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Via /., comes this article about encylopedias being displaced by the Web. This is pretty much a no-brainer (why pay $1000+ when you're already paying for your $1000+ computer and monthly Internet), but the article did inspire me to go back to the Encyclopedia Britannica online site to see how it's grown (they had done a complete overhaul awhile back).

One reason why the online site might be worth the subscription fee: the bottom of each entry (example) comes with the proper citation to inlude in your bibliography in both MLA and APA style. Proper citation format, especially for online resources, was one of the biggest pains in high school, and there was often as much discussion about the citation style with the teacher as there was about the paper you were writing. By itself, it's probably not worth the yearly subscription fee, but I like seeing an extremely intelligent feature that makes it into the online version of a particular medium. If only Google could figure out how to do this automatically.