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Beat the Clock 03/08 Photos

Beat the Clock 3.15.2008 - (c) Ken Conley
Photo by Ken Conley

Photos from today's Beat the Clock TT are going up. A little bit of rain on the roads didn't keep riders from coming to test themselves against the clock.

Beat the Clock 03/08 Photo Gallery

Beat the Clock 2008


You may have noticed some Beat the Clock time trial photo sets make there way through here. Here is the 2008 announcement -- please note the auctions, which support the Lance Armstrong Foundation (along with the events themselves):

Beat the Clock 2008 kicks off with a blast on February 10th, and an auction NOW:

We regret to inform you that Beat the Clock and Help Beat Cancer 2008 has also been affected by the writers' strike. PR manager CFB's brain went on strike, resulting in belated announcements. However, Patty van Baenen came back from retirement to fill in for our striking Beat the Clock PR writer, answering all pertinent questions. Read on...

Dear Patty,

I have recently been invited by a very good friend to attend a charity event. This event is hosted by Beat the Clock and Help Beat Cancer, all proceeds go to the Lance Armstrong Foundation benefitting cancer patients. The problem is that this event is a Mini-Marathon, involving all sorts of grueling workouts like spinning, core and strength training and stretching. The most athletic activity I'm involved in right now is bending down to pick up my knitting needle when I drop it. If I don't attend, my friend will never talk to me again and I will not hear any of the interesting gossip she always knows about. If I do attend everybody will see that my body looks like an oversized Tootsie Roll in Nike pajamas. Please help, the event is very soon, on February 10th.

Desparate in the Bay Area

Dear Knitting Cupcake,

You better shape up now, before it's too late. But you don't have to break a sweat, you can donate online. Just tell your friend you gave charitably but can't make it on February 10th because your Albino Chihuahua already has an appointment for Aleaslim Cellulite Treatment.

Dear Patty,

I have been looking forward to the Tour of California all 22 days of the year, and have trained thousands of miles indoors in anticipation during the frozen icy winters of Massachusetts. However, as a category 0 racer I have not been able to secure a contract by a Tour team. I am devastated. Is there any way I can still participate?

Overtrained in Boston

Dear NorthEastern Cycling Hamster,

it may not be too late for this year's Tour of California, there is still time with some performance enhancing help. I suggest a regimen of EPI infusions (editor's note: Extra Pints of Ice-cream) along with a concurrent prescription of Versus, which should however be administered by a professional in order to avoid detection by Weight Watchers. Alternatively, Beat the Clock just put a ThresholdPower training camp up for auction, in Solvang during the time of the Tour. Train like a pro, watch the pros live, and maybe next year you'll be able to race in a pro team. Bid NOW!

Thanks for reading, the Beat the Clock team

Beat the Clock photos


Christine Thorburn

Today was cycling photography day. I woke up early to go to the Beat the Clock charity time trial and then drove down to Laguna Seca to shoot the 24 Hours of Adrenalin World 24 Hour Championships.

I put myself through the grinder mainly because I wanted to test my new camera equipment before I head out to Missouri. Overall I'm pleased, but I do need some more practice with the new lens. The 70-200 f/2.8 is much heavier than the f/4, so my reflexes are lagging. The autofocus also reacts a little bit different, which will take some getting used to. The image stabilization is having a greater affect than I thought it would -- my images seem to have a higher average sharpness while tracking, even when shooting at fast shutter speeds.

Pictured above is Olympian/former National TT champion Christine Thorburn. I didn't get a good shot at her in the first pass because she was passing someone, so I drove like crazy to get in front of her -- again she was passing someone. She was pretty much always passing someone, but third time was the charm -- even at 50mph it was hard to get far enough ahead.

Beat the Clock Photos (100 photos)


I'm leave for Hawaii on Sunday for a week so coverage will be especially spare. I've been meaning to write something about the Beat the Clock TT, where I shot some photos for SportVelo's 'Contre la Montre' TT camp, but things have been a bit too hectic.

The photos are not my best. For starters, most aren't processed, but I was also trying to see how well the middle AF sensor on my 30D performs. I almost never use the middle sensor as it leads to bad framings, but I wanted to test its double accuracy. Perhaps it performed better, but all the photos of cyclists sans feet are enough to make me go back to my preferred AF sensors.

Earlier in the day I also tried to take some shots of the riders with the sunrise in their face. Some kits took this well, the whiter ones did not.