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USC barely beats ASU


I went down to SoCal this weekend to visit my relatives and watch the USC/ASU game. I have season tickets to Stanford games, but I can take only so much joy out of watching Stanford losing every week. The SC home games are also much more fun, with much better tailgating and much better freebies. The only SC gear I brought to the game was an SC visor; I left with two t-shirts, a lanyard, and several pins all for free.

Although USC won the game 28-21, USC fans like myself are a bit worried: many would agree that SC doesn't deserve to be in the top 5 right now. USC was up 21-0 early on, but then let ASU tie the game at 28-21. The game was rescued by one player alone: Chauncey Washington, who carried the ball 10 times on a single drive to put SC up 28-21.

The biggest weakness, or at least biggest focal point for critics is QB John Booty. Booty waited a long time behind Carson Palmer and Matt Leinhart to become starter, and two Heisman trophies cast a big shadow. Booty started the season better than Leinhart's first games, but instead of showing promising potential, Booty has gotten worse each game. His adjustment has been made more difficult by the lack of Reggie Bush to throw to and injuries to top receivers Jarrett and Smith, but Booty single-handedly gave ASU 14 points on Saturday: a fumble in USC territory and an interception for a TD after misreading the coverage.

Cal has done a much better job disposing of the same opponents that SC has faced. Whereas USC has been one play away from losing against WSU and ASU, Cal won each by several TDs. It's quite possible that Cal will beat SC and I would hardly qualify it as the upset it was last time.

At least I have high hopes for the USC/Stanford game that I'll be watching in person: even Navy crushed Stanford, so I don't think it will matter how many fresh-out-of-high-school players SC has in the line-up; a JV squad could beat Stanford right now.

USC beats the Sun Devils


Not quite redemption for their play last week, but they turned in on in the second half and won by a comfortable amount.
USC 37, ASU 17