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iPhone 2.0 Update 2: +$15/mo?


This post on Operation Gadget has me a bit alarmed: 200 SMS messages will no longer be bundled with the data plan, so the true cost of upgrading to the new iPhone is +$15/mo if you wish to stick with unlimited data and 200 SMS messages. That's right, instead of $20/mo, it's now $35/mo. At that premium, AT&T will get back its $200 price subsidy in a little over a year.

I'm sure there will be Chat apps aplenty in the iPhone AppStore to reduce SMS usage, but I'll still need SMS regardless. What crap. Apparently this is what Blackberry and Treo users are already used to, but I'm going to huddle over with the other 1st-gen-iPhoners snarling, "You can pry my $20/unlimited/SMS plan from my cold dead hands."

Only 20 pages


My iPhone bill only came out to 20 pages, itemizing all 500+ occasions in which my iPhone transferred data. Clearly I'm no iPhone power user, like this 300+ page user.