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I'm covered


Google has a map of the Mountain View wifi access points they've put up. They've also marked areas that aren't yet covered -- most areas are, and I'm glad to see that most places I generally go with laptop are in the green.

Starbucks Roasting Company


Dana Street-1

First we almost lost Keplers, now downtown Mountain View is being taken over by the evil empire!

This entry sponsored by Google Romance: live happily, and contextually, ever after.

Great Mountain View Blackout of 2006



Power went out on the north half of Castro Street in Mountain View last night. After taking an initial trip around the block to search for techies rioting and throwing chairs through windows -- all we found were people BookBuyers attempting to browse using flashlights -- parakkum and I returned back to Hope to retrieve my camera and warmer clothes. Witness the horror, the devastation, of absolutely nothing happening... in my flickr photoset:

Blackout Pouring light on the Blackout Blackout

Full photoset

More police blotter


m's entry on the police blotter reminded me of a gem that Paul found this morning during coffee:

West Dana and Hope streets, 2:03 a.m.: Someone was arrested on suspicion of resisting arrest.

That's right near where I live. I'm a little worried about the safety of my new place now with all these sketchy hooligans.

See if for yourself: Palo Alto Daily News Police Blotter 12/7/04