machine
2. Bag exits machines and is returned to owner
3. If dangerous item on monitor, chase down person and shutdown entire building - Toy gun shuts down U.S. House office building - Oct. 30, 2003

OS X jealousy

There were four things I was jealous of OS X users having:
1) Rendevous music streaming
2) Konfabulator
3) docklets for the OS X bar
4) OmniOutliner

In the past two days I've managed to find complete or partial solutions to three out of the four, so I'm pretty happy. I was partly inspired by Michael Heilemann's own customization experience, which pointed me to most of the resources I would need for this endeavour. I stopped short of his goal, which was a more overall OS X look-and-feel. I just wanted the functionality.

Update: Mark Hunter sent me a copy of YzDocklet, and so far it is easily outperforming the other docks mention in this entry. Thanks Mark!

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Birthday wishes

Here's part of what my mom wrote me in my birthday card:

I am glad to know that other people dropped their baby in order for them to position their baby's brain right. I don't feel bad about it anymore. In fact, I am glad it happened.

Cat see, monkey do

wu-tang reminded me of this article and was even nice enough to send along the link.
BBC News | Sci/Tech | Looking through cats' eyes

October 31, 2003

QotD: Rumsfeld, Mojo-less Poet Laureate

10/30/2003 Briefing on Iraq
Q Mr. Secretary, one of the news weeklies said -- asked whether you had lost your mojo. It's a simple question, without a premise. Have you lost your mojo? Or do you need to consult the Oxford English Dictionary?

I didn't,
but I consulted someone who did.
And they asked me that,
and I said I don't know what it means.
And they said,
in 1926 or something,
it had to do with jazz music.

Q Magic.


Q 1925.

I guess
the answer is
that beauty is in
the eye of the beholder.
I don't know enough
about mojo
to know.

DoD News: Secretary Rumsfeld briefs on Iraq

Some of my favorites...

The current solar stormin' is a good opportunity to post a couple aurora photos to my site, and meta linked to
a good collection of recent photos.

aurora aurora aurora aurora October 2003 Aurora Gallery

Customer service with humans!

cnnfn has a list of how to bypass some automated customer service menus and get a live person. For example:
- Bank of America's escape code used to be hitting zero twice, but they may be on to us. Now you must hit zero three times.
- MasterCard holders can hit zero three times for a live voic
Get me a live operator - Oct. 30, 2003
(via boingboing-mailblog)

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