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Free Web library = Hot


Yahoo has released several ui libraries. Open APIs are pretty cool, but free (Creative Commons) code gives you more options. I've been considering a redesign of this site for quite some time; the ajax, animation, and dom libraries might be of some use. They've also released a series of user interface guidelines that they call 'design patterns,' which I found interesting in that such things are now considered important enough to share.

Didn't know you could do that with CSS


I saw this interesting post over on Jon Udell's blog that shows how you can modify your CSS to automatically include images and text before or after a <pre> or <blockquote> tag. He even goes as far as to insert of the photo of the person who made the quote. I'll have to go through some of my old entries and see how this can be of some use. I also didn't realize that you can assign multiple classes to an element, which should help pare down the size of my stylesheet.
- Jon's Radio

Web Design reference


This looks like it will be a really cool resources to use when I finally overhaul the brittle and redundant CSS holding this site together:
- Web Design References
(via IDBlog<Gunnar<Zeldman)

Elegant CSS Rollover


This seems like a really cool use of CSS: Fast rollovers, no preload needed (via Zeldman)

Zeldman also posted a link to Containing Floats (Complex Spiral Consulting) from Eric Meyer's new consulting company, Complex Spiral. The rollover and floats articles go well with one another.

Best Bookmarklet Bar None

If you've ever had to watch the person next to you on the couch edit the CSS of her site for hours on end, you might have scored big points by having her use this bookmarklet (edit styles). Try it out on my site (and tell me if you come up with something cool).

This, and so much more at: Jesse's Bookmarklets Site



Eric Meyer really has some sweet CSS stuff. I had already admired his css/edge site, and today I found a link to his Dave Shea's CSS Zen Garden.

My favorites:
- Meliorism
- Boddhidarma
- What Lies Beneath (like the appearance, don't like the side scroll)
- arch4.20

Also, mezzoblue is the best looking blog I've ever seen.

Update: Eric Meyer kindly pointed out that CSS Zen Garden is Dave Shea's work (sorry for the improper attribution - both of you have great sites!).