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Lancaster Wins - (c) Ken Conley
Photo by Ken Conley

This year's Davis-Santa Rosa stage was another wet and wild one. Brett Lancaster of Cervelo took the sprint and looked more relieved that finishing first met that his suffering was over first. Little did he know that winning meant that he would get the yellow and green jerseys. The podium ceremonies were cut short as Lancaster began to strongly shiver and was escorted to warmer abodes.

The rain wasn't as frequent as last year, but the crashes and GC consequences were much worse. Radioshack and Garmin were well represented in the group of 26 that crossed the line first. Fans of Cancellara and Hincapie will likely have to cross those riders off the GC contenders list. Paul Mach of Bissell continues to ride well on his home turf and finished with the first group.

As before, look for my galleries on and Road Bike Action. Many thanks to Renis and Rebecca Harvey. Renis was a "human" PocketWizard for some of the shots I took today at the Stevenson Bridge in Davis.

There's no winner for today's DVD giveaway, but there will be plenty more opportunities.

Interbike Wednesday: P4! Lance!


Cross Vegas Lance Armstrong20080923_5510

Cervelo P420080923_5068

So much went on Wednesday, but I'm still buried under a mountain of photos and have little time to write. Two of the major items are the ones you see above. Yes Lance raced 'cross, perhaps the oddest presence in a field that had Justin England wearing an awful wig, a rider dressed as Elvis,and fans pushing dollar bills into the helmets of passing riders. The field split quickly into two races: the race for the victory between Trebon, Craig, Wells, Johnson, and others in the first group, and the race to shoot Lance Armstrong in the second group. You can see more of my Lance photos in my Road Bike Action Web gallery.

There's also the Cervelo P4: get yours now before the UCI rules it illegal. If the water bottle were frame it might be illegal, but as it is removable, somehow it isn't. They claim its the fastest possible bike: UCI legal or no. I'm a little sad to see that physics hasn't somehow designed a better looking bike. It kinda looks like someone welded together a TT frame using tubing from a bunch of different spare bikes. RoadbikeReview has a video of the naked frame, so you can judge for yourself.