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SLRs for everyone! Canon Rebel XS/1000D



Canon broke the $1000 price barrier when it introduced the Digital Rebel 300D for $899 in 2003. It was a pivotal moment for people like me, who saw it as an ideal time to jump into the digital SLR arena. I've since migrated up the line through the 30D and 40D, so I'm sure that Canon has been happy with my money. Later Rebel models -- XT, XTi, XSi -- have been introduced at the same $899 price point but with greater and greater performance. Nowadays you can get a new Rebel XT for $450, if you're willing to accept three-year-old entry-level performance.

This may soon change: a Japanese page for the oft-rumored Canon Rebel XS/1000D has emerged with promising expectations. There's no mention of pricing, but it's expected to come in around $700 to replace the Rebel XTi. While previously Canon was content to let lower price points be fulfilled by its older models, it now seems that they will creating new products to siphon in even more entry-level SLR users. Instead of getting two-year-old technology with reduced specs, these consumers can get new technology with reduced specs -- there is a difference. For example, while it has the same megapixel count as the Rebel XTi, the new Rebel XS uses the newer Digic III processor common across their SLR line. It also comes with Live View (shooting using the LCD screen instead of viewfinder), a lighter body, and image-stabilized lens. The autofocus drops from 9-point to 7-point, which is perhaps a simplification for entry-level users, and it also uses cheaper SD/SDHC instead of compact flash.